How to Flash iPad Mini 4

How to Flash iPad Mini 4

Hello! At first glance, the question in the title seems rather banal, but many novice users of the iPhone / iPad (hereinafter referred to as just the iPhone) very often do not know not only how to reflash an iOS device, but also why this is necessary. First, a little tedious theory to better understand the process, and then step by step we will consider all possible methods of firmware.

What is iPhone firmware?

Firmware is called recovery or update iOS A flashing is necessary to return the iPhone to the factory state and install the latest software on it. It is done if:
crash detected in iOS device;
Requires installation of the current version of the OS;
you need to create a “clean system” (the state is out of the box), for example, when the phone moves to a new owner.

It is important to distinguish between processes updates and recovery. In the first case, the user data will not be deleted. photos, contacts, applications, etc. In the second, all data will be lost, the phone will return to the factory state.

What methods of flashing the phone can I use?
There are two ways to flash iPhone:
flashing the phone using iTunes;
Install iOS updates using a Wi-Fi connection.

The first is universal, with its help you can both restore the system and update it. The software is first downloaded to the computer via iTunes, and then installed on the phone. The second method consists only in updating and implies the presence of Wi-Fi.

Do not know how to use iTunes or have little idea what this media combine is capable of? Then be sure to read this article.

Attention! Never update the device with a jailbreak, this can lead to very sad consequences (the eternal icon of the aytyuns on the screen). Jailbroken iPhone is best restored in DFU mode.

Also, do not update or restore the iPhone to official firmware if it is locked. Otherwise, you risk losing the possibility of unlocking it programmatically, since the version of not only iOS firmware, but also the firmware of the modem itself is increasing.

Three iPhone modes. What are they for and how to use them

There are three main modes in which the iPhone may be located:
Normal. The normal working condition of your phone.
Recovery mode (or Recovery mode). In this mode, the device can be restored from a previously made backup, or update the firmware version to the latest via iTunes.

To enter the device in Recovery mode, you must:
1. Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable;
2. Then turn it off;
3. Turn on, and then hold down the Home button until the image appears;

4. To withdraw the device from this mode, simultaneously hold and hold the power button and the central round button (home) for 10 seconds. After turning off the phone, turn it on as usual (hold the power button for 3-5 seconds.)

To enter iPhone in DFU mode you need:
1. Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable;
2. Simultaneously hold down the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds;
3. Now release the power button, but at the same time continuing to hold Home until the computer determines that the device has switched to DFU (see image above);
4. The conclusion from this mode is similar to the conclusion from Recovery;

How to flash iPhone using iTunes?. In Recovery Mode

1. First, you need to get the latest version of iTunes.
2. Next, download the latest firmware for your device;
3. Now connect the iPhone in normal mode to the computer and launch iTunes;
4. Choose your device;

5. Hold the Shift key (if you have Mac, then Alt) click the Restore button;

6. In the window that opens, select the IPSW file downloaded in step 2 and click open;

7. The recovery process has begun.

In DFU mode

1. Download and install iTunes (at the link above);
2. Now download the latest firmware for your iOS device (also from the link above);
3. Put the iPhone in DFU mode;
4. Launch iTunes;
5. Hold the Shift key (if you have Mac, then Alt) click the Restore button;
6. In the window that opens, select the IPSW file downloaded in step 2 and click open;
7. We are waiting for the end of the recovery process.

How to update iPhone (iPad)

1. In iTunes. Connect the device and click update

2. By Wifi. Go directly to the device Settings The main Software Update

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