How to Flash Htc Desire 320 Phone

How to Flash Htc Desire 320 Phone


Two classic options are on sale. In this matter, the manufacturer did not deviate from its traditions. The black instance is more suitable for men, as it looks strictly. And for women, the best option is white. He looks gentler outwardly.

On the front and rear panels are standard elements. The front is a touch-type screen, a small “eye” of the front optics, sensors, a speaker hole, two control buttons (below) and a logo. On the back side, only the main camera lens and speaker are displayed, and the company logo is duplicated.

The lock button is not located next to the volume rocker; its developers located it on the upper end. There is also a headphone jack. The lower edge has become a place for the removal of the USB port and the microphone hole. And the last one was the volume button. It is located on the right side face.


The screen is protected by glass. Its quality is average, so it is recommended to wear a smartphone in a case. This will help 100% prevent scratches.


But with the mode, not everything is so good. The maximum that you can count on is 800 × 480 px. The quality of thes is, to put it mildly, mediocre.

There is no point in talking a lot about the front camera. If you find out her permission, then everything will become clear. It is based on a 0.3-megapixel sensor. Of course, it will not be suitable for a selfie, except for calls only.

Hardware platform

The HTC Desire 300 features a hardware platform, frankly, weak. Dreaming about high performance is not worth it. The gadget is based on the Snapdragon S4 Play processor. Processing teams involved in two computing elements. Their type is Cortex-A5. During operation, these modules can reach frequencies of 1000 MHz. The process indicator (45 nm) indicates that the “filling” is not energy efficient, therefore, there will be problems with the battery life. The central processor works in tandem with the Adreno 203 graphics accelerator. This hardware can only ensure stable operation of the interface, but you will have to torment yourself with third-party applications. Using a smartphone for games will not work, as they will constantly freeze and slow down.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not integrate a decent amount of system memory. 512 MB is very small even for devices released in 2013. This explains the problems with the work of many applications. Another disappointment befell users when they found out how much internal memory there is. Storage capacity is only 4 GB. And even they will not be available in full. You can only rely on 2.5 GB. The only solution for users is to install a memory card. With its help, you can expand storage up to 64 GB.

For those who love loud phones, this model fits all the criteria. The manufacturer equipped the device with high-quality speakers. The volume is quite high, there are no wheezing, however, music lovers will hear some flaws when playing music tracks. But they are uncritical.

The speaker was also not satisfactory to users. The interlocutor’s speech sounds legible, moderately loud.


The HTC Desire 300 firmware did not really impress users. The fact is that the device implements version 4.1.2 of the Android OS. Of course, at the time of release, customers liked the fact that the manufacturer installed fresh software. However, the gadget’s capabilities were not enough to complete all the tasks. Most applications fail. Often errors get out. Users believe that the reason for this instability is the lack of system memory.

An indisputable advantage is the ability to receive updates “over the air.” If desired, you can change the version of the standard firmware to 4.3. However, I must say right away that the smartphone’s performance will not get higher.

Battery. How to flash HTC Desire 300?

Before providing a detailed algorithm for flashing a smartphone, you need to remind about the risks. Sometimes the phone after such manipulations can turn into a “brick” or start to malfunction. Therefore, each user acts at their own peril and risk. So, if the final decision has already been made, then let’s proceed to change the firmware.

HTC Desire 300 (RUS), like any other smartphone, is protected from any manipulations that may affect system files in one way or another. This is necessary so that the user does not accidentally change some important parameter. Therefore, before flashing, you will need to unlock the bootloader. You can do this by downloading the archived Android.rar file. It is extracted to the root directory of drive C.

After that, you will need to go to the website and find the item All Other Supported Models there. After going into it, click on the tab then begin unlock bootloader. Here you will need to register. Be sure to include the current email address, as you will need it to unlock the bootloader.

The next step will be to enter the device menu. In the “Settings” there is an item “For Developers”. It is necessary to activate the option “Debugging via USB”. Next, connect the phone to the system unit of the computer via a USB cable. Be sure to select “Charging only” from the list below. The smartphone must be started in fastboot mode. To do this, you need to run the fastboot.bat file (stored in the Android folder).

Now go to the computer. On the desktop, you must run the command prompt. In the window that opens, first enter CD C: \ Android, then fastboot oem get_identifier_token. This will give you the identifier that you need to copy and paste on To confirm the selection, click on Submit. The bootloader unlock file will arrive at the specified mailing address. You will need to save it in the Android folder (drive C).

Then again we return to the command line. Now in it you need to enter fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin. After this action, a request window will appear on the smartphone screen. The user must confirm it using the volume up and lock keys. At this preparatory action is over, you can proceed directly to changing the firmware. To do this, you need to download the archive. Save it to the USB flash drive installed in the gadget. After that, turn off the phone and remove the battery. After 1-2 minutes, install it back. Launch the engineering menu. In it, select CWM Recovery and go to it. To work in the engineering menu, use the lock key and volume rocker. Now you need to make the transition: mounts and storage → mount systev → format system → yes. To install the firmware you will need to play the following algorithm: install zip → choose zip from SD card → → yes. It is important to clear the information in the wipe cache and advanced, wipe dalvik cache blocks. That’s all, now you need to turn off the smartphone. Remove and install the battery back in a couple of minutes and turn on the device in normal mode.

Smartphone Reviews

  • small amount of memory. both built-in and system;
  • lack of flash;
  • short battery life;
  • weak hardware platform.

And today, this model generally looks very outdated. This is especially evident against the backdrop of modern gadgets. It is worth noting that even the simplest smartphone in the budget segment is already a cut out, or even two, higher than the Desire 300.