How to find out the password of the connected WI-FI on the iPhone

The iOS platform is “tailored” to work only with Apple devices, ensuring the protection of stored information. Let’s figure out where to see the Wi-Fi password on iOS, although it’s not that easy to do. The wireless access code is saved in two ways, in special utilities. password managers or in the integrated “Keychain” (iCloud Keychain). However, there is only one legal way to view iPhone Wi-Fi password: using smartphone-laptop pairing. Prerequisite: The smartphone must be connected to the network, from which the password is required, at least once.

Activating “Keychain”

First, activate the “Keyring” option, which will synchronize the security codes of all paired devices. This is convenient, as the system automatically fills in the user accounts (passwords, bank cards numbers, selected social networks pages).

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  • Let’s start with the update of the operating system to the latest version available. Copy information from your computer to iCloud. Download the OS from the Mac App Store. After downloading, double-click on the “Setup” button.
  • Open “System Preferences” and find the iCloud badge. Tick the “checkbox.”.
  • The next step is to enter the security code for iCloud. The first time you set up the option, this action is mandatory. The program will offer two options to create code: use your own code or get random code created by the device.
  • Choose how you want to do it and press “Next.
  • A window will appear asking for confirmation of the keychain from another device. Click “Request”. Since the instructions involve first setting up the iCloud Keychain, click “Reset keychain”.

This completes the activation of the keychain. The user got a “vicious circle”. each new device must be added to the bundle using the Apple ID.

Wi-Fi password in “Keychain”

Now let’s figure out how to find out Wi-Fi password in iOS (on iPhone or iPad). just add the device to the binder, and the password will be saved automatically. The key can also be found in “Utilities”, which will be discussed next.

Next, let’s talk about how to see the Wi-Fi password on your iPhone. The thing is that viewing the network keys was only possible on smartphones with iOS 7 operating system. However, the iPhone runs on the next platform. iOS 8, where you can view only passwords to web pages and accounts, so you can only view Wi-Fi network passwords from your MacBook.

  • Open the “Utilities” section, look for the “Keychain” app.
  • It will open a page with ever used codes, including dates and times of creation.
  • Go to “iCloud,” “Type” section.
  • The wireless network key is stored under the name “AirPort Network Password”, look for a line with this name.
  • When you find the desired network in the list, right-click and select “Properties”. To see the coveted key, enter the full network name manually and check the “Show password” checkbox.

How to view or find out Wi-Fi password on your iPhone

Often in the process of using a mobile device there is a need to connect to the Internet through a wireless connection. If you are away from home and you need to access to the World Wide Web, the owner of the WI-FI can not know the secret symbols, and specify it yourself in the settings of your smartphone. When it becomes necessary to connect any other device to the encrypted channel, it will again be impossible to do without third-party assistance. There are also other moments in life. For example, a person forgets a key he has invented. Then a logical question arises in his/her mind, how to view iPhone Wi-Fi password?

How to see the password from Wi-Fi on the iPhone

When connecting to Wi-Fi, one has to enter the password on the iPhone only once. Further the smartphone will remember this Wi-Fi network and will connect to it automatically in the future.

Apple has placed some restrictions on viewing previously saved passwords in iOS. But bans exist to get around them. There is a file stored in the gadget’s operating system, which indicates the information about the password, as well as when and what time it was entered.

There are several ways in which you can find out your Wi-Fi password.

How to view Wi-Fi network password on iPhone

Users sometimes have trouble remembering a passphrase from a device. For example, this occurs when entering WI-FI credentials and they are not correct. You can fix it by looking up the WI-FI network password on your iPhone.

Using another device (iMac, MacBook)

On the phone itself, you cannot view access keys from networks you once connected to (this can only be done on very old phone models: 4, 5, 5s). But you can access passwords through your MacOS computer (for example, MacBook or iMac). This method is quite simple. The main thing is to authorize your account on both devices and configure the iCloud Keychain utility. In order to synchronize the computer and the mobile device, you must connect them to each other. Detailed instructions on how to find out Wi-Fi password on your iPhone: 1. Launch Keychain utility on your computer. 2. In the submenu on the left we select the “iCloud” line. 3. The password list that opens should be sorted by type (Internet password, AirPort network password, program password, etc.). д.). 4. Under the “AirPort network password” type there are the access keys to the wireless networks that the device has connected to and memorized. Click on the line with the name we want to open the properties. 5. In the window that appears, the password is on the last line. To display it, you will need to tick the appropriate checkbox. The password can be copied and transferred to the desired device. This way allows you to see the correct combinations on your iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices.

To implement this method, you do not need to download third-party applications or perform a number of complex operations. However, you will need to be initially connected to the Wi-fi network.

First, you need to know the IP address of the router, in order to go to its settings and find out the Wi-fi password. There are two ways to do this: Turn the router over and find the link to the settings website, login information, model, etc. on the sticky label.д. You need to bring your iPhone/iPad with Wi-fi connected. 1) Open “Settings” → “Wi-Fi” 2) View the connection information 3) Copy the IP address of the router

Then you need to open Safari or any other browser, type the copied IP (Link) into the address bar and hit “Enter”.

If everything is done correctly, you will see the login page. Enter login and password (by standard admin/admin). In cases when login and password do not fit, use Google or any other search engine to find out the standard logon information for your particular router model.

After that, all you have to do is find the password (in our case, it was “Wireless Mode” → “Wireless Security” → “Wireless Password”).

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How to View WiFi Passwords on iPhone/iPad. How To Show WiFi Key or Password on your iPhone 2020!

CHALLENGE: To connect your Mac to the wireless network to which your iPhone was previously connected.

SOLUTION: All the user needs to worry about is setting up Keychain. Detailed instructions on setting up this function you will find in the corresponding material.

Keychain (iCloud Keychain) allows to store actual user names, passwords to accounts, card data and information about previously connected wireless networks.

If your smartphone has already connected to this wireless network, a Mac running under the same Apple account as your iPhone will automatically get the password from the keychain.

Note: To synchronize passwords in the Keychain the laptop must first be connected to the network to download the new data. This can be done either by connecting your smartphone to Internet (by turning on modem mode), or by connecting it to Mac (Internet on the smartphone must work).

Wi-Fi password transfer with iPhone for Apple iOS 11 and 12 new versions

Apple has added quite a few small innovations to iOS 11 and 12. One of them is the ability to share Wi-Fi password. On the one hand, the Share Your Wi-Fi feature can be considered a bit odd, as why give away personal data, but sometimes there are times when several people use the same account, then this feature is necessary. How to request a wifi password on iPhone? Sends passwords using AirDrop to any Apple gadget that’s nearby. It is not necessary to send the data as a text message, it is displayed immediately in the iCloud Keychain of the smartphone.

A way to find out keychains

Keychain, or keychain, refers to a feature capable of transferring stored identifiers in encrypted form to all Apple devices linked together.

To perform the task requires the use of a common account for all equipment. The system stores all the important information on its own:

If the smartphone was previously connected to the network, then there’s almost nothing you need to do to connect it to the Mac. It is enough to specify that the laptop is connected to the Internet via wire or hotspot. After the synchronization, the hardware will automatically receive information about the network name and the encryption for logging in via the cloud storage.

To learn your iPhone Wi-Fi password? In this case, the step-by-step algorithm is performed:

  • On a personal computer or laptop you need to open the “utilities” block.
  • Find the “keychain” app there.
  • Start it up.
  • Find the Cloud tab in the panel on the left side.
  • Sort the content by type on the right side by clicking on the list of available data.
  • After finding the section “AirPort network password”, you should click on its shortcut.
  • The message “show ID” will appear on the display.