How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Tab E

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Tab E

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet, recently it has started to slow down very much. Resetting to factory settings did not help. In the end, I decided to change my native firmware to Cyanogenmod.

Below it will be shown how to change the native firmware on the Galaxy Tab 2, unofficial. Cyanogenmod.

When changing the firmware, there is one thing, but. the device’s serial number changes, which may lead to the fact that some applications that were purchased for your device (not from PlayMarket) will stop working. For example, Navitel, if purchased long ago, is tied to the serial number of the device.

Some other applications may start working in the limited functional mode, for example, Sberbank (by the way, it’s not only about the firmware, it works in the limited functional mode if the device has root access).

If the above does not stop you, then you can start.

First, back up the data that is important to you (contacts, photos, etc.). Exactly will not be.

After that, go to the system settings and go to the device tab. There you need to look at the model of the device, in my case it is P5110.

After that, you need to download the necessary software.

2) Odin3. a program for recording custom Recovery.

3) TWRP. Custom Recovery, for 5110, for 5100.

4) Actually Cyanogenmod. for 5110, for 5100, for 5113. I chose the stable version 10.1.

5) Google applications. Cyanogenmod comes without Google services, so you need to install them manually. You need to select the version corresponding to the selected version of cyanogenmod.

I also collected everything necessary for firmware in the archive. For 5110, for 5100, but it’s better to download the latest versions from the links above.

We upload firmware and Google services files to the memory card. You do not need to unpack them, we copy zip archives. It is better to copy to the root of the memory card so that you do not have to search for a long time.

Attention, for what we will do next, I do not bear responsibility, if you do something wrong and turn your tablet into a brick, then I have nothing to do with it.

So. We put the tablet into boot mode. To do this, turn it off, wait until the screen turns off completely, and start with the volume up key held down (this is the far button from the power button).

Such a warning will appear.

Press the volume down button (closest to the power button). The tablet will go into boot mode.

Next, connect the tablet with a wire to the computer. Launch Odin3. The ID: COM field should not be empty, this indicates that Odin3 saw the tablet. Click on the AP button, and select the bootloader file. I repeat once again. the bootloader must strictly correspond to the model of your tablet, as well as the firmware. Go to the Options tab and remove the auto reboot checkbox. Click the Start button. We wait until the bootloader is uploaded to the tablet (the corresponding entry will appear in the Log tab).

After that, disconnect the tablet from the computer and turn it off. We start it in Recovery mode, for this we press the volume down button and the power button.

TWRP will have to boot.

First of all, you need to make a backup copy of the original system, so that in case of what you could return to this firmware. To do this, go to the Backup menu, and mark the sections that we want to backup. It is necessary to backup partitions. System. the OS itself, EFS. this section stores information about IMEI, serial number, etc., Boot. bootloader. Cache and Data. at will, I did. Swipe to Back Up. The backup starts.

We return to the main screen, and click Install.

We select the Cyanogenmod firmware file and also carry out to start the installation of the system.

After the installation is completed, we return to the main screen and press the Wipe button, similarly carry out to reset to factory settings.

Again we return to the main screen and click the Install button. Now select the Google services file. Install, return to the main screen and reboot the tablet (Reboot button).

All firmware has been completed, the first start-up may take a long time, be patient. After loading, there will be a standard procedure for setting up the device when it is first turned on.

Since, cyanogenmod covered up, another way to save from the brakes on this tablet. use the stock firmware on andriod 4.0.3 / 4.0.4.