How to Flash Zte Blade Gf3 Through Flashtool

The need for ZTE Blade phone firmware arises among users of these smartphones quite often. The fact is that the software of these Chinese mobile devices leaves much to be desired, especially if you purchased the phone directly from China. They usually put an operating program on it, which is completely not adapted for use. Needless to say: here, most often, only two basic languages ​​are available. English and Chinese. Of course, using such a gadget is not entirely convenient. Therefore, it would be logical to flash the ZTE phone yourself. over, to do this is very simple and very fast. The instruction we offer below is suitable for any model of ZTE phone, including L2. The algorithm of actions, in principle, is the same for all smartphones on the Android platform, and the differences between them are minimal.

How to Flash Zte Blade Gf3 Through Flashtool


For firmware, we need to have on hand, of course, the phone itself, the computer or laptop, as well as the USB cable, with which we will connect the device to the PC. It is also extremely important to do the following:

  1. Save all data stored in the device’s memory on alternative media. In other words, make a full backup.
  2. Charge your smartphone by at least 30%. The process of installing new software will take time, and it is very important that it does not interrupt due to the low battery. It will be optimal to start flashing, fully charged the battery.
  3. Download the archive with firmware and unzip it.

Flashing Methods

There are two ways to reflash a ZTE smartphone. One of them involves the use of an auxiliary program. SP FlashTool (51.2 MB). It is installed on the computer, and, accordingly, the entire procedure for changing the software will take place only in case of continuous connection to it via USB. In the second option, we can not do without an SD memory card. It’s up to you to choose the appropriate method, they do not differ in effectiveness. In both cases, you first need to download the archive containing custom firmware to your computer, and also make sure that you have custom recovery installed. Remember: only custom recovery will allow you to install custom firmware.


  1. Download the program.
  2. Specify the path to the firmware file. Its name must end in scatter.
  3. We begin the installation, agreeing to the system warning about the deletion of all data from the smartphone.
  4. When a message appears on the computer screen about the completion of the installation (usually after a few minutes), disconnect the USB, turn on the phone and begin to configure it.

SD card

There are not so many differences from the previous method, the main one is that the file with the new firmware should be initially downloaded to the memory card, then inserted into the phone and entered into recovery mode. No need to connect to a computer.

  1. We perform a complete data reset from the device. In principle, flashing can be performed without this step, but from experience this entails the appearance of glitches in the new system.
  2. Specify the path to the new firmware file stored on the memory card.
  3. We start the flashing, wait a few minutes, until a signal on its successful completion appears on the screen, and begin setting up the mobile device.

Here is the official ZTE manual for flashing phones from an SD card.