How to find your sony TV model

Decoding the code

The model code usually contains detailed information about the device (for example, which series of the technician). But in the alphanumeric designation of televisions from different manufacturers, different data is encoded, while such combinations are also not decrypted in the same way. For example, two companies from the most popular brands will be considered.


Philips TV device names in their code include the following information:

HOWTO: Find Sony BRAVIA TV Service Mode/Menu

  • the first digits are the size of the TV screen;
  • letter P. Philips;
  • letters U, F, H, O. resolution: U. Ultra HD, F. Full HD, H. HD, letter O. OLED models, resolution. 4K;
  • letters S, T, H, K. tuner type: S. DVB-T / T2 / C / S / S2; T. T / T2 / C; H. DVB-T DVB-C; K. DVB-T / C / S / S2;
  • the first number after the letters is a series, where 9 is a premium vehicle;
  • the second number is a sub-series indicating differences in technical characteristics;
  • the next number is the design;
  • fourth. release year: 3. 2018, 2. 2017, 1. 2016, 0. 2015, 9. 2014, etc.;
  • letter C (if present in the code). curved TV;
  • last characters. region: 60. Russia, 12. Europe, etc.

On a note! Devices from other manufacturers also have their own decryption options. You can find such information on the official pages of the companies.

So, it is not difficult to find the model of your TV receiver, even if it is impossible to see this information on the box, in the instructions and on the information plate. Such data is placed in the menu by almost every manufacturer, but different paths are needed to find them, which were described in this material. In addition, knowing how the model is deciphered, you can get complete information about any TV, which is relevant, for example, for telemasters or when buying used equipment.

Features of searching for a model in the menu of different manufacturers

In TV sets of various manufacturers, information about the product, including the model, is located very similarly, but, nevertheless, differences are still present. Next, we will consider ways to find the necessary information of the most popular brands of television equipment.

How to find Model Number in Sony Bravia TV

All ways to determine your TV model

During the operation of the TV equipment, the user may need to find out the model of the TV. This information is often used when buying accessories for the device or additional accessories, and you can find it in several ways.

Other manufacturers

For some brands of TVs, for example, Toshiba, Sharp, Supra, Panasonic and others, information on how to find the model of the product is not provided on official resources, or the manufacturer suggests looking for this data in the instructions, on the packaging or on the information plate attached to the back of the device.

Advice! Nevertheless, the user can launch the menu from the remote control, find one of the possible sections “Settings”, “Options”, “Properties”, “Additional”, “System information” and search there for the required data. Very often they do contain information about the model.


The official website of the Philips company invites you to find out the model of its products by performing a series of manipulations. To do this, it is recommended to pick up the remote control, switch the TV to TV viewing mode and quickly dial “1 2 3 6 5 4” as when dialing channels. As a result, a menu will appear on the screen, the model number will be indicated in the top line.

Advice! To exit the Philips TV set menu, press the “Home” key.

You can find your Sony TV model (like most other manufacturers’ TV equipment) on the product packaging, in the instructions for it, on the back of the case, and in the device menu. But in TV receivers of this brand, this information can be obtained in one of three ways (depending on the type and version of the operating system).

  • To find a model for Sony TVs with Android TV software version up to 3.533, you need to open the menu, select “Settings”. “TV”. “About device”. “Device name”. “System information”.
    find, your, sony, model
  • To search for a Sony Android TV model with software version 3.843 or earlier, press “HELP” on the remote control, go to the “System Information” block.
  • You can determine the model of conventional TV sets by pressing the “Home” button on the remote control, selecting “Help” or “Settings”, then. “Customer support”.


If the nameplate on the back is not available, you can find out the model of Samsung TV Panel in the menu. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • use the remote control to open the TV receiver menu;
  • find the section “Support”;
  • open the “Contact Samsung” tab.

Important! The necessary information is in the line “Model code”.

In the TVs of the South Korean company LG, you can also find the model data in the device menu. The actions need to be performed as follows:

  • open the menu;
  • go to “Settings”;
  • select “General”;
  • open the tab “Information about the TV”. in the corresponding field there will be the necessary information.

How to decode Sony TV markings

By marking the TV, the buyer can find out the most important characteristics of the model, such as year of manufacture, series number, screen technology and display diagonal.

Sony designates all of its TVs as KDL (KD) so that they can be distinguished from other equipment.

  • K. means TV;
  • D. stands for Display;
  • L. means that the model is with Full HD / HD Ready resolution (the absence of this letter means Ultra HD resolution);

KDL. Sony Full HD TV.

Then there are two numbers indicating the size of the diagonal of the screen in inches.

These numbers are followed by a letter indicating the level of the model:

  • A. OLED;
  • X. premium model (4K resolution);
  • S. curved screen for premium;
  • W. middle level (usually HD 1920×1080 resolution);
  • R. entry level;
  • Z. is 3D.

Depending on which level the model belongs to, so much can you expect new technological improvements from it.

After this letter, since 2016, there is a letter designating the year of manufacture. Prior to this, the letter of the year designation was at the end of the marking.

  • AH / XH / ZH. 2020;
  • AG / XG. 2019;
  • F. 2018;
  • E. 2017;
  • D. 2016;
  • C. 2015;
  • B. 2014;
  • A. 2013.

This is followed by the model series numbers. The series, like those of other manufacturers, go from the 4th youngest to the 9th oldest and most expensive. After the appearance of OLED TVs in the lineup, the 9th series is assigned specifically to OLED models. Models for each series are not produced every year, but the order remains, the older the class of the model, the more technically perfect it is. After this number comes the number of the sub-series designation (different level within the same series). The technical differences are negligible. This number is followed by one or two numbers indicating design differences.

  • B. black;
  • S. silver;
  • W. white.
  • AEP. all of Europe (with the UK);
  • AE2. all of Europe 2;
  • U. Great Britain;
  • E. Eastern Europe;
  • R. Russia and CIS.
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Example of decoding marking

Take for example another 2015 KDL 40W705CBR.

KDL stands for Sony Full HD TVs.

W. indicates the TV group (X. premium, S. curved, W. middle class, R. entry level).

streak (4 to 9, older streak is better).

sub-series, indicates minor changes in technology.

С. year of issue (D. 2016, С. 2015, В. 2014).

Now an example of decryption for OLED TV 2018 SONY KD55AF9BR2.

Stickers on the bottom and inside the case

If you need complete data to answer the question of which laptop model I have, you should refer to the manufacturer’s certification labels. The same method is used when the keypad sticker is missing or damaged. For example, due to careless tearing off the price tag applied by sellers.

A sticker with full manufacturer’s data is located on the bottom of the laptop case. Here are listed:

  • model series name;
  • alphanumeric performance identifier;
  • unique serial number of the device;
  • date of manufacture of the product and the name of the manufacturer;
  • factory code;
  • data on the used supply voltage and operating currents.

This sticker is found on all HP pavilion, Acer, Lenovo, Packard bell and others notebooks. But what if the manufacturer’s certification mark is completely absent? Then you need to find the second one, which is always located in the service area of ​​the case, namely under the battery.

Disconnect the laptop battery. To do this, release the locks that fix the latches. How to do this is clearly indicated by the icon on each of them. After removing the battery, the user can see the manufacturer’s sticker with all the necessary data on the bottom of its compartment.

On a note! For some brands, the service information tag may be located directly on the battery. This applies primarily to Sony products using only certified power supplies.

System menu

If none of the above methods worked, the internal menu comes to the rescue.

The exact information about the device model is registered in the settings: the current software version, information about the manufacturer. The arrangement of items in the control menu is different for different devices. Developers and manufacturers do not adhere to the same structure. Before proceeding with searches, make sure that:

  • You know the brand of the TV. The label on the front bezel is usually present.
  • The device is in working order and the screen is not damaged.

You will need a remote control and a few minutes of free time.

Decoding the code

If the question is how to find out not only the model, but also the series number, release date of the Samsung, Sony or other TV, you will have to decrypt the code. The fact is that manufacturers make up the name of the model, choosing letters and numbers in it not randomly, but encrypting certain information. Which one?

  • The first few letters. most often mean the type of TV, for example, for Samsung. UE / LE. LCD, PS / PE. plasma; Sony. KDL. 2K, KD. 4K.
  • Two digits. 19, 32, 55, etc. informs about the screen size in inches (for example, UE55NU7090UXUA). By the way, Philips has the display diagonal in the first place in the code.
  • The next one or more alphabetic values ​​are series and date of issue. For Samsung television equipment, the calculations begin from 2008. A, B. 2009, etc. S. premium models. Philips designates the year of manufacture and the series in numbers. For example, 1. 2016, 2. 2017.
  • Numbers or letters denoting the model. Samsung TV has the last 4, LG marks letters in the middle of the code.

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In addition, companies encrypt TV resolution, sales region, tuner type and other useful information. Decrypted information about a specific TV can be found on the manufacturer’s official web-resource.


The name of a laptop, produced by one of the most common brands on the market, is always given in the settings, mandatory means of monitoring the operation of the motherboard. To get the information you are looking for, you need to enter the BIOS. Login order may vary.

  • In HP, Asus laptops, including the popular Asus rog series, you will need to press the F1, F2, F10 button. Most models from other manufacturers can use the same key.
  • In laptops Lenovo, Sony VAIO series to enter the BIOS, you need to press the hardware button. Sony has Assist above the keyboard, Lenovo has a small round switch in the far corner of the end of the case, usually on the left.
  • Dell, Packard bell may require pressing one of the F2, F1, F3, Del buttons.

Advice! How exactly you can enter the BIOS is always indicated in the operating instructions for the laptop. If it is unavailable or lost, you need to carefully look at the screen messages when you turn on the device. Before loading the operating system, on the bottom line you can see what exactly should be pressed to enter BIOS or Setup.

See Main or Info for model name information. This is usually the screen that the user immediately goes to after entering the BIOS. Here, in the Product Information (Name), the short name of the model is given.

Third party utilities

Today there are many systems that allow you to programmatically find out the name of the laptop model. It is almost impossible to give a complete list of them, since new utilities are constantly being released. The most popular is Aida64. It is paid, but the developer offers a test period of 30 days, during which you can use the program without restrictions. After installing and launching Aida, just refer to the sections Summary Information or DMI. System. Here, in the items Motherboard or Manufacturer, Product there is sufficient information about the device.

The second simple and popular utility is called CPUID HWMonitor. It is free and is designed to monitor the CPU temperature. However, along with this data, it correctly determines the name of the laptop model. The information you are looking for is thrown right after expanding the main section on the screen. These devices are listed as Manufacturer Model Name. Decrypting them is completely easy for any user.

What information does the model code contain?

Incomprehensible characters that make up the code can be deciphered.

If you know that according to the generally accepted labeling between leading companies, the location and meaning of letters with numbers tells the same information. Examples: LG 32LN540V-ZA or Samsung LE-40F530 P7W.

So, the first two digits will tell you the size of the screen diagonally. Only not in the usual centimeters, but in inches. That is, if your monitor is 32 inches, then it will be slightly more than 0.81 meters.

By the next letter it is easy to find out what technology the display is made using:

  • P. plasma.
  • L. liquid crystal with HD resolution.
  • U. LCD with Ultra HD resolution.
  • S. technology from 2016, means Super HD.
  • E. popular OLED monitors.

Samsung has these letters put forward: LE. a matrix with liquid crystals, PE. a plasma screen.

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The year in which the TV was manufactured is indicated by the following alphabetic character:

  • For LG 2013: A for devices with 3D function, N. without 3D, 2014. B, 2015. F (for curved screen G), 2016. H (digit 6 added for OLED), 2017. J (7 for OLED ), 2018. K (8 c OLED).
  • For Samsung 2013 letter F.

The remaining digits sequentially give the number of the series, for series and modifications. The larger the number, the greater the changes in the model in quantitative and qualitative terms, compared to the previous version.

The closing letter for LG devices denotes a tuner: V can receive a signal of the DVB-T / T2, DVB-C, DVB-S / S2 formats. At Samsung, these letters will tell about design, color and other design.

This is how, even after losing technical documents, you can learn a lot about your TV by the model number.


The procedure for finding out the Samsung TV model through the menu:

  • Select the classification “Support” → go to the sub-item “Contact Samsung”.
  • Scroll down the page to Model Code. Here the modulation will be indicated in letters and numbers. For example, UE43NU7090UXUA.

Instructions on how to quickly and 100% find out the LG TV model:

  • Find and press the oblong button with the inscription Settings on the remote control.
  • Go through the following path: Menu → Settings → Support.
  • The product / service information will show the TV model / type.

There are several options here, taking into account the peculiarities of TV:

Nuance: The procedure may change as new models and firmware versions are released. The latest information is always provided on the official Sony website.

View on the factory sticker

Regardless of the manufacturer, there is a factory sticker on the back of the TV. It contains all the information about the model: name, type, version, power source, country and date of manufacture, as well as other important data.

How to find out the exact TV model

Tip: Check any characteristics of the TV device at the office. manufacturer brand resource.

There are other ways how to most accurately find out the model, series, year of release of a Samsung TV or another brand, which will be discussed below.

Why Know TV Model

The owner of the TV will need this info in the following cases:

  • repair of equipment. you need to purchase new parts to replace those that have failed, invite a master or contact a service center;
  • if you have any questions about operation. search for answers on the Internet or contact Support;
  • TV upgrade. download the latest firmware to expand the functionality of the TV, find instructions on how to connect, for example, a gamer console or laptop;
  • purchase of a new remote control. if the old one is broken or lost.

over, it is best to know also the series and the year of release of the TV in order to take into account all the features of the device.


The simplest option is to use the buttons on the remote control. We press sequentially: 1, 2, 3, 6, 5, 4. The buttons must be pressed one at a time, as when switching TV channels. On the first line of the menu displayed on the screen, the numbers-letters-numbers that make up the TV model will be written. Return to watching TV will help the universal Home key on the remote.

Finding the information you need through the menu

One of the simplest and most affordable ways is to go to the TV menu and get information from there. It will only take a couple of minutes and you will be provided with a full TV view. You will know detailed information: brand, type of software, series, release date, etc.

How to find out your TV model Samsung, LG, SONY, PHILIPS: 5 tips

When you need to find out the nuances of operating a TV, you need to know the model. And how to do it if the device is “100 years old at lunchtime”: stickers are ripped off, designations are erased. However, there are 6 simple ways to correctly determine not only the model, but also the series, as well as other TV parameters. about this.

How to find your TV model number. all ways

Any TV set at the factory is assigned a unique name, an identification code by which you can find out the characteristics of the device.

I want to tell you about all the ways to detect this code and help you find out the models of TVs from Samsung, LG, Philips and Sony. I will also teach you how to decipher codes.

If you are too lazy to read the article, you can watch a video from Samsung:

And if this information was not enough,


You can find out the model through the menu on Samsung TVs released in 2008 and later. Older devices do not contain such information.

The menu of modern TVs is standard. Samsung maintains a consistent interface across its devices. Let’s get started:

  • On the remote control, press the button to go to the settings menu. The key is depicted as a gear.
  • In the options window, select the “support” tab.
  • An additional menu will open, among the options, click “Contact Samsung”.
  • A window will appear in which the identification code of the model will be registered, useful information from the manufacturer. contacts, the current website of the company on the Internet.
  • We need a parameter called “Model Code”.

In order not to forget in the future, write down the sequence of symbols on a separate piece of paper. It is better if it is self-adhesive, which can be stuck in place of the sticker that has come off. Or enter the information on a blank sheet of the service book.

Sometimes the manufacturer provides universal documentation that is intended for a number of models. But there is usually a note sheet at the end. Here in it and write the data.

For LG owners, the procedure is similar to Samsung. Information is contained in the settings menu:

  • Turn on the TV.
  • Press the “MENU” or “HOME” key.
  • A standard menu will appear, among the parameters, select the diagnostics item, “Contact”.
  • Click the TV details section.
  • The type, model name will be displayed in the form of an encrypted code consisting of numbers, Latin letters.

In the window that appears, the current version of the software, the serial number of the device, communication channels with representatives of the LG manufacturer (phone of the hot mowing line, website address) will be registered.

This method is suitable for models under 2011 release.

System menu

If none of the above methods worked, the internal menu comes to the rescue.

The exact information about the device model is registered in the settings: the current software version, information about the manufacturer. The arrangement of items in the control menu is different for different devices. Developers and manufacturers do not adhere to the same structure. Before proceeding with searches, make sure that:

  • You know the brand of the TV. The label on the front bezel is usually present.
  • The device is in working order and the screen is not damaged.

You will need a remote control and a few minutes of free time.


Philips took a different path. To obtain the necessary information, you will need to quickly dial the code using the remote control. Follow the instructions:

  • Turn on the device. Switch the TV to the mode of viewing terrestrial channels, it is not necessary to have a cable, digital connection to TV (channels may not be shown).
  • Quickly enter the key sequence “1, 2, 3, 6, 5, 4”. In case of an error, nothing happens, try to repeat the set.
  • The service menu will appear on the screen. Click on the “Set Type” tab.
  • The exact model identification code of the TV will be displayed. Write it down.
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If the service menu does not open, try to re-enter the key sequence, follow the standard algorithm.

You can also find out your Sony TV model through the service menu. Your actions depend on the specific model. If the TV has Android with earlier software versions up to 3.533, the algorithm is as follows:

  • Turn on the TV, press the “Home” button.
  • Select the settings tab.
  • Follow the section “TV”. “About the device”.
  • Help information will be displayed, click on the item “TV Name”, “System Information”.
  • The window will display the serial number of the device (code identifier).

The new models are a little simpler. Press the “Help” key on the remote control and enter the system information section. There you will see service information, including the model number of the device.

If you are using a TV without smart functions, the procedure is as follows:

  • Press the “Home” key on the remote control.
  • The settings menu will open, you need the “Help” item.
  • Go to the customer service section.
  • Help information appears on the display. The model name is located at the top, on the right.

Another alternative way to find out the model, check the serial number and hours of operation of your Sony Bravia TV (for models older than 2016) is with the TV turned off, using the remote control, press successively: i. 5. VOL-. Power (On).

On the official website, the manufacturer warns: “The algorithm may differ depending on the device and software.”.

Body sticker

The easiest way to find out your TV model is to look at the back of the case.

Usually, the device information sticker is hidden on the back, near the panel with connectors, or on the side, if the TV is old, with a thick case.

The label must be glued at the factory. It displays the serial number, TV identification code, date of manufacture, address and phone number of the manufacturer’s plant.

This method is suitable for all TVs, without exception. And it is the only one for older devices that were manufactured before 2008. recent models can only be identified through the menu.

Region of application

Some models are sent to different parts of the world due to their distinctive characteristics. Unlike other manufacturers, Sony has subdivided the regional values ​​into several parts, rather than each country:

  • AEP. all of Europe (with the UK);
  • AE2. all of Europe 2;
  • U. Great Britain;
  • E. Eastern Europe;
  • R. Russia and CIS.

Deciphering the marking of Sony TV models

Sony TV technology company uses its own type of marking to identify TV models. With this marking, the user can get detailed information about the characteristics of the TV: display type, diagonal size, year of manufacture and series number.

Sony uses the KDL symbols to identify the mark. Decoding of these symbols:

  • K. TV;
  • D. display;
  • L. the value of the model, that is, the presence of the letter means that the model is with Full HD / HD Ready;
  • KD. 4K TV.

Sony uses personalized labeling that differs from competing manufacturers. Many users repeatedly confuse the marking and the series number of the TV: these values ​​are fundamentally different from each other. The series number is indicated on the back of the TV, while the mark is used in the name of the TV set.

Display type

The Sony abbreviation in the KDL value is followed by the screen designation in inches. An inch equals a value of 2.54 cm. After the size of the diagonal of the display, information about the type of display follows. With the help of the markings in the name of the TV receiver, one can understand the display manufacturing technology: from liquid crystal displays to OLED displays. The decoding of the display type can be recognized by the letter that comes immediately after the value of the diagonal of the screen. In order to find out about the meaning of the marking and the type of display, use the decoding below:

  • A. OLED;
  • X. premium model, supports 4K resolution;
  • S. curved screen for premium;
  • W. this type of display supports HD 1920 × 1080 resolution;
  • R. initial level;
  • Z. TV with 3D function.

Depending on the indicated symbols when marking the TV, you can find out what set of useful functions and technologies it has.


Further in the designation is the series of the model. Like many manufacturers, a set of technological functions is included in the series number. To designate serial characteristics, as well as sets of functions, the manufacturing company uses a numerical value from 4 to 9. It is easy to guess that the hierarchy is applied to the most significant digit, and the higher the value, the more technologically advanced the model. Today, the number 9 stands for OLED TV models.

But, it is not a fact that each year the highest value will apply to one type of display, since the world of technology does not stand still. The order is retained only to indicate the older model, as a sign of superiority. After the designation of the series, there is a sub-series. The distinctive aspects between the markings of a particular series are insignificant, which only the manufacturing company understands. Following the podcast, a third meaning is used to differentiate the design of the television set. The color in the marking is marked with the following values:

  • B. black;
  • S. silver;
  • W. white.

Year of issue

Display category and size in the markings are followed by the year of manufacture of this unit. However, on Sony TVs manufactured prior to 2016, the year of manufacture symbols were used at the end of the label. In order to decipher the release date, pay attention to the following symbols:

  • AG / XG. 2019;
  • F. 2018;
  • E. 2017;
  • D. 2016;
  • C. 2015;
  • B. 2014;
  • A. 2013.

In this simple way, the user can find out the actual age of the TV receiver. This marking is used until 2013. It does not make sense to post the meaning of the TV label before 2013 due to outdated TV sets.

Decryption example

In order to clearly demonstrate the decoding of the marking, we will consider several types of TVs. First, let’s start with the 2015 KDL 40W705CBR:

  • KDL. values ​​of the Sony TV set with Full HD resolution;
  • 40. screen diagonal;
  • W. implies a TV group, the W value is the middle group;
  • 7. the value of the series, as you can see the TV set is not a budget type;
  • 0. sub-series, implies only small changes from the production model;
  • 5. design features;
  • С. year of release, TV of 2015;
  • B. black TV.
  • R. the TV receiver is assembled for Russia and the CIS.

Now let’s look at a newer type of TV 2018 release called SONY KD55AF9BR2, and try to decipher it:

  • KD stands for Sony TV
  • 55. the value of the diagonal of the screen
  • A. display type, indicates OLED technology
  • F. age and year of issue 2018
  • 9. series, premium view
  • B. black TV
  • R. region of destination of the TV receiver Russia and the CIS
  • 2. made in Slovakia