How to Format a Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone

A locked phone always confuses the user. Such an unpleasant surprise usually occurs suddenly and mostly completely inappropriately.

How to Format a Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone

This serious response of the “electronic organism” does not come from for nothing. Usually this is the lack of a quality anti-virus program.

You simply picked up something malicious from the Internet. And since most users are not very picky, they begin to install various dubious programs on their smartphones.

In addition, various elements also begin to conflict among themselves, so you have a problem. Samsung A3, like any other phone, can also freeze when trying to remember at random a password or pattern.

How to get your device out of the “coma”. Formatting will help. How to format Samsung A3, You will learn from this article.

What does format mean?

Formatting is the complete deletion of data on the media. In our case, this means deleting all data from the Samsung Galaxy A3. Such as: contacts, photos, applications, settings,s and so on.

If you can back up the data, create one. Then you can proceed with the removal. Now we learn how to format the phone.

I’ll note right away that resetting the settings is hard, since the information base is completely “killed”. There is not a single byte left.

If you did not make a backup, then after the procedure, most likely return Samsung A3 to the factory settings.

How to do formatting the phone?

It is not necessary to go with a service center in order to unlock the gadget. Use the detailed instructions to learn how to format your phone.

You simply need to repeat all the steps exactly. A fairly simple operation, called by professionals “hard reset” (translated from English. hard reset).

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Hold the three buttons. “home” (located below the main screen), “upward adjustment of sound, and the off / on key of the smartphone. Hold the buttons until “Samsung Galaxy S3” appears on the screen. The buttons can be released. A menu will appear shortly. It is necessary to use the power and volume buttons to control it (menu selection).
  3. In the menu, select. Wipe data / factory reset.
  4. Action must be confirmed. Yes. delete all user data.
  5. Reboot the same way (reboot system now), ending the operation.
  6. The device will reboot and then turn on with its factory settings.

In some cases, a language problem may occur. In this case, use the Locale application. The whole procedure takes a few minutes, while you do not spend money in the cabin.

How to format a memory card on the phone?

I also recommend making a backup here. After all, the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the loss of your data that occurred as a result of user actions.

  1. Click “settings”.
  2. Scroll down, we need a “memory”.
  3. We find “format SD”, click.
  4. Then. “clear memory”.

The procedure is completed.

That’s all. As you can see, formatting the Samsung A3 is straightforward. The phone is unlocked, the problem is fixed.

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