How to Find Samsung Wireless Headphones

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Headphone charging indicators

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All modern Bluetooth headphones have an LED (light bulb or sensor), by which you can understand whether the headphones are charging. The diode lights up in one color when charging, and in another color when the headphones are charged (may blink). There is an option that the indicator is separate (not combined with the connection state) and it does not light up while the headphones are working. But it is worth putting on charge. it lights up. If there are several indicators, then during charging they may go out and light up in turn.

If the headphone charging blinks red (charging indicator), it is most likely time to charge the headphone. The main idea is that when charging, the headphones blink. precisely, an indicator. Or changes color.

How to charge wireless headphones?

In this tutorial, we will figure out how to charge wireless headphones and not ruin them at the same time. Of course, the process itself is intuitive and does not cause problems. But there are nuances. What kind of headphone charging do I need? And how to properly charge the earbuds? And how. wrong.

Below we will analyze all the subtleties. This general guide will give you a clear idea of ​​how wireless headphones charge, and will work for all models. Well, if charging your Bluetooth headphones will cause difficulties even after reading this article. welcome in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Charge the earbuds from your phone

How do I charge headphones from my phone? Is it even possible? Yes, but every smartphone will do. To do this, it must support such a function. There can be two implementations:

  • Charge headphones from your phone via USB. An appropriate cable and / or adapters are required. The charging process (from the headphone side) follows the basic instructions.
  • Wireless charging of headphones by phone. This applies to fully wireless models (charging case) and specific compatible phones. We just put the case on the allocated place of the smartphone and see that the necessary indication appears.

But the phone cannot be charged with headphones. With rare exceptions. But these are mainly TWS models (here’s an example), the cases of which can be used as USB powerbank

Wireless charging capability

In order to charge the headphones with wireless charging, you need to install / put the headphones on the charger with the right side. This nuance will definitely be indicated in the instructions, because wireless charging for headphones (and a phone or watch) is a “fashionable feature”. And, of course, the charger itself must be connected to the mains. Or, if it is a power bank, have a sufficient charge.

If, with the correct installation of the headphones on the charger, the process did not go (we are guided the same way. according to the indicators), try to gently move, twist the headphones. The only thing left to add is that the headphones take longer to charge wirelessly than via a wire from the network. Depends on the model, but on average 1-1.5 hours.

Is it possible to charge headphones from an outlet

Modern charging adapters for the phone have more or less the same characteristics (current and voltage are important). However, there is a possibility that due to a mismatch, for example, the permissible current for the headphone battery and the output current on the adapter, the battery will be damaged: it will become worse to hold the charge or even “swell” and become unusable.

What kind of charging to charge the headphones? Information on the recommended current and voltage values ​​for a particular model can be found in the instructions. This is rarely indicated in a short manual. Usually full. And / or safety instructions. If they are not included, they can be found on the headphone manufacturer’s website. In 90% of cases, an adapter from a phone (not from a tablet) will work. Exceptions can only be for models that support very fast charging (high amperage).

⏱ How long do wireless headphones charge. indicators

The charging time for each model of wireless headphones is different, depending on the size of the battery (usually from 2 to 6 hours). The manufacturer writes on the box, in the specifications or in the instructions for the model for the specific time, how much you need to charge the headphones. There are other “pointers”.

Via bluetooth

Searching for lost headphones via Bluetooth makes sense when they have not had time to be completely discharged. For them to be successfully detected, they must be connected to a smartphone. The fact is that any modern device is hidden most of the time from being searched by other gadgets. Earlier. released in the 2000s. smartphones and mobile phones constantly “shone” on the air of Bluetooth. But 10 years ago, manufacturers made the visibility of Bluetooth devices optional, turned on for a few minutes upon request. Do the following:

  • give the command “Settings. Wireless networks. Bluetooth”; the items and structure of the (sub) menu may differ between the iOS and Android operating systems;
  • give the command “Bluetooth headset. Headphones and speakers. (searched device). Connect”.

If the connection fails, walk around the house (and area), apartment, periodically trying to connect to the headphones. Connections will not occur when the headphones are discharged or not added to the list of Bluetooth devices for this gadget in advance. Try to remember where you put them the last time before you need them again.

It may be necessary to inspect all possible places where you could bring them.

If the connection was made, send them a command with a ringing signal: you will quickly find them using it. So, Airpods headphones play a ringing melody with a gradually increasing volume over two minutes. The distance between the “search” device and the headphones should not exceed 10 m. Hidden in the case, they also will not allow you to detect the loss.

How to find headphones?

Wireless headphones have a number of disadvantages, one of which is the ease of loss. Modern options, for example, Airpods, released by Apple as a convenient accessory for iPhones and iPads, do not have any wires at all. They have their own batteries, wireless devices and amplifiers powered by the earphone itself. In the article, we will take a closer look at how to find headphones.

Search options

Finding headphones at home is easy. The most common case is that the headphones fell into one of the technological slots of the sofa, got entangled in a pillowcase or duvet cover, and so on.

Through the “Search” function

The first company to take a responsible approach to the safety of lost devices is Apple. It was followed by others. Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic and dozens of purely Chinese firms, for example, ZTE and Huawei: they all use the Android system in their gadgets. The “Find device” function works directly from the gadget and when switching from a PC to the site of the desired service. To use the Find Device (or Find Gadget) function, this function must be activated in advance. The user assigns a password for the smartphone and all devices with which this gadget periodically connects. Do the following:

  • Go from your mobile or PC browser to the iCloud website. com and enter your username and password;
  • go to the “Find iPhone” (or “Find Devices”) section and download a map of your region, city and / or district;
  • select the headphones connected to the iPhone or iPad;
  • zoom in (zoom in) until you see a possible geolocation where you last used them;
  • click the Play Sound button; if the headphones are nearby. they will emit a trill or a tone signal.

Information about all devices connected to your iPhone or iPad, including Bluetooth headphones, is regularly recorded according to the dates and times of their use. Geolocation will indicate your last actions: if the headphones were last used (or are currently being used) not in your city at all, and move independently away from your current location, and you have not gone anywhere from the city, then someone found them and took them away to yourself. In this case, it is necessary to involve law enforcement agencies in the case, providing them as material evidence the following:

  • screenshots of location;
  • box with the MAC address of the bluetooth headphones;
  • information about your movement, which the police will ask your cellular provider.
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Headphones that are currently in use are easy to find: the person who finds them is most likely using them. Tracking the serial numbers of the iPhone that found your headphones, its mobile number by the serial number of its SIM-card is a matter of technology and a matter of time.

Reasons for the loss

A user who has lost one or both headphones at once is primarily a person, not a robot. And negligence (carelessness) and forgetfulness will help him to prevent loss. Wired headphones connected by a headband are much more difficult to lose. Any of the wireless, if the headphones themselves, again, do not form a single system connected by a cable, may fall out of the ear if you move or tilt.

The same Airpods are not fixed with a clothespin on the auricle or earlobe, but are inserted into the external auditory canal.

Headphones lost at home are easy to find. which cannot be said about losing them on the street. Any passer-by can find them. and use them. Despite any protection, he may never return them. and so that he is not tracked, use them outside the home.

How to prevent loss?

In case someone finds your headphones, assign your mobile number instead of the default device name. The finder will use it to contact you. but he may demand a reward for the return. Finding headphones if they are forgotten somewhere at home is an easy task. Outside the home, finding them is unlikely to be possible. Train yourself to keep all your frequently used items. and wireless headphones too. in an easily accessible place so they won’t get lost.

How to find a lost wireless earbud?

The lack of wires made our life much easier. However, this is also their big disadvantage. What if I lost my Bluetooth headphones? How to find a device if a second sock is constantly doing the same cruel joke with you? There is a way out, and not one! We tell you how not to panic and do everything right.

How to Find a Lost Bluetooth Earphone Using the Search Function

Many companies are now realizing that the main advantage of their wireless devices is their curse at the same time. Therefore, now they can be found using geolocation. To do this, you need to activate the search option in advance, that is, this method is suitable only for those who are worried about connecting their device to the system. It captures all devices that periodically connect to your smartphone.

  • Go to from your smartphone or PC, go to your personal account using your username and password.
  • In the “Find devices” item, download the map of your location.
  • Select the headphones connected to your device.
  • Increase the area of ​​possible loss of headphones.
  • Click “Play Sound”: if the device is nearby, you will hear.

Note! If the gadget is far from the place of the alleged loss or even moves around the map, it means that someone else has taken possession of it. In this case, you should contact the law enforcement agencies, which, using the serial number of the Bluetooth headset and screenshots of the geolocation, will be able to track down the intruder.

What to do if you lost the earphone in the apartment?

There are two ways to find your lost: via Bluetooth and the “Find” function.

How to find a lost earphone via Bluetooth?

  • Go to settings.
  • Find the item “Bluetooth → Bluetooth headset → Headphones and speakers”.
  • Find your device in the list.
  • Click “Connect”.
  • After connecting, give the command to emit a signal. this way you will quickly find them.

If you can’t connect right away, try moving from room to room, periodically trying to pick up the signal.

Note! Using the method described above, you can only find the earphone if it is paired with your device and is not discharged. These manipulations will not help you if the headphones are discharged, located more than 10 meters from you, or closed inside the case.

How to find a lost earphone?

First of all, you need to restore the chain of events. After all, you must agree: it is much easier to look for the loss of a house than to run out into the street or go through all the places where you have visited before discovering the absence of your property. I note right away that all of the methods and options listed below are suitable for different brands of headphones. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to find a JBL, Samsung, Xiaomi (in particular AirDots), Sony, Honor and others earphone will be the same!

So, there can be several reasons for the loss:

  • You left your ears on the table at home and they fell somewhere;
  • The headset was left at school / university / office or somewhere else where you spend a lot of time every day;
  • The headphones fell out somewhere on the way home;
  • The headset was stolen, and you only noticed that it was missing at home.

The main reasons why headphones do not connect via Bluetooth

Most often, it is not possible to properly connect Bluetooth headphones to the phone for those users who have previously connected several more wireless devices to their smartphone. In this case, the connection occurs with errors and delays, since it will be difficult for the system to understand the order of connections and data transmission channels. In such situations, third-party utilities, for example, Bluetooth Pair or Bluetooth Scanner, will come to the rescue. They will help to organize connections and unload the smartphone system.

There may also be a problem with the synchronization of the right and left element. If only one of them turns on, put both headphones in the case and wait until they turn off. Then remove them again and repeat the activation procedure.

How to connect wireless earbuds to Samsung phone via Bluetooth

Wireless gadgets are increasingly taking root in our lives. It’s really so convenient: hands-free and no tangled cables! Today we’ll talk about how to connect wireless headphones to a Samsung phone via Bluetooth to make communication and listening to music even more comfortable and easier.

Connecting wireless headphones to Samsung

The very procedure for syncing Galaxy Buds with a mobile device is very simple. To get started, you just need to press the power button on the device and activate the Bluetooth module on your phone. This can be done in the device settings, in the “Connected” section or by swiping the menu curtain on the desktop and clicking on the service icon.

How To Find Your Lost/Stolen Gadgets??? GIVEAWAY Ft. SmartThings Find������

Next, you need to open the Bluetooth settings, for this, hold the blue icon for a few seconds.

At this stage, a problem with device synchronization can often arise. they simply will not appear in the list of active ones. Make sure the device is turned on, click “Search for active devices” on your smartphone. The phone will update the search results to show your Galaxy Buds. Click on them. the devices will automatically sync.

Connect headset with one button phone

Most wireless devices, in order to save space, have only one power button on the case and a color indicator to track the mode (work, charging, contact with the phone).

To turn on such headphones, just press the power. The indicator will light up in active color (usually red).

To start synchronization with a smartphone, hold down the power on for a few seconds. Then:

  • Open the options and find the Bluetooth section.
  • Activate the technology and run a search. All active and previously connected devices will appear.
  • In the search results, find a device with Buds or Pods in the name and tap on it. Once connected, sound will automatically start spreading through them. To turn them off, just press a key on them or deactivate Bluetooth.

Resetting Bluetooth Headphones in Samsung Smartphone

If an error occurs at the time the headphones are connected to the phone, they are connected separately and do not sync with each other. By the way, since the right and left elements can work separately and connect to separate smartphones. In order for both devices to connect normally, it is sometimes necessary to reset the connection settings. For this:

  • Insert both cells into the charging case and remove them again.
  • Hold the power button for a few seconds to reset the connection.
  • Insert the devices into your ears and wait for the beep indicating the connection.

Wireless technology really makes our lives easier and better. Their skillful use will allow you to enjoy music and communication without interrupting your main activity. All devices of the new generation are provided with a simple and user-friendly control system, so connecting them is always simple and quick.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Samsung

Recently, users are increasingly opting for a wireless headset. Wired is a lot of hassle. In the. the wires are constantly confused. And instead of enjoying the music, we have to untangle this tangle for a long time. This article will show you how to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to your Samsung smartphone.

Resetting Bluetooth Headphones in Samsung Smartphone

Sometimes the Bluetooth headphones are connected separately. Since they are essentially two separate devices. And they can work on two Samsung smartphones at the same time. If you connect them to the same phone, they will not be identified as one, but as two different devices. They may even not work properly. In this case, resetting the settings will help. Let’s see how to do it.

  • If your headphones have a charging case, take them out;
  • Also, if each earbud has a power button, hold them down simultaneously for up to 20-30 seconds;

Almost all Bluetooth devices in the kit have Russian-language instructions. If something is not clear to you, you can get the necessary information from it. In general, the process of connecting wireless headphones of any company and for any mobile phone is standard.

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Way to connect wireless earbuds to Samsung

As many people know, Bluetooth technology develops over time and new versions are released. Even if your phone has, for example, Bluetooth 2.0, and the headphones support version 3.0, you can still use them. Since the versions of the technology are backward compatible. The process of connecting the headset to a smartphone begins with turning on the device itself.

Find the power button on them and activate it.

    You need to enable Bluetooth on Samsung. This can be done in the settings or in the quick access menu. lower the curtain and select the button with the Bluetooth logo;

Select a headphone model from the list to connect.

This headset protection is used in many models. It is necessary in case there are other smartphones with activated Bluetooth technology nearby. Often this procedure is necessary when you first connect to Samsung. You can try to find headphones directly through the search.

Connect Bluetooth headsets with one button

Most wireless headphones or headsets have only one power button on the body or on an additional remote control. Often they are equipped with an indicator that shows the modes in which the device is currently located.

Let’s consider the process of connecting headphones with Bluetooth technology to a Samsung phone using an example:

    To turn them on, press the power button. The indicator should turn red;

After selecting your headphones from the list, you can start using them immediately. To configure them in your Samsung phone, you need to click on the gear icon in the list of connected devices.

Why won’t the Bluetooth device connect?

Most often, problems with connecting a Bluetooth headset to a phone are encountered by users whose smartphone connects a large number of devices. Because of this, first of all, there is a considerable delay in connection. Since the standard application creates its own little-understandable scheme for us, according to which several devices are connected.

In this case, we recommend using third-party connection manager utilities. For example, Bluetooth Pair or Bluetooth Scanner. And connect wireless Bluetooth headphones with a Samsung smartphone using them.

How to connect headphones to a Samsung phone

In the modern world, more and more people are faced with the need to listen to their favorite music, watch films and interesting videos in public places, on the way to work or study. Therefore, even small-sized speakers are out of the question. they will be drowned out by surrounding sounds and interfere with people nearby. A personal headset for playing sounds. headphones. will help in this matter. They will allow you to immerse yourself in your favorite playlist, movie or video without violating the personal space of others.

Everyone is used to the fact that the headset successfully connects to a player or smartphone, but what about the tablet? Samsung headphones are connected to this gadget in the same way as all other devices. There are wired and wireless models of devices for listening to sounds. Depending on the modification, the connection technology differs significantly.

What should be in the tablet for this?

  • Headphone jack. The wired headset is plugged into it using an appropriately sized plug. If they do not match, you can use special adapters. They will need to be inserted first.
  • Bluetooth. Radio data technology will allow you to connect a gadget to the tablet, unencumbered by wires, using simple settings.

How to connect an audio device to iPhone?

The principle of operation of Bluetooth on mobile devices based on the iOS system is not much different from those on Android. To ensure stable communication between iPhone and external audio device, they must be positioned in front of each other. Let’s take a look at the example of connected Bluetooth speakers.

  • Activate the pairing mode on the speakers (there must be a special button on the back of the case).
  • Go to the home page of your iPhone, launch the settings menu and select the “Bluetooth” option located at the very top of the page.
  • Activate Bluetooth by moving the slider to the active position.
  • Go to “Devices”, which will open several Bluetooth hotspots that fall within the range of your phone’s Bluetooth chip. You can connect to each of them. Since in our case we are talking about speakers, then we must also look for the name of the model or manufacturer of the speaker.
  • Click on the selected connection. The authentication process will begin, which will take a couple of minutes. Sometimes the phone does not recognize the device, even if it is physically in front of you, turned on and ready to be paired. In this case, you can restart the phone, or simply turn off and then turn Bluetooth on to refresh the list of connections.

How to connect an audio device to an Android smartphone?

In order not to get confused in definitions and to dot all the “i” s, let’s classify the connection methods, which are different everywhere. Actually, there are only two functionally different methods of connecting any external device to Android OC:

    Remote connection method using Bluetooth technology. Pairing a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, or laptop with a Bluetooth speaker, headset, audio interface, or other similar device takes no more than two minutes, and most importantly, this function is standard for any Android device. So because of its versatility and lack of cables and wires, this method is so convenient. The main disadvantage of the method is its energy consumption.

Sometimes the manufacturers of audio devices introduce alternative methods of connecting or receiving sound. For example, a Wi-Fi connection can be used to synchronize a smartphone with a device, or to transmit sound. But let’s take a look at all the existing methods of “communication” between gadgets.

How to connect headphones via Bluetooth

The procedure for connecting wireless headphones to a smartphone is very simple. It needs to be done only once: then when devices appear in the coverage area of ​​the “blue-tooth” connection, they will be connected automatically. So how to connect to wireless headphones from your phone?

  • Turn on the headphones and Bluetooth module on your smartphone.
  • Go to the phone menu, find the Bluetooth tab, enter it.
  • You will see a list of devices that are within range of the signal. Find the name of the model of your headphones in this list: most often the manufacturer gives its gadgets just such a name.
  • Click on the device name. the smartphone will try to establish a connection with it. After that, it will most likely ask for a password (pairing code).
  • The most popular factory password is 0000. But the headphone manufacturer may provide another one: in this case, find it in the user manual.
  • After entering the correct pairing code, the devices will connect via Bluetooth. If the earbuds have an indicator light, it will light up or start flashing.

Some headphones come with a charging case. Sometimes the cases indicate a specific place where you need to put your smartphone. Alternatively, take out the “ears” and carry out the standard procedure.

General rules for opening the casing of different types of headphones (and a warning)

Broken headphones, where one speaker is out of order or a cable is damaged near it, can be repaired. To assess the situation and possible repairs, you need to open the headphones. On the one hand, they can be repaired. But without the appropriate experience, knowledge, sleight of hand and due to inaccuracy, the latch mechanism on the plugs or inserts easily breaks, cables break, solder points are disturbed. As a result of working with a metal tool, scratches and dents remain on the plastic case.

We will consider the basic rules and give general recommendations for disassembling headphones: on-ear, earbuds, vacuum, in-ear.

No special tools are needed to open the headphones. For most models, a Phillips screwdriver of the appropriate size and profile is enough, a thin sharp object like a spatula for parsing a phone (Aliexpress costs a couple of tens of rubles), a blade from a clerical knife, scalpel.

Disassembling wired headphones

On the market there is a variety of headphones with different designs for computers and smartphones. Some are made non-separable. on glue, the second. on latches, the third. on screws or bolts with nuts. It’s not easy to deal with all of them, but we will try to cover each model.

Fullsize and overhead

Overhead and full-size. play, music lover and studio models. Much depends on the design, but the principle is the only one. For repair and diagnostics, start with the speaker to which the cables lead.

  • Remove the ear cushion with gentle movements of your hand to avoid damaging anything.
  • Use a spatula to suspend the cover. If it is not dismantled the first time, in several places, but do not overdo it. It is fastened according to the thorn-groove principle, and to remove it, apply force, but within reason.
  • After a characteristic click, slowly move the element with your hand. the speaker is attached to it.

To that, thin cables are soldered. a sharp movement or tension. they will come off at the soldering point or break.

After repair or diagnostics with a positive result, the headset is assembled in the reverse order.

The video below shows in detail how to disassemble and repair wired full-size headphones.

How to disassemble headphones correctly: wireless and wired

Standard Chinese headphones are a pair of wires with two speakers on one end and a plug on the other. The headsets have a microphone with a control panel, which contains buttons for switching tracks, receiving calls and a volume rocker. It takes a couple of minutes to disassemble the headphones for repair, upgrade or clean them, neat and precise hand movements, the simplest tools.

How to properly disassemble a wireless Bluetooth headset

Disassembly of wireless headphones for a smartphone connected via Bluetooth, consider the example of Airpods.

As with earbuds, use a scalpel or a construction knife to separate the cover from the base of the case. See the contents: board, speaker, transceiver.

In contrast, the lid is fastened with snaps without the use of glue or soldering.

Then you can remove the battery by unsoldering the cables from the power contact.

How to connect Galaxy Buds to iOS devices

If you want to disconnect Galaxy Buds from iOS devices, then open the menu “Settings”. “Bluetooth” and find the headphones in the list. Click on them to pair.

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How to connect Galaxy Buds to Windows 10 devices

You can pair the Galaxy Buds with a Windows 10 PC. First, open the Start menu and search for “Bluetooth” in the search bar. After entering the settings of the wireless interface, proceed to the list of available devices, where you already can select Galaxy Buds.

How to connect Galaxy Buds to Android devices

Thankfully, the Galaxy Buds work with other Android devices as well, although the pairing process may differ depending on the model. For example, on Google Pixel smartphones, you will need to enter the notification and quick access menu (by swiping down from the top of the screen). Here you will need to hold down the button on the Bluetooth button. You will see a list of devices in which you should select Galaxy Buds and pair with them. It is also possible to pair from the general settings menu.

How to pair Galaxy Buds with any of your gadgets

To date, almost all manufacturers of headphones for mobile phones have presented their versions of the “killer” Airpods. However, one of the most successful (or at least the most famous) is Galaxy Buds from the South Korean company Samsung. At the same time, these small “ears” can work perfectly not only with “native” devices from the Galaxy series, but with any other gadgets. And today we’ll show you how to pair the Galaxy Buds with any of your devices.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the most popular device pairing options. It makes no sense to disassemble each specific model of smartphones running Android, however, the general principles of connecting to gadgets running OS from Google will still be affected. And one more important point: if you plan to use Galaxy Buds with multiple devices, be sure to disconnect them from one gadget before trying to connect them to another.

How to connect Galaxy Buds to Samsung smartphone

Pairing the Galaxy Buds with a Samsung Galaxy device is a relatively quick and easy process. All you have to do is turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and open the protective case. Your device will automatically detect them, and a pop-up message on the smartphone screen will let you plug in the headphones immediately.

If this suddenly did not happen, then go to the settings menu, find the “Bluetooth” item there and find the headphones in the list of devices, then create a pair.

Setting up headphones using the Samsung Wear app

Once the headphones have been connected, your phone’s Samsung Wear app acts as a “control center”. Here you can find out the battery life of the Galaxy Buds and use the Find My Earbuds feature. You can also control equalizer, notifications, touchpad and other options.

How to connect Galaxy Buds to MacOS devices

Pairing the Galaxy Buds with Apple computers is also pretty easy. Open System Preferences and go to Bluetooth settings. When you see the Galaxy Buds appear in the list of available gadgets, click the Connect button.

How to locate misplaced Galaxy Buds | find your missing Samsung earbuds

What kind of headphones do you use? Tell us about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and in our chat on Telegram.

Popular models

Wireless and wired headphones are on the market in a very wide range. But they have to be matched to Samsung TVs in a practical way. there is no official list of supported devices. Consider models and brands that can be recommended for joint use.

  • Sennheiser RS. The German company offers fully covering ear accessories with high clarity performance. Samsung can wirelessly connect 110, 130, 165, 170, 175 and 180 models. The brand’s products have a high price tag, but these headphones are well worth it. Among the obvious advantages are long battery retention, ergonomic design, precise assembly and reliable components.
  • JBL E55BT. These are quality wireless earbuds. The model has a stylish design, weighs 230 g, provides a comfortable fit even after prolonged use. The presented headphones have 4 color options, they are able to work autonomously for 20 hours without loss of sound quality. Possibility of cable connection to a sound source, ear pads are foldable.
  • Sony MDR-ZX330 BT. A company from Japan produces pretty good compact speakers. The comfortable shape of the ear cushions does not put pressure on the head while listening to music or watching movies, the holder is adjustable to fit the head. The disadvantages of this particular model can be attributed only to the inconvenient scheme for pairing the device with the TV. Battery life up to 30 hours of continuous use with Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT. Headphones with smooth, high quality and clear sound. This is a good solution for watching TV without being tied to wires. In addition to standard modules, this model has NFC for wireless connection with speakers and AptX. a high-definition codec. The earbuds also support cable connectivity, and the built-in battery lasts for 25 hours.
  • Philips SHP2500. Wired headphones from an affordable price range. The cable length is 6 m, the headphones have a closed type of construction, a good build quality can be noted.

The sound is not as clear as in the flagship models of competitors, but it is enough for home use.

Wire connection

Wired connection methods are also quite varied. The jack where you can connect the cable should be found on the back panel. it is marked with an icon representing the headphones. The input is standard, 3.5 mm in diameter. To make the headphones work, you just need to insert their plug into the jack.

It is worth considering that when using wired headphones, you may be faced with the need to constantly connect and disconnect the wire. If the TV is standing close to a wall or suspended on a bracket, this will be extremely inconvenient, and sometimes even completely out of the question. The problem is solved by purchasing a special digital-to-analog converter. It will allow you to transfer the sound from the built-in TV speakers to external speakers or headphones. The converter has 2 outputs for connecting audio accessories. To activate its operation, it will be enough to select the output to an external receiver in the Samsung menu.

Via built-in bluetooth

This is a fairly simple solution that works on most Samsung Smart TV series. You need to act like this:

  • charge the headphones and turn them on;
  • enter the TV menu;
  • select “Sound”, then “Speaker settings” and start the search for headphones;
  • select the desired Bluetooth device from the list, establish pairing with it.

Only 1 headphone can be connected in this way. When viewing in pairs, the second set will have to be connected via a wire. In series H, J, K, M and later, you can connect headphones through the engineering menu. To do this, you first have to manually activate Bluetooth on the TV. This cannot be done in the menu.

Via Wi-Fi

This method only works if the TV has an appropriate wireless module. Among the advantages of this choice is the ability to connect several headphones at once while watching one movie. Both devices for broadcasting the signal must be connected to the same common network. The connection quality and reception range will be good in this case. But headphones of this type are much more expensive, and they are not compatible with all TV models.

The connection principle is the same as for other wireless devices. It is necessary to activate the gadget through the “Speaker Settings” menu item. After starting auto search, the headphones and the TV will detect each other, synchronizing the work. A sign that everything went well will be the appearance of sound in the headphones.

Which to choose?

You can choose headphones for your Samsung TV using a simple algorithm.

Wireless and wired headphones are also quite different in terms of design. The simplest are plug-in, inserts or “drops” that allow you to go about your business without leaving the TV. Overheads are more convenient for thoughtful viewing of programs and films. Such models have the form of an arc with flat round or oval overlays on the sides.

The highest quality in terms of sound and isolation from external noise. covering, they completely cover the ear.

When choosing headphones for watching terrestrial television, cable channels or high-definition movies, you need to pay attention to the characteristics that directly affect their usability and sound quality. Let’s list them.

  • Length of cable. In a wired connection, it plays a decisive role. The best option would be for 6-7 m, which allows you not to limit the user in choosing a seat. The best cables have a removable design, elastic strong braid.
  • The type of wireless connection. If you decide to buy wireless headphones, you should pay attention to models with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal. They have a large enough radius for free movement around the room, high resistance to interference. Infrared or RF wireless models are not compatible with Samsung TV.
  • Construction type. The best solution for television viewing will be completely closed or semi-closed options. They will allow you to provide surround sound, while preventing interference in the form of external noise. Among wired headphones, it is worth choosing those that have a one-sided design type.
  • Power. It must be selected taking into account the capabilities of the sound signal supplied by the TV. The maximum indicators are usually indicated in the technical documentation.
  • Headphone sensitivity. The choice of the maximum volume level available for adjustment depends on it. The higher this indicator, the more intense the sound effects will be transmitted.

Sensitive headphones help you immerse yourself in what is happening on the screen when watching a blockbuster or while playing.