How to find out the password from Wi-Fi on Samsung

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Forgot wifi Password Android 2021

How to see the Wi-Fi password on Android, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei and Honor

If you have a new device and you want to connect it to the Wi-Fi network, but have forgotten the password from it, do not be discouraged-you can always recognize it using a computer, smartphone or tablet. This article will talk about how to see the Wi-Fi password on Android.

Thanks to this instruction, you will not learn how to break Wi-Fi. It tells how to find out the password from the network, to which they have already been connected earlier. This is done in three universal ways: through the settings of the router, using a file manager or a special application. In addition, this leadership discusses a separate solution for smartphones that work on pure Android 10 and possible options for modern models Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei and Honor.

Password obtaining Android

You can quickly find out the password from Wi-Fay using the functions of the same gadget operating on the basis of Android. To do this, you need to perform such an algorithm of actions:

  • Open the “Settings” folder.
  • Go to the “Wireless Networks” section and click on the Wi-Fi design button.
  • Open the “modem mode” and select “Wi-Fi access point”.
  • Click on the “Access point settings” button.

After that, a window will appear in which passwords will be displayed to each of the available access points of the wireless network. However, they will be closed, marked with points or other signs.

At the end of the line with the cipher of the desired TD there will be the icon “Eye”. By pressing it, the user can see the code of interest to him, and enter it in the corresponding column in his phone.

On a note. Such simple actions to determine the password can be performed not only on the phone. They are also relevant for tablets and other devices functioning on Android.

How to share a connected password via a QR code?

On smartphones with Android 10 or more modern versions of the operating system on board you can show a QR code with a password that will be used to connect another device:

  • Tap the name of your network.
  • Scan the displayed QR code using a second device that needs to be connected to a wireless network.
find, password, wi-fi, samsung

Understand that this option is available on your device, by the inscription “Click to share the network”, which will be displayed under the name of the current connection. If it is not, you will have to use another option to view the password.

We share passwords from Wi-Fi

If you need to e of these passwords with another device, you have several options. Firstly, you can just slip on any entry in the list and then a small menu will appear. This allows you to use the “share” built.In Android menu to send either only password or the entire record. There is also the opportunity to share the record through the QR code, but for this it is necessary to install an additional application.

If for some reason you want to save this whole list, click the menu button with a three points icon on the navigation panel from below. From here, select Export (export) to create a text file with all this information.

From here you can use the “share” standard for the Android menu to send this file to another device or just press “To SD” if you want to save a copy of this text file in the memory of your device. Well, of course, if your list is not too long, you can always make an ordinary screenshot and share it in the same way.

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ES File Explorer

For security reasons, this file manager is no longer available in the Google Play store. Therefore, it is necessary to download the application from a third.Party application store. Its advantage is that to obtain access to the root folder, it does not require a Root-right.

  • Download and install the application on the Android phone and open it.
  • Turn on the option “Root Explorer”.
  • Go to the root folder and find “Data”.
  • In the “Data” section is the “MISC” folder, which needs to be opened.
  • The Wi-Fi folder has a WPA_SUPPLICANT document.Conf. Just open it through a notebook.
  • Here are all your SSID (network name) with PSK (password).

Method for Android 10 and above

If you are the owner of 10 Android versions and above, you are lucky. You can find out the password from any network to which you have already connected. Right in the settings.

  • In the window that opens, we scroll through the list of available networks to the very bottom and go to the “Saved Networks” section (the names of sections on different devices are different, but the essence is the same)
  • Choose the desired network
  • Next to “share”. After that, several authentication options will be proposed (through scanning of the face, fingerprint and PIN code), select any.

How to look at the password from the wi-fi connected to Android?

For example, you have already connected the Samsung device to a wireless network, but you do not remember the protective key from it, and you cannot connect another device with it. In this case, on Google Play, download software wi-fi key recovery. I note right away that without Root right to use this utility will not work. So, if you have them, then the application will quickly find the file “WPA_SUPPLICANT.Conf “. Analysis will be carried out and infa about the requested password will be formed.

In order to see someone else’s protective combination from the Wi-Fi connection, you can try to choose a combination through the introduction of letters and numbers. Most owners of routers use simple combinations, moreover, they sometimes do not even change the factory parameters. In addition, programs have been created for Android that greatly simplify this task.

How to Connect Wifi Without Password Easy & Fast

View safety key to iPhone is also possible using special software for hacking. There are no other options. We will talk about these products below.

Conclusions of the article

If the user needs to find out a Wi-Fi password on a mobile device that works Android, use several ways for this. In one case, you can see the password from Wi Faya from the router settings. Two other methods require Root rights on a mobile device.

In the first method, the user will independently open a system configuration file, and the second method will work using a specialized application, which will automatically show the data of the network connection by Wi-Fi.