How to Find Out Email Blocked Apple Id

What a shame it all the same happens when the iPhone after updating / restoring the firmware starts requesting information from someone else’s Apple ID account. Basically, people who bought an iPhone (iPad, iPod, Apple Watch) with their hands, i.e. second-hand.

To such situations arose less in In this article I’ll show you how to untie the former owner’s iPhone iPhone, as well as what can be done if your iPhone is already locked and asks for someone else’s account.

In order not to waste your (and my) time, let’s I WILL SAY IMMEDIATELY ABOUT the most important moment.

If you bought, found, or gave you an iPhone, which immediately or subsequently began to request someone else’s Apple ID (for example, after updating the firmware), then no matter how you twist this iPhone in your hands, to activate it, you must have the username and password of the Apple ID of the previous owner.

Activation Lock protection is enabled on this iPhone, which can be disabled ONLY by entering the required account information. What you can try to do, I described below.

Find My iPhone Activation Lock. special protection measures that make it impossible for unauthorized persons to use your device. Activation Lock is turned on automatically along with the Locate iPhone feature, after which the Apple ID login and password will be requested each time you try to disable the Find iPhone feature, clear content, or reactivate the device after restoring or updating the firmware.

Well, as we have already been led, I provide your choice of several options for solving the task. To untie the iPhone from Apple ID (remove this device from iCloud), use the instructions below.

Situations are different, so I advise you to act in the manner described in this article. Try each of the methods, and if something doesn’t work, move on to the next.

Disable Apple ID account on iPhone

If you still have access to the device itself, then the following 5 steps are best. As I wrote above, if the iPhone is already in a locked state and asks for someone else’s Apple ID to activate, the first method will not help you. go to the fourth.

STEP 1. Go to Settings. iCloud

STEP 2. Scroll down the screen and click “Go out“, Then click”Go out“.

STEP 3. When asked what to do with the data, click on “Remove from iPhone”, Then enter your Apple ID password.

Every time I write an instruction article, I perform all the actions on one of my phones. well, to be sure of the expected result.

So, after completing these three steps, my iPhone was already untied from Apple ID and accordingly disappeared from the devices on

Unfortunately, from the comments of other iPhone owners, I find out that for some this is not enough to “forget” the previous account, so for the sake of confidence, ALWAYS do the following two steps.

STEP 4. Go to Settings. Basic. Reset and select “Erase content and settings“.

STEP 5. You may need to enter an unlock password, a restriction password, and confirm a couple of times “Erase iPhone“.

After that, all data from the iPhone will be deleted, and a new user will be able to activate the device using his account. Be sure to double-check the availability of Activation Lock as described in the third section (below).

Removing iPhone from iCloud Account

This method will help to untie the device from the Apple ID account if access to the device itself is no longer available (sold, given, etc.).

If the account does not belong to you, ask the former owner of the phone to follow these steps. Yes, it is the owner of the account to which this phone is still attached that will be able to rectify the situation.

STEP 1. Go to and log in using the Apple ID that the iPhone is attached to.

STEP 2. Go to the “Find iPhone“Then select”All devices»To display a list of devices tied to this account. Click on the device you want to remove.

STEP 3. In the window that appears on the right, click on “Erase iPhone“.

STEP 4. Confirm your intentions by clicking on the “Erase“.

STEP 5. To complete the iPhone cleanup and remove it from your account, you will need to enter your Apple ID password. Windows for entering messages that will be displayed on the iPhone can be skipped by clicking “Further“And”Done“.

That’s it. After the steps taken, the device will be untied from the account. The next time you connect this device to the Internet, the process of full cleaning will be launched on it. At the end, the phone will come into a state of “out of the box” and it can be configured with a different account.

There are times when the device is still tied to someone else’s Apple ID, but it is not possible to connect it to the Internet. Then the command to start cleaning cannot come to him. it is logical, after all.

In this case, log in again on and in the list “All devices»Click the cross next to the device that you want to remove. After that, we reflash the device through the DFU mode (instructions here).

How to check your iPhone for Activation Lock

IMPORTANT UPDATE. At the very beginning of 2017, Apple deleted a page where it was possible to check for iCloud Activation Lock via IMEI iPhone. They motivated this by the fact that hackers using this verification service managed to find clean IMEI numbers, and then reprogram the locked iPhone and iPad. Sorry, but the IMEI iPhone Lock Checker service no longer works.

Previously, it looked like this:

Check for iCloud Activation Lock:

How to Find Out Email Blocked Apple Id

After confirmation by the button “Continue“, You will be taken to a page where everything will be clear. On. on Off. turned off.

Before buying a Used iPhone with Activation Lock enabled, ask the previous owner to untie this device from his account.

If you start to say something like “It’s okay. it will work anyway”. NO, IT WILL NOT WORK THIS. AT THE FIRST SAME FIRMWARE UPDATE THIS DEVICE WILL TURN TO A BRICK.

I bought an iPhone tied to someone else’s account: o (

Here, read twice what I’ll say now! When you buy a Used iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple Watch from a person by ad or even from a friend / acquaintance, RESPONSIBILITY for checking that the device has been cleaned and deleted from the account of the previous owner, LIES ONLY FOR YOU. Well, it’s as if in your interests.

Take my word for it. Dozens of people who are in a deadlock are turning to me. Having bought an iPhone from the hands of a stranger, they do not even suspect that this device is still tied to someone else’s Apple ID.

Having found a problem, everyone will naturally try to contact the seller. Only here the phone of the former owner is usually turned off. What do you want? The world is cruel and we must look at both!

Otherwise IT IS NECESSARY TO SEEK A PERSON WHO OWNS THE ACCOUNT continue to act as described in the second method.

You cannot disable Activation Lock by flashing the device. None of the known methods (recovery mode, DFU). The thing is that the presence of a lock is checked at the first start of the device, after updating / restoring the firmware.

Information about blocking an iOS device is stored on the Apple server, so every time you activate the iPhone, a request is sent to the Apple server. and the corresponding response comes.

So while you do not have a super-ability to delete information from a distance, turning off Activation Loc will not work.

In the end I want to warn you from online scammers. Recently, a woman wrote in the comments, who believed the scammers who promised to untie her iPhone from someone else’s account for 300 rubles at a distance. Do not believe such an offer and do not spend money on empty promises.