How to Flash IPhone 4 on iOS 9

The software of any device becomes obsolete over time. This is a normal process, as any company continues to work on its software, constantly improving it.

Firmware for iPhone 4 is no exception. The device itself in its technical configuration cannot be called too backward. with it you can look stylish even today. Plus, the technical parameters of the model (camera, processor and other indicators) are high enough for the phone to function normally.

Nevertheless, the operating system on which the device is running is outdated. Apple has already released its 9th version, while the 4th generation model came with iOS 5. Of course, the OS for these updates has become more productive, convenient and attractive in appearance. Therefore, some users are doing everything possible to bring their phone to the same state. Simply put, they will learn how to flash an iPhone 4 phone. However, flashing may be needed not only for this.

In this article we will try to maximally disclose what kind of procedure it is and why it is needed.

What is firmware?

Each smartphone works with a specific version of the operating system. The firmware procedure means changing it, which may include a transition to a new generation, or simply updating the existing one to the state in which the phone was released from the factory.

Perhaps someone will think that the firmware for iPhone 4 is a very complicated process that can only be done by hackers or qualified service center employees, but this is not so. In fact, this is a fairly simple action. And Apple made sure that everyone could easily cope with it, almost at home.

Why is it needed?

As already noted, one of the options for updating your device software may be to simply upgrade to a newer version of its OS. This is normal, because, as we already mentioned, it can be due to advanced functionality.

How to Flash IPhone 4 on iOS 9

So, in addition to this, the user can search for information about his “iPhone 4” (how to flash it yourself) in order to reduce the model to the factory settings. This may be needed if someone else’s phone is found, or, say, when the smartphone was given to you by a person who previously used it. Thus, you just want to erase all the information from the device that applies to other users and get an absolutely clean model.

Ways to conduct the firmware “iPhone 4”

Well, whatever your desire to learn how to flash iPhone 4 is dictated (s-modifications this also applies), we will describe the methods for carrying out this procedure in this article. There are two of them. these are “Update” and “Recovery”. Both are conducted through a computer with iTunes preinstalled and a cord connecting the smartphone to the PC; or directly on the device itself, using a local WiFi connection.

Each of the two methods of how to reflash “iPhone 4s” (or just 4) implies some individual features. Read about the differences between them later in the text in the sections devoted to these methods.


Let’s talk about recovery first. You can contact him only if you are working on the “Computer iTunes Phone” scheme. The “Recovery” tab can be found after your smartphone is recognized by the PC, after which a menu for managing it will appear on the monitor.

The recovery procedure itself is more complex than updating, since it involves the removal of personal data from the phone. It is aimed at, as already mentioned above, to get a “clean” mobile phone. It is carried out, for example, in the case of transfer or sale of the iPhone, as well as when the user is looking for how to flash the found iPhone 4.

Save information. Update

So, as you may have guessed, this procedure does not include the deletion of the user’s personal data by the device, since it is aimed at just switching to a more recent version of the operating system.

Instructions on how to carry out this operation depend on which update method the user chooses. through a computer and iTunes, or via WiFi, working with the phone itself. Those who are wondering how to flash iPhone 4s need not worry. Neither the first nor the second methods are particularly complex. It just all depends on the conditions in which the flashing will be carried out. This is access to the Internet, the presence of an already downloaded operating system file, and, of course, a cord for connecting a smartphone (you should take care of availability).

Step-by-step instruction

If you paint everything step by step, then we have the following picture. If we need to restore the device, simply connect our iPhone 4 to the computer using a cable (how to flash it without access to a PC. we will describe further).

Next, open the iTunes program, where in the upper right part of the screen you will see the menu of your phone. You must click on it. The phone’s status bar will open before you, on which the “Restore” and “Refresh” keys will be located, the names of which make it clear what they are for.

If you are unhappy with the work of your iPhone 4, how to flash it. the question is natural. When performing this operation using a PC, remember that it is possible to point the program to a previously downloaded version of iOS and that the software can independently search for a more recent build. If this is really available, iTunes will offer to install it. And remember that the answer to the question whether it is possible to flash iPhone 4 is negative if you wanted to return to the previous OS. The developers of the device made sure that you can not choose again an older version of the operating system. This causes inconvenience to users who switched to iOS 8 generations, who note that it does not work correctly, freezes and periodically slows down. This was not observed on older versions of the OS.

After all this, you just have to wait. The process of downloading and installing the new system will be displayed on the phone screen, so the user at this time can go just to drink coffee, for example. Actually, nothing is required of him during this process. the phone carries out all the actions on its own.

Via WiFi or on a computer?

Comparing these two procedures, we only note that the device will download the distribution kit for longer. Downloading to a PC is faster. It depends on the WiFi data transfer module installed on iPhone 4 (we’ve already described how to flash the latter in the instructions). Its transfer speed is less than that of a full-fledged computer. However, in some situations, when there is simply no access to the PC and it is necessary to carry out the firmware, this helps. So choose a method based on what you have at hand.


That’s how iPhone 4 works. How to flash it, you already understood. Now let’s talk about some warnings. The first is addressed to owners of non-original devices. If you are looking for how to flash Chinese “iPhone 4”, then you are mistaken for the address. Most often, fake smartphones (in particular, copies of the iPhone 4) work on the Android operating system (and in some cases. without it at all). Accordingly, the entire procedure described in this article does not apply to them. Most likely, the developers who issued the copy did not care about how to make updates, so the owners of such phones were out of luck.

Another comment should be made to those who are looking for how to reflash “iPhone 4s”, which was “unlocked” (or “jailbroken”). If your phone has been unlocked from any operator (for example, ATT, Verizon or Sprint), then, by updating its operating system, you will most likely lose this “jailbreak”. To reset all phone settings to factory settings, you can use special programs, for example, SemiRestore. However, you should not resort to the procedures described here.

There are many different instructions and manuals on this subject. They described that working with such programs is usually quite simple. you need to connect the device to a computer, run such software on it and wait until all information has been deleted. Upon completion, you will also get a clean iPhone 4, however, the jailbreak should remain on it. and this is important.

Why pay more?

As you can see, the procedure for flashing the iPhone 4 is quite simple even for an inexperienced user. Any person who minimally owns a PC can easily cope with it, since all actions are reduced to an elementary one.

This makes a visit to a service center in order to completely delete data from the phone pointless. Each of us knows how to reflash “iPhone 4s”, update our iOS to the latest version, reset all settings and at the same time not be too distracted from our affairs. So, one wonders, why pay more?