How to Find Out the Memory Capacity of Iphone 4

What is the memory in the iPhone. look in the iOS settings

When buying iPhone phones, a potential user is interested in the main technical characteristics, one of these parameters is the device’s memory. The permanent memory of the iPhone is used to store your files, its size affects how much music,, applications, etc. will fit in the phone. Measured so far in Gigabytes (Gb).

Today I will show you places where you can see the amount of memory of almost any model of Apple iPhone. The post will be useful to buyers of new or used (used) phones. You will also find out how much memory is occupied, what it is occupied with and how much space is left for recording.

How much memory is in the iPhone. box

IPhone memory is indicated on the box. 32Gb and 16Gb

You read about physical memory, but many are also interested in the amount of RAM that you can find out about here. How much RAM is on the iPhone.

Free and busy memory. iOS firmware

How to Find Out the Memory Capacity of Iphone 4

If the iPhone is activated and the first power-up is completed, then go to the application:

  • Settings. Basic. About this device. Memory Capacity and Available

Here you will see the total memory capacity and available (free for recording). In the latest firmware, the iPhone Storage section has appeared, it is here:

  • Settings. Basic. iPhone Storage

The storage displays not only the total and used memory, here, you can see what the iPhone’s memory is, and below, which application takes up space. In this section, you can immediately free up memory by cleaning up unnecessary programs with deletion.

You can completely erase the iPhone’s memory using a full reset, or simply delete applications that you can do without.

Watching iPhone memory in iTunes

You can see the amount of iPhone memory in iTunes

Another way to find out how much shared memory is possible using the iTunes computer program:

  1. We connect our iPhone to the computer using the supplied cable, if the cable is not native, then preferably certified
  2. Run iTunes on the computer
  3. In the program, click the iPhone icon. Overview. look at the memory capacity of the iPhone

In the case of iTunes, you have to round, for example, if it shows 29.8 GB, then this is a model with 32 GB of memory. Using these methods, you can see how much memory is in the iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and in other models. And also on iPod Touch and iPad tablets.