How to Flash Nokia 2700 on Windows 10

Let’s see how to reflash “dead” Nokia phones that do not turn on using the Phoenix service program. The screenshots were taken using the Nokia N8-00 phone firmware as an example, but this procedure is suitable for all Nokia BB5 platform phones.

This guide is a translation of the article:

  • This article is not a guide to action. All responsibility for flashing your device lies with you. Remember that you may lose the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The phone’s battery must be charged (you can check it on another phone).
  • It is recommended to close all applications (on the computer).
  • Phoenix does not check the phone software version, and if an older version is installed, the phone may not turn on; so use the latest firmware version.
  • Always use the appropriate firmware version and check the product code on the sticker under the battery!

What do you need?

  • Cable for data transfer via USB (miniUSB or microUSB).
  • BB5 platform Nokia phone
  • Nokia Phoenix Service Software Installed
  • suitable Nokia software

The procedure for flashing dead Nokia phones

1. Disconnect the phone from the cable. Make sure the phone is turned off. If necessary, remove and reinsert the battery.

2. Unzip the downloaded software into the “Products” folder in the Phoenix program directory (for example, “C: Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsRM-XXX”).

3. Launch Phoenix Service Software in administrator mode. (Windows Vista 7: right click. select the Run in administrator mode command in the context menu; XP: log in as administrator).

In the Connections pop-up menu, select the connection type “NO CONNECTION”.

How to Flash Nokia 2700 on Windows 10

4. From the “File” menu, select the “Open Product” option.

5. A window will appear in which you will need to select a mobile phone code. The product code is indicated on the sticker under the battery of the mobile phone. (Usually it looks like RM-xxx)

6. In the “Flashing” firmware menu, select the “Firmware Update” software update option.

7. A window will appear in which you need to click the “.” button in the upper right corner to select the language pack / product code that you want to reflash.

8. A window for selection appears. Select the product code / language pack you need and press the OK button.

9. In the Firmware Update window check the Dead phone USB flashing checkbox for flashing a “dead” phone.

10. Click the “Update Software” button to start the firmware update procedure.

If the phone doesn’t turn on after updating the firmware, try to start the procedure again, just click on the “Refurbish” restore button instead of “Update Software”!

eleven. A window with instructions appears. Follow these instructions: disconnect the USB cable, press and hold the phone’s power button for at least 8 seconds, then connect the USB cable and click the OK button in the box (if this method does not work, click OK, then press the phone’s power button and immediately connect the USB cable )

12. After that, the phone firmware update process should start.

thirteen. When the phone firmware update process is completed, a window will appear: “Firmware updating succeded.”

14. Disconnect the phone from the cable and try to turn it on. It may happen that the phone does not turn on. This problem can be caused by a hardware failure, an outdated version of the firmware, or a gray (not certified) phone.

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