How to Find out Does Phone Support 4g

How to Find out Does Phone Support 4g

New technologies are constantly entering our lives, old ones are improving, accelerating, and becoming more convenient. Personal gadgets are especially appreciated by developers, almost every day there are new applications, games and programs. However, for all this, high-quality Internet service is necessary, since most utilities consume traffic. At the same time, the old 3G Internet standards can no longer cope, and the 4G format has replaced. But not all phones and SIM cards support more modern technology, and new devices do not always include an updated network automatically. Correcting the situation is quite simple, just a few movements on the screen of the smartphone.

What is 4G and what are its specifications

4G (from the English. Fourth generation. fourth generation). a generation of mobile communications with advanced requirements. By the fourth generation, it is customary to attribute promising technologies that allow data transmission at a speed exceeding 100 Mbit / s to mobile (with high mobility) and 1 Gbit / s to stationary subscribers (with low mobility).


The 4G standard can conditionally be divided into two standards: LTE and directly WiMAX. However, in terms of its technology, WiMAX can only service “static” users, as well as mobile phones that move at speeds of up to 115 km / h (you cannot catch the network on high-speed trains and highways). At the same time, despite its “delay” (the fourth-generation LTE release was released in 2009, and WiMAX in 2005), the LTE standard has become more popular and preferred for mobile networks.

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The main characteristic that interests all users is the data transfer rate. According to the fourth generation standard, users with low mobility (driving speeds of up to 10 km / h) should receive up to 1 Gb / s on their devices. For high mobility (from 10 km / h and more). the speed will be up to 100 Mbit / s

At the same time, you should not think that we get the declared speeds, this will almost never happen. There are so many factors that influence data transfer in wireless networks. Firstly, 4G technology is based solely on packet data transfer, and the speed even in wired networks of this kind can be lame. Information from a resource to a user passes through several nodes, and very often packets can be lost in the wilds of the web plexus. Therefore, the missing data is requested again, and this takes time. Secondly, there are always physical limitations. For example, terrain or network congestion.

4G standards were patented and began to be implemented since 2012, and for 5-6 years of using these networks, I have never seen treasured round numbers on speed tests.

The main 4G mobile Internet format is LTE

How to find out if a smartphone supports 4G

If we talk about smartphones, it is now quite difficult to find a working device that does not support 4G technology. Qualcomm, the main chip maker for smart phones, began manufacturing and introducing processors that work with the LTE standard back in late 2012. Therefore, if the models of your device are less than six years old, then for sure you can use 4G in it.

In my memory, the smartphone lived for a maximum of three and a half years, while two batteries went bad and were replaced, just before the “end”, the ability to connect to Wi-Fi was ruined, and the last step to death was that the phone stopped detecting the mobile network. It was not possible to reanimate the device. I also heard from friends and acquaintances that with the most careful handling of devices they are still covered in the area of ​​the third year of operation, after which they need to be replaced with new models.

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There is an easy way to find out if your phone supports 4G or not. To do this, you need to climb a little in the settings of the smartphone.

    Open the “Settings” of the device, go to the item “SIM-cards and mobile networks”.

Open the “Settings” device, go to the item “SIM-cards and mobile networks”

Go to the installation of any of the connected SIM-cards

Open the “Preferred Network Type” tab

We reset the setting to “Preferably 4G (LTE)”

What to do if the phone does not support 4G

Unfortunately, the only guaranteed way out is only one. this is buying a new phone. Smartphones are initially programmed to work at certain frequencies, 2G and 3G networks differ from LTE standards, so it is technically impossible to connect to the corresponding standard. On the Internet, you can stumble upon possible applications or firmware of smartphones, which promise a change in technical specifications, but do not be fooled: no program will force the receiver to work in a frequency to which it was not originally adapted. Such applications are most likely malicious codes that can either steal personal data or make money transfers.

How to find out if a 4G SIM card is supported

There are several ways to determine if a SIM card supports a fourth-generation connection:

If your SIM card has been released a long time ago, it is best to contact your mobile phone salon right away. Firstly, consultants will give a qualified answer whether you can already use 4G or if you need to replace the communication chip. Secondly, you can replace the SIM card immediately on the spot, without changing the number and completely free.

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To understand whether your SIM has 4G support with the packaging, just find the corresponding icon on it. Often, manufacturers flaunt it, and it is not difficult to find the cherished two characters.

Photo Gallery: What the 4G Icon Looks Like on Plastic SIM Card Containers

Also, some operators provide the opportunity to learn about 4G support from a working SIM card using a short USSD command:

  • MegaFon. 507 # and a call button;
  • Tele2. 156 # and a call button.

Beeline and MTS do not represent such an opportunity.

What to do if the SIM card does not support 4G and how to replace it with another

If you suddenly find that the SIM card does not support 4G communication standards, you need to contact the nearest mobile operator salon so that the consultants replace the outdated chip with a modern one. It is better to call the operator’s hot service first to find out what replacement conditions are. For example, do you need a SIM card holder’s passport or other documents. over, the procedure is completely free and takes only a few minutes. The number of the old SIM is transferred to the new chip, and the only minus will be that the contacts of the old SIM card will not be transferred to the new one. Therefore, before replacing, you should save the information on the phone.

Correcting your smartphone’s settings or replacing a SIM card with a new standard is very simple. The exception is too old devices, which it is high time to change to more modern models.