How to Find Your Life Phone Number

Forgetting your number is quite simple, especially if the SIM card has not been used by the subscriber for some time, or little time has passed after buying the kit in the cabin. You can refresh your memory and remember a personal sequence of numbers in several ways. This article will talk about how to find out your number on Life.

Information Options

There are several ways to obtain information such as the phone number of the subscriber. In general, there are several basic and most convenient options:

  • a call to a mobile phone or stationary device with a caller ID;
  • viewing the documentation issued upon purchase of the kit in the sales salon;
  • short command service;
  • call to the operator;
  • automatic voice system.

How to Find Your Life Phone Number

Let’s take a closer look at each of the items listed and give an example of how to find out your phone number on Life.

View documentation or call another phone number

If the SIM card was purchased recently, then most likely the subscriber has not yet managed to throw away the documentation that was attached to the envelope with the SIM card. In it you can view information about your number. You can also call another number, it can be either a call to a cell phone or a landline phone with the function of a caller ID. The display will show a combination of numbers. over, if the anti-identifier option is activated on that SIM card whose number you need to find out, then this method may not work.

Call operator

How on “Life” to find out your number in another way? For all issues, including such “trivial”, you can contact the support line. A contact center consultant will provide the necessary information. For Belarusian subscribers, a toll-free call center telephone number is 909 (or 920). Having selected the corresponding item of the voice menu, you must wait until the employee answers the call. For Ukrainian customers of Life, another number is 5433. You can also call for free on it and find out information of interest.

The user has two options:

  • call to the operator;
  • automatic voice system.

By the way, it’s not necessary to wait for a specialist’s response, you can use the voice menu. Moving through its points, you can listen to interesting information about the SIM card with which the call was made. Please note that for subscribers of Ukraine and Belarus different phone numbers are used for dialing to contact centers. When connecting to a subscription service, first of all, the client will be asked to select a language.

How on “Life” to find out your number through the short command service?

Using the USSD service, you can get any information about your number. The Life operator provided for the need to specify its number by subscribers and allocated a special combination of characters for this:

  • 161 #. this request will allow you to quickly clarify not only your number in the international format, but also to find out which tariff is activated on the SIM card at the moment. This combination is suitable only for residents of Ukraine.
  • 115 #. a similar request that subscribers of Belarus can use. In the response message that will arrive on the SIM card with which the request was made, the tariff plan (its name) will also be indicated.

These requests are free, their number is not limited. For subscribers who are interested in how to find out their number on Life, it is recommended to save requests in the contact book. This will help in the future quickly and without unnecessary actions recall the unique sequence of numbers.


This article talked about how to find out your number on Life (Belarus). They also provided tips and tricks for obtaining similar information in Ukraine.