How To Flash Meizu M3 Note – Instructions For Beginners

How To Flash Meizu M3 Note. Instructions For Beginners

Updating the Meizu M3 Note involves installing an alternative firmware or firmware version on it after the device’s air update ceases. In simple terms, if updates to your smartphone have stopped coming, you can install them yourself.

It is also necessary to carry out the update when you have any problems with the gadget that could not be solved by other methods. The firmware on the Meizu M3 Note can be installed without errors and quite successfully, if you follow certain instructions. If you doubt that you will be able to “roll” the firmware on your own, then it is wiser to turn to experienced specialists who will perform the procedure without harming the device for help.

Using phone

You can download the update directly to your phone using the built-in browser or to a PC with further copying the firmware file to the gadget. The first option is most convenient. downloading the update directly to the gadget, because then you do not have to waste time transferring the file from the computer to the device.

Download firmware from the official site

First of all, we go to the official Internet resource Meizu and download the update for M3 Note.

After downloading the firmware file, transfer the archive with it under the name “update.zipTo the root folder of the device. To do this, go to “Conductor”, There click on”Local files”And select”Download”. Based on what version of browser and Fly you have, the firmware file can be located here either in a folder called “Browser”.

Next, we do a long type on “”, Click on”Move, Select the internal memory and move. The firmware file is where it is needed. Next, the extension must be checked.

Check file name and extension

The file name must be “”. If it is called differently, then “Recovery mode”Will not be able to” see “the firmware.

Before you start the update process itself, do not forget to create a backup copy of your saved documents, tracks, photos, since all of them will be deleted with firmware.

After you make sure that all the information you need is saved, you need to run the smartphone in “Recovery mode”.

We launch the smartphone in Recovery mode

To start the device in developer mode, the first thing to do is completely turn off the phone. Then simultaneously hold down the volume key at the top and the power button until “Meizu” appears on the display. The developer’s update installation menu opens. Click on “System Upgrade”And, if necessary, to”Clear Data“(Note that this will delete documents, games,s, music, and other files you upload).

Then click on “StartAnd run the update installation. This will take some time, after which it will be necessary to restart the smartphone.

Reboot Meizu smartphone

After flashing, you have a “clean” phone, as after the acquisition. You need to perform the initial setup and restore old copies. To do this, you must first reboot the device.

When turning on, having got to the desktop of a freshly stitched device, go to “Settings”, Select”Backup and Copy”, And there select”Recovery and backup”. Find your copy and restore. A fairly lengthy recovery process will start. Google services will automatically recover. After the recovery is complete, you should restart the phone again so that the desktop icons return to their original places.

After the reboot, you need to restore the history of calls and SMS. Open “SMS Backup Restore”, Click on”Restore”And click on”Local storage”.