How To Fix The Fast Discharge Problem Of The Meizu M5 Note

How To Fix The Fast Discharge Problem Of The Meizu M5 Note

Many Meizu owners complain about the fast discharge of batteries in their smartphones. If this happens with the active use of the device, then this is not unusual, since under heavy load the processor consumes a large amount of energy. If the battery runs down even when the phone is in rest mode, this may indicate a malfunction of the mobile device or its incorrect configuration. Let’s look at why Meizu Pro 6 and Meizu M5 Note are quickly discharged and how to fix the problem on their own.

Reasons for the accelerated discharge of Meizu smartphones

It’s no secret that the Android OS is voracious in relation to the battery charge. To extend autonomy, almost all Meizu are equipped with good batteries, the capacity of which lasts for several days of moderate use. However, if your Meizu M3 Note with a 4100 mAh battery or M5 Note with a 4000 mAh block needs to be recharged daily, it is most likely that they failed.

Meizu batteries can run out quickly for the following reasons:

  • as a result of reducing the capacity of the feed element;
  • due to incorrect OS settings;
  • through software failure.

We consider each case in more detail.

Battery Issues

The batteries used in the Meizu M3 Note, M2 Mini or any other smartphone have such an indicator as a working resource (the number of charge / discharge cycles). After its exhaustion, the capacity of the product decreases by almost 50%. Therefore, if you actively use the phone for a long time, you may need to replace the battery with a new one.

You can check the battery status through the Meizu engineering menu:

  1. Enter the standard application “Phone” or “Contacts” and in the line for entering the number, dial # # 3646633 # # or # # 4636 # #
  2. In the window that appears, find the “Battery Log” section.
  3. Open it and look at the value opposite the line “Wear level”. If it says “Good”, then everything is fine with the battery. Otherwise, the battery will need to be changed in the near future.

Overheating is adversely affected by the state and duration of battery life. Therefore, try not to use the phone while charging and for a long time do not sit in the “heavy” games.

Incorrect configuration of the operating system

If the Meizu M5 Note was recently purchased, then problems with accelerated discharge will most likely be associated not with the battery itself, but with incorrect settings or Android malfunctions. In this case, it is worth trying to change some parameters of the OS:

  1. Decrease the screen brightness. The display in smartphones is one of the main consumers of energy. When it is operating at maximum brightness, the battery will drain much faster. To save charge, you need to lower the brightness level or enable adaptive adjustment.
  2. Deactivate unnecessary connections. GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile Internet modules consume a lot of charge. Therefore, if you do not want the battery to drain quickly, it is better to turn them off if they are not needed.
  3. Change the type of coverage. In areas of poor signal reception, Meizu will constantly look for the best connection point. Because of this, the batteries also run out quickly. In case of poor coverage, it is recommended to use the switching type 2G or 3G.

If the battery on Meise quickly sits down, it will not be amiss to try to activate the economical mode of operation on it. This can be done through the Battery Doctor program:

  1. Download this utility to your smartphone.
  2. Launch it and in the initial window click “Optimize”, thereby closing the background application.
  3. Go to the “Economy Mode” section and select one of the proposed profiles.

Software crashes

Some programs (especially those downloaded from third-party resources) heavily load the central processor, which leads to a fast discharge of the battery. Therefore, if your device sat down after installing such software, it is better to remove it immediately.

The Wakelock Detector utility will help you find energy-intensive applications:

  1. Spend all the battery charge. When the smartphone runs out, recharge it to 100%.
  2. Download Wakelock from Play Market and leave the gadget alone for a few hours (preferably all night). During this time, the program will diagnose all the software installed on Meizu.
  3. Open Wakelock and tap on the alarm icon in the start menu.
  4. Go to the Wake Up Programs section.
  5. See which utility consumes the most energy and how many times it accessed the CPU.
  6. Get rid of it by clicking on the “Information” button and selecting “Delete”.

By identifying and eliminating the cause of the battery’s fast discharge, you will not only increase Meizu’s autonomy, but also extend the battery’s life by saving a considerable amount on its premature replacement.