How To Fix The Problem With The Inclusion Of Meizu M5

How To Fix The Problem With The Inclusion Of Meizu M5

Despite the fact that Meizu smartphones are famous for their stable operation, the Flyme proprietary shell and high build quality, sometimes they are subject to various crashes and malfunctions. One of these troubles is the inability to turn on the mobile device after an independent shutdown. The causes of this problem can be found both in the mechanical part of the gadget, and in its software. Consider why Meizu M3 Note, Meizu M5S or another brand phone does not turn on and what to do in a particular case.

Why Meizu doesn’t want to turn on

If the phone turns off and does not turn on or constantly reboots, do not panic and immediately run to the service center, where you will most likely pay a decent amount for the repair of the device. First, try to figure out this situation yourself, because many problems can be solved without outside help.

There are several reasons why your Meise cannot boot:

  • failure of the battery or power adapter;
  • Power key breakage
  • burnout or soldering of the microcontroller responsible for power distribution;
  • incorrect gadget flashing;
  • Using third-party firmware that is not adapted for your smartphone model.

To determine the type of damage (mechanical or software), try downloading the phone in Recovery mode. To do this, on the device completely turned off, you must simultaneously hold down the Power and Volume Up keys for several seconds. If a resuscitation environment is launched on Meise, the problem will be programmatic in nature. If the Recovery is not loaded, then you are faced with a mechanical breakdown of the device.

Mechanical faults Meizu

If the Meizu MX5 or Meizu M3 Note does not turn on, try to remember whether it was exposed to severe shock or high humidity before it. As a result of a fall on the motherboard, the microcontroller or other element may decay. Water that has penetrated under the housing will lead to a short circuit, after which it will be difficult or not possible to restore the gadget’s functionality.

If there were no prerequisites for a breakdown, try connecting a known-good power supply to the smartphone. It is possible that Meizu M2 mini does not want to turn on due to a full discharge. Wait a while and try turning it on again.

If the indicator light on the phone lights up when the adapter is connected, it indicates the charging process, which means that the malfunction may be related to the screen or the Power key. If there is no indication, most likely the modules responsible for its power supply (battery, microcontroller, etc.) do not work on the device.

If you think that the Meizu M5 does not turn on at all through the broken Power button, you will need to replace it with a new one in the nearest workshop. Check the health of this element as follows:

  1. Install ADB Run on the PC. It allows you to control Android through a computer.
  2. Using a USB cable, connect your Maize to it and run the specified application.
  3. In the window that opens, select the Reboot Device procedure. To do this, enter the number “4” on the command line.
  4. Then activate the restart of the mobile device by pressing “1”.

If the phone turns on after performing these steps, you can safely change the power key. If the OS does not load anyway, the Power button has nothing to do with it.

Downloading a smartphone via ADB Run is possible only when USB debugging is running on the mobile phone. Otherwise, Meizu will not react to external commands.

Software crashes

Meyzu may constantly shut down or not boot at all after it is independently flashed or unlocks root access. In such cases, the only way out is to re-flashing the device.

If on the Meizu M2 mini the operating system does not turn on or constantly turns off, but Recovery Mode works, you can flash the device through the recovery environment:

  1. Download the firmware for your phone model to your computer. You can find it on The downloaded file should be called
  2. Enter the recovery mode on your mobile phone by holding down a certain key combination.
  3. Connect the gadget to the PC. At the same time, a new G: recovery partition should appear on the computer.
  4. Drop the downloaded file into the recovery folder.
  5. Disconnect the phone from the PC, and then select the items shown in the figure and click Start.

If you do not turn on Meizu and Recovery Mode at the same time, try flashing the mobile device through the SP FlashTool program:

  1. From or another proven resource, download the firmware for your smartphone, the driver for it, and the SP FlashTool utility onto the PC. All files are better to unzip and save to the system drive.
  2. From the Drivers folder, install all the drivers.
  3. Launch the flasher application. In the main program window, in the Scatter-loading File line, specify the path to the file with the extension.txt. Its name should contain the version of your processor.
  4. In the table that appears, uncheck the box next to the first row and click Download.

Connect the phone to the PC (before this it completely turns off) and wait for the firmware to complete. After restarting it should work.