How to find out how much traffic is left on the tablet

What is traffic on the Internet, mobile phone for dummies?

Hello! Today we’ll talk about such an important moment for any Internet user. This is the concept of traffic and its use.

Understanding this issue needs everyone, since not only the time of publication on the network depends on this, but also the volume of both viewed and downloaded information.

The volume of downloaded information is especially important here, because if you do not know or represent your traffic, it may turn out that during downloading you will exceed your limit and, as a result, will be left without communication.

Here’s what traffic is and how to save it and talk.

How to check how much traffic is left on MTS?

Checking the balance of traffic on MTS, account balance and condition of the options can be made through a personal account. If you have not yet registered in the “Internet assistant”, then it is best to do it right now. Having entered it, at the bottom of the “My Account” tab, there is a “Residual Packages” item. The current remaining Internet limit is displayed here.

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On mobile devices. Phones and tablets, you can control the balance of Internet traffic through the MTS Service application. It is available for all platforms. Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and others. You can download it on the official website of MTS.

You can also find out the remainder through the USSD team. They can be sent from almost any mobile tablet or phone, but for different tariffs and Internet options of the team are different.

How to look at the remainder of the traffic on 3g/4G USB modem?

Some of the above ways to determine the remainder of the Internet are suitable for USB modems Beeline, however, besides them, the statistics can also be viewed through the USB modem itself:

find, much, traffic, left, tablet

Go to the modem management menu to the statistics section. It will show how much megabyt has received from the moment the Internet package is connected. Subtract this number from the volume tariff. The resulting figure will be your remaining traffic. However, of course, the easiest way to send from the modem menu, as from the phone, the command 102# call. The answer will also come in the form of SMS messages.

Be in the know how much the Internet is available to you. This will allow you not to guess when the Internet is disconnected, and more rationally use the affordable traffic.

Contacting the office in order to find out the remaining volume of Internet traffic

If you are not difficult to take a passport and come to the nearest Megafon salon, any of the free employees will listen to your request and help you find out how much money is in the account, what volume of the megabyte package you used to and other information that you want to clarify.

Employees of the support service by number 0500 answer subscribers to any questions of interest. For the call, the operator does not charge money. The autoinformer will respond, which will report on the status of the balance, connected services, etc.P. To control the answering machine, the user needs to follow his instructions, t.E. Press the desired numbers and listen to information.

For a personal conversation with a specialist, click zero and wait for the connection. If all employees of the reference center are busy, the wait may drag on. Passport data will be asked from you. Having made sure that the starting package is issued in your name, you will be given a detailed consultation. From the SIM card of another operator, you should dial 8 800 550-05-00. And in roaming-7 926 111-05-00.

It is better to make a bell for a long number, t.To. Then you contact a specialist faster. There will be no voice commands, greetings of the autoinformer. Just after a couple of seconds, click per unit, and after a while again dial “1”.

Traffic on tablets and modems

You can check the residues on the tablet in all the above methods, but the most convenient is the input of USSD combination: 217#.

You can check the traffic on the modem in two ways:

  • For new equipment. Open the Connect Manager program, which is automatically installed on a computer when connecting a modem. Find in this program the section “Set of USSD command” and enter any combination specified in the sections above.
  • For old equipment. On old.Style modems, most often there is no special program that allows you to send commands. Therefore, in this case, you need to get a SIM card from the modem and install it on your mobile phone, then you can do any manipulation according to the above instructions: sending the team, sending SMS, call to the help center, entrance to your personal account or mobile application.

If you still have questions related to checking package residues, you can contact any MTS office and consult your employees.

How to find out traffic on “Tele2” via USSD service?

The previously described two methods of obtaining information are certainly most conveniently. However, they have one significant minus: in both cases, it is necessary to have a connection to the Internet, which is possible not always. In such a situation, a set of short service team will be an excellent solution.

find, much, traffic, left, tablet

Before bringing it, one nuance should be clarified: the procedure for checking the traffic according to the tariff plan is slightly different from the sequence of actions that is used to clarify the data of the connected option. Thus, before finding out how much traffic remains on Tele2, you should clarify which traffic needs to be checked: according to the tariff plan or an additional package. Request 107#to find out your TP, and find out whether there are Internet options on the number, you can use a combination of 153#.

Then you need to dial one of the following commands, which begins with characters 155:

  • For TP “Black” and other tariffs included in this line. 1550#;
  • For additional Internet options: “Suitcase”. 155021#, “portfolio”. 15520#, “Internet package”. 15519#, “Day on the Web”. 15516#, “Internet from the phone”. 15515#.

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The owners of the Black TP, on whose numbers tariffs with the volume of services are connected, can also be limited only to the command of the balance of the status. 105#. With its help, you can not only find out how much money is in the account, but also get information about traffic in text report. In addition to the numbers. The balance of megabytes or gigabyte, the message contains information about when a new traffic volume is added and, accordingly, the subscription fee is written off.

We remind you that even if all megabytes included in the monthly payment were not able to spend until the end of the current billing period, then do not worry, because traffic will remain until the end of the next billing period.

How to see how much the Internet is left on the tablet

By clicking on the number, the user will see the details.

Another way is to remove the SIM card from the tablet and put it on the phone so that the USSD team works.

Traffic Monitor counter

The “Traffic Monitor” application is a convenient application on Android, which will help to determine which application consumes more traffic and which less. Less. Data is taken into account when using mobile Internet and Wi-Fi. At the first launch of the utility, you can set a limit for the use of traffic per month, week, 3 days or a day. If unlimited Internet is used, you do not need to establish a restriction.

The section “Total” shows the total statistics of traffic consumption, taking into account the established limits. The “App” section displays more detailed statistics: traffic consumption by applications.

Each program has a traffic counter. If you click on the program in the list? A new window with detailed information about the utility will open: statistics of outgoing and incoming traffic. Mobile data consumption can be sorted by time: today, yesterday, 3 days, week, month.

Home “f.A.Q. »How to set the Internet traffic limit on Android F.A.Q.

To do this, you need to take a few simple steps:

  • Now on the graph it remains to set the Internet traffic limit, the one you need. The orange fishing line for the trimmer is responsible for the warning, and the red. For the turning off the Internet when the established limit is reached.

This method allows you to set the Internet traffic limit for a whole month. If you need a daily limit, then you will need to change the date of the beginning of the statistics period every day, and the very value of the limit is set as you need for one day. Yes, do not forget to configure the Internet traffic limit according to the tariffs of your operator.

Example 1. Your Internet provider provides you with 5 GB of Internet traffic for a month. Everything is simple here, we go to the settings, put the jackdaw “set the limit” and set the desired Internet traffic limit on the graphics.

Example 2. Let’s offer your mobile operator gives you 50 mb per day. We put a checkmark opposite “set the limit”, set the desired limit for the day (first we set a warning, and then the value of the limit), and then set the date of the statistics period for the day that is needed. Do not forget every day to translate the start date of the statistics period.

But this is not all the possibilities. In this menu, detailed statistics of Internet traffic consumption will be available to you, for this you need to run down down. With the help of this statistics, you can find out which of the applications uses the most traffic. Oh yes, I almost forgot, there is still such a item in the limit settings. “show when blocking”. This item is activated automatically when the limit is turned on. Using this option, an air circle displaying information about traffic consumption appears on the lock screen. For myself, I always leave this option turned on.

find, much, traffic, left, tablet

This functionality has Android. I hope the article has benefited you. If there are any questions-do not be shy, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.