How to find out coordinates in Google Maps. Calculation of coordinates

How to find coordinates in Google cards and find a place on coordinates

The cards have firmly entered our lives. We often use them for navigation or just to study the area. Google cards are not so popular in Russian.speaking countries, unlike Yandex cards, but some of them still have an advantage, because they can be used offline.

If you often use cards, you probably had to deal with the fact that you need to get the coordinates of the area or vice versa, find a place according to the coordinates. In this article I will tell you how to find the coordinates and how to find a place on the coordinates in Google cards.

How to find coordinates in Google on the phone

In order to get coordinates in Google cards, you first need to open the application on your phone. Then we press and hold in the right place until the menu appears. Here you need to be careful, do not choose any object for this, otherwise you will receive its description without coordinates. We must choose the nearest place that is not marked with some marker in the application.

A menu will appear and if it is deployed, you can see the coordinates.

If you slip over them, you can copy the coordinates from Google cards to your own buffer.

If you drag the coordinates by dragging behind the slider, this means that you have chosen some kind of familiar object. Try to click and hold the card from scratch.

If you want to know the coordinates of some place, then another way will press and hold on it until the menu appears at the bottom of the screen. At this time, the coordinates will show up in the search line at the top.

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What is longitude in geography

Longitude on geographical maps is also depicted by parallel lines. But unlike latitude, parallels pass through the globe vertically. There are among them the main fishing line for trimmer. Greenwich, zero longitude (meridian). This fishing line for a trimmer passes through the district in London, which is located on the right bank of the Thames. Vertical parallels are also called meridians. Meridian is only western or eastern. Longitude is respectively eastern and western. Longitude is recorded in this way. West longitude (h.D.).

Maximum longitude. 180 °. This is half the globe, The full circle, as we know, has 360 °. The international entry applies English letters: E. Eastern longitude and W West longitude. The farther there is a longitude point from Greenwich, the more its degrees. Together, these two concepts. breadth and longitude make up a grid of parallel lines, by which we determine the point on the map. Their intersection gives accurate coordinates, for example, 23 ° s. Sh. and 35 ° Z. D.

In geography, less often, but still used minutes and even seconds. This is a fraction of a degree that have an analogy with an hourly minute, which divides 1 hour by 60 minutes. It is used for a more detailed indication of the point on the map. But due to what is necessary with a narrow circle of tasks, it is rarely necessary when it is necessary. Usually, only degrees are enough to determine the settlement on the map or region.

Geographical minutes are recorded as follows: 34 ° (degrees) 35 ’(minutes) 23” (seconds) northern latitude. Degrees can be recorded as fractional parts, for example, 43.04 °. This is a more compact record relative to the previous. The use of records is not regulated by some rules. over, they do not exist at all regarding the records of coordinates. And this is unacceptable, since everyone can use any record at their discretion. And this leads to confusion and confusion. Most often, an entry with a shot is still used, as well as a moment and seconds.

How to get GPS coordinates from Google Maps

Get GPS coordinates from Google Maps in a computer browser is very simple. Follow these steps:

  • Open the web browser and go to the Google Maps website. Any browser will work with them.
  • Go to the location for which you want to get GPS coordinates.
  • Click the right mouse button (or hold the Control key pressed on Mac) in this place.
  • Choose what is here? From the menu.

How to determine the coordinates on online cards

The online navigators intenses can vary significantly, which creates difficulties in the process of determining the exact coordinates of the desired place. Consider several popular cards and find the corresponding section.

Yandex maps

To find out in Yandex cards, the coordinates of the mark in the online version through the browser, click on the desired point. On the left there will be a tab with detailed information about the organization. longitude, breadth are indicated below the name and address of the place. If the coordinates are not indicated, try to click on the neighboring building.

To clarify the coordinates at the desired place, hold your finger at one point in the card, then click on the link “What is here?””. Click on the corresponding line. the value is automatically transferred to the clipboard.

In the desktop version of 2gis, the search for a point by coordinates is similar to Yandex cards in the way.

To find out the latitude and longitude in 2gis, indicate the point on the map and swipe up the lower part of the screen. Information can be found in the corresponding section.

It is recommended to put the cursor not on buildings, but in the nearest free space. otherwise the latitude and longitude will not be placed in the block from below.


Calculating the GPS coordinates in the navigator Navitel can be as follows:

  • Click on a chosen place.
  • Follow the Cursor tab.
  • Click on the conditional name of the specified point and confirm access to information download.

Ready. in the new tab, the exact values ​​of latitude and longitude will be indicated.

How to find a place on the given coordinates

To find any place on GPS coordinates on an online card, in the search bar, instead of the address, insert a copied value. The navigator will automatically install the cursor exactly at the starting point.

Search for GPS coordinates in cards of such Navitel is as follows:

  • Go to the navigator menu;
  • Open the section “Find”;
  • Sprinkle the page to the item “On the Coordinates”;
  • enter data into the corresponding fields;
  • click on the “result” link in the upper right corner.

Follow the link “Route” or “drove away” to create a path from the current geopolition to the specified point.

Data transfer to the user

If you need to find the location of another person, you can translate GPS data from coordinate data. This opportunity is provided in most popular online navigators. To do this, open the parameters of the online card and select the “Share” item, select the information transmission method and confirm the action.

In some maps, the function is displayed if you click on a specific point.

Search by compass

If a standard manual Compass is used as a navigator, turn so that the arrow shows to the north. compare the paper card with the north. Using the map, we find the current geoposition and the required place.

In every corner, the coordinates of the edge are noted. Count the desired values ​​of latitude and longitude using divisions.

Now there is a rare need to find a place using GPS coordinates values. However, this method is quite relevant if you need to transfer your own or determine the location on the highway or other places that cannot be calculated at the address.

effective way to search for a map on coordinates. instructions

GPS navigation is the main way to track the location of the object in space, study maps, search for the right road, drawing up a route.

All modern mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are equipped with a GPS navigation module, thanks to which the user can track his own location, see the map around him and find the necessary objects.

find, coordinates, google, maps

There are several systems that evaluate the location of the most popular online cards systems-and in this material the search for an object on a map on coordinates is considered in this material.

“Width =” 1500 “Height =” 1000 ” /

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of GPS navigation is that the position of the object on the Earth’s map is evaluated in accordance with the readings of satellites.

Each modern mobile device has a module for such a tracking-a GPS sensor, it is its location on the planet and determine the satellites.

Glonas and other navigation systems operate on the same system, but GPS traditionally enjoys greater success due to greater accuracy.

This is what happens when the user disables geolocation to save battery charge. Therefore, when the sensor is turned off, the device cannot determine your location.

After entering the phone, the signal is processed with special software components, interacts with the Earth’s maps, also automatically compiled by a satellite, and determines the location of the object on the map.

The determination of the point on the map makes the program just according to the coordinates transmitted by the satellite.

The most accurate at present similar services are:

Advantages of GPS navigation in its high accuracy. A significant minus is that it does not work in the rooms.

In addition, depending on the region and its accuracy may vary. the permissible error is 100 meters from the point, but sometimes these indicators are significantly higher.


The coordinates can be obtained in different ways. The most common reason why it is necessary to find a point on the map on them is the disposal of the location.

If the user applies the automatic cards service for sending his location, for example, in the message, then the addressee receives exactly the coordinates.

And to determine the actual position, you have to find them on the map.

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Search for a point

Depending on which map you are looking for the coordinates (that is, what service you use) the process of determining the location may differ.

Google Maps

The system is most popular and is most often used due to its high accuracy. She earned positive reviews around the world.

However, on the territory of the Federation in some cases, Yandex maps work better and determine the location more precisely.

Below is the algorithm for determining the location by coordinates in the Google Maps service:

  • Go to the Google cards service website. for this, click on the link;
  • To use this service, you do not need authorization in the Google account;
  • By default, your current (if geolocation is turned on) or the last determined location (the coordinates of which you can also see);
  • After the cards are completely loaded, find the search bar in the upper left corner of the screen;

“Width =” 1366 “Height =” 631 ” /

  • In it, enter the coordinates in the form in which you received them without replacing the dots with commas and vice versa;
  • You can both prescribe the coordinates manually and insert the copied ones-the following formats are acceptable: degrees-mines-seconds, degrees-twin minutes, decimal degrees;
  • Click on the keyboard;
  • The desired point will appear on the map immediately after the page is loading.

“Width =” 1366 “Height =” 591 ” /

If necessary, you can add a shortcut, apply an organization to the map and so on. But for all this you will need authorization in the Google account.

Yandex maps

In general, the system is almost completely similar to the previous one, since the differences in the engine in these geographical applications are minimal.

Follow the algorithm given below in order to determine the geographical location of the object by coordinates on Yandex maps:

  • Download the service by clicking on the link;
  • In the upper left corner of the page, find the search line;
  • Imprint the received coordinates into it;
  • Press the input. And after the page reloading, the point will be marked on the map.

The rules for entering the coordinates into Yandex are completely similar because they are fair for Google.

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Secondary services

The main methods of searching for coordinates are described above. They are the most simple from a technical point of view, since they do not require the involvement of applications. to search for both from the phone and from the tablet, you can simply enter the coordinates into the search line of cards.

In the same way, you need to act when searching from a mobile device using an application (service) of a card (Google or Yandex).

But this approach is not always convenient, since cards can poorly load and have a fairly significant load on the hardware of the device.

For this reason, it is advisable to use third-party online services designed to search for points by coordinates, and imprisoned precisely for this process.

In fact, each such service works on the basis of the same Google or Yandex cards, performing the search precisely on them, and by applying its result to them.

How to find a site on the map on the coordinates

All land plots in the Federation are taken into account by the cadastral service and applied to a special map. This card allows you to get data on the delimitation of territories within settlements and behind their line. To get acquainted with the public characteristics relating to a particular land, you need to know how to find a site on the map on coordinates.

How to Find Coordinates Using Latitude and Longitude

How to find a cadastral number of a land plot on the coordinates online

To determine the cadastral number of the land, you need to know its coordinates. By the cadastral number of the land plot, you can get information about all the available land parameters:

To find out the cadastral number via the Internet, you need to go to the official site further use the functionality of the site to go to the public cadastral map page with the map is a search field in which you need to enter the corresponding request. After the introduction of available coordinates, click on the search button and wait until the system analyzes the data. The search results will present the geographical area on which the desired land plot is located.

In order for the Earth to be displayed in the card window, it is necessary to click on the desired territory. The result will be given the basic data. To lay out the list, you need to click on the relevant link:

How to determine the boundaries of the attach by coordinates

The coordinates of the site allow you to obtain information not only about the territorial location of the land plot. With their help, you can determine the actual perimeter of the border of the allotment. According to these data, the result of work on land surveying is established.

If survey was not carried out

Depending on the circumstances of a particular situation for some areas, land surveying was not carried out. In this case, the border of the site and other data about it will not be displayed on the map.

So that the land is nevertheless entered in the register, owner or other interested person must comply with all the requirements established to resolve such issues:

  • A statement is submitted to the territorial department of the cadastre, the subject of which is a request for the establishment of the coordinates of the site;
  • all necessary documentation is prepared;
  • Payment of all procedures and obtaining the results of surveying.

With disputes

If disputes arise between the borders of certain allotments between the owners, they can be resolved by concluding an individual agreement between the parties. If the consensus does not manage, the interested person may apply to the court with a statement of claim.

During the trial, information on the actual location of the boundary of adjacent sections will be clarified and the re.survey procedure was assigned. The court decision, which entered into force, is final and cannot be appealed.

According to the documents

The boundaries of the sites are determined by studying documents containing information about the perimeter of neighboring land allotments. Taking into account these data, it is concluded about what will be the intercess of the claim.

Dear readers! We talk about standard methods for solving legal problems, but your case may be special. We will help you find a solution to your problem for free. simply call our lawyer on the phone:

8 (800) 302-33-75 (free call quickly and free! You can also quickly get an answer through the form of a consultant on the site.

Work carried out on the ground is carried out on the basis of information received from documents. Cadastre employee relies on it when calculating the basic points of the Earth’s perimeter.

Independent search

To implement an independent search for the boundaries of the site is possible. For this, it is necessary to have knowledge in the field of compilation of maps and understand the work of the cadastral system. If the owner is able to take into account everything necessary, he can independently install the perimeter.

Use the results of independent land survey to make changes to the database will not work. This information can be scientist only if the work was carried out by a qualified specialist who has a valid license.

The procedure for determining the boundaries

The cadastral map with the coordinates is compiled taking into account the developed and approved rules. To make the most accurate results, follow the procedures, which are detailed below.

Preparatory stage

All necessary documentation is prepared. The absence of even one document can lead to the fact that the request for the definition of borders will be denied. All collected papers are submitted to the department of the organization that is engaged in the conduct of geodetic work.

  • identification;
  • title papers;
  • Earth technical documentation;
  • cadastral passport (if available).

Survey services are provided on the basis of an agreement concluded between the owner and the organization. The agreement is drawn up according to the standard plan. When the agreement is issued, the date and time of work is set. When they are implemented, representatives of all interested parties should be present.

Geodetic work

Surveying is carried out by conducting geodetic work. The essence of the process is as follows:

  • measurement of the perimeter of the sides of the site is made;
  • designations are established;
  • All data obtained are documented;
  • the consent of all interested parties is also noted.

Data transfer to Rosreestr

Having carried out all the work on land surveying, the engineer transfers data to the documentation to the territorial branch, which is in charge of the desired land plot.

About the latitude and longitude in Google cards

Here are a few things that should be remembered when using GPS coordinates for latitude and longitude in Google maps:

  • Enter the coordinate of latitude before the longitude coordinate.
  • The first number in breadth should be between.90 and 90.
  • The first number in longitude should be between.180 and 180.
  • Format the coordinates using decimal degrees (for example, 36.284065) instead of commas (for example, 36.284065).

Find the latitude and longitude of the location

You can quickly find out the latitude and longitude of any place on Google maps on the Internet or on your mobile device.

Get coordinates on the Internet

There are several ways to get the coordinates on the Google Maps website.

Click the place once to display a pop.up window at the bottom, which displays the main information, as well as breadth and longitude. Select any information in the window to open the side panel on the left, where you can get additional information, instructions or add your business.

Click the place with the right mouse button to display another pop.up window. It also shows you the coordinates, but gives you the opportunity to perform a quick action, for example, lay the route, search nearby or measure the distance. You can also copy the coordinates to the exchange buffer by choosing them in a pop.up menu.

Get coordinates in a mobile application

To see the latitude and longitude of the location in the Google Maps mobile application, just insert a pin. Open Google cards and tap or tap and hold to put a pin.

On Android you will see the coordinates in the search field at the top. You can spend from the bottom up to obtain more detailed information and view the latitude and longitude there.

Speak up on the iPhone to display the details below, and you will see the coordinates.

On any device, choose the latitude and longitude in the information about the location below to place the coordinates in the exchange buffer.

How to find an object on coordinates on Google Maps

How to find any object on a map of the area? Of course, at the address. And what to do if the object does not have an address or it is unknown? Search by coordinates. However, coordinates for an inexperienced person are simply an incomprehensible set of numbers. For a long time they would still remain a mysterious entry “for the initiates”, if not for the help of the Google Card service.

What coordinate record formats do Google cards understand

Google Maps navigation service can work with three coordinate recording formats:

  • Decimal degrees (example: 55.753575, 37.62104).
  • Degrees with decimal minutes (example: 55 45.214, 37 37.262).
  • Degrees with minutes and seconds (example: 55 ° 45′13 ″ N 37 ° 37′16 ″ E).

When entering the coordinates, decimal values ​​are customary to separate the point, and the breadth, which is always the first, and the longitude following it is a comma.

How to use the service in browsers on PC

Consider an example. Suppose we have the following data:

  • We will open the Google card service in any web browser and move on to the “satellite” mode so that the card looks more clearly. To do this, click the button that is located in the lower left corner of the card.
  • Through the commas, we put in the search line first, then the longitude. The format is not fundamental. Then click the Enter key.
  • In our example, under the search line, a panorama of a place found was opened, where it is clear that this is Red Square if you introduced the coordinates of a place that does not have a preserved panorama, then nothing will be displayed under the search line.

Features of search on mobile devices

On smartphones and tablets based on Android and iOS, the search for places on coordinates is made in the same way, only instead of a browser they use the Google Maps mobile application. Breadth and longitude are inserted into the search line, which is shown by the arrow in the screenshot below. After that, the found place is marked on the map with a red marker.

How to find out the coordinates of the place by visual location

If you are unknown coordinates, but the visual location of the desired location is known, it is also very simple to determine its breadth and longitude using Google:

On the android devices, the menu opens with a long touch of the object of interest. On iOS, you will have to click on the inscription “without name”.

Coordinates of some famous places on Google maps

Mastering the service? Now we offer to practice. Below are the breadth and longitude of several attractions at different points in the world, try to find them:

  • Roman Colosseum (41.890471, 12.492234).
  • Mysterious Stonehenge (
  • Castle Bran, also known as the castle of Count Dracula (45.515314, 25.367296).
  • French Versailles (48.805346, 2.120388).

And if you know other interesting places that can also be found on Google maps, share your findings in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Online PROSISK on Coordinates using cards and GPS

To determine the intersection of geographical latitude and longitude, the Earth is taken as a ball, and for navigation a search by coordinates on the map is carried out at the expense of a system that originates from the center of mass of the vehicle (TS).

Geographical longitude is the part of the arc concluded between the first meridian (a line crossing the equator at a right angle) and the meridian of the determined point. Latitude. distance from the equator along the meridian.

The use of GPS navigation

The main method of tracking the location of the object, studying the map, searching and drawing up the route is GPS navigation. Smartphones, tablets and other modern mobile devices are equipped with a module with which you can find out your exact location, view the map, find the desired object.

The plus of navigation lies in its high accuracy, and minus. it does not function indoors. Taking into account the region, the accuracy of the coordinates changes.

Data error is allowed within ± 100 meters from the point.

To determine the coordinates, use the following methods:

  • Online service. Helps to find a coordinate point on the map in order to send location. In this case, the addressee receives in the message the coordinates of the sender.
  • Online cards. Help to determine the actual position on the globe.

The functionality of the device

The work of GPS navigation is based on assessing the position of the object taking into account the testimony of the satellite.

The mobile device provides a module for such tracking-GPS sensor. Its location on Earth is determined by satellites. By similar principle, you can determine the coordinates of any city, machine and man using the GLONASS system.

If you turn off the sensor, the signal will not be transmitted to the satellite. In this case, it is impossible to find a device. This happens when the user disables geolocation to save a battery charge. If the device works, the signal enters the mobile phone.

To determine the place according to the coordinates of latitude and longitude, satellite data are used. The result is displayed in degrees and minutes. For any point, certain coordinates are characteristic. By this principle, many globe services work (Google, Mail, Yandex). The exact algorithm of action depends on the application used.

The following services are considered the most accurate from all Internet nets:

Work with Internet globes

To focus on Yandex map on coordinates, it is recommended to download the service on a mobile device. When crossing the link left at the top of the page, a search engine appears. Coordinates are driven into the line. If you press the “Entering” button, you can determine the area on the map.

With a poor Internet connection, the application can slowly boot. In this case, it is recommended to use third-party online services. Their work is based on finding points in longitude and latitude. In fact, they function on the basis of the same Google or Yandex. The difference between services and GPS navigation is the absence of additional functions, the presence of a more convenient coordinate input system.

Pros of ready-made online services:

Cons of services are associated with the involvement of additional secondary Internet resources.

The most accurate site is He works on the Yandex engine. Its minus consists in long loading.

To find out the location, you will need:

  • Indicate the coordinates (width, longitude, height) in the corresponding window.
  • In the column “scale”, the data changes automatically. It depends on how much percent the image is approaching/moving away on the screen of a mobile device or computer.
  • The “Introduction” button is pressed.

If you need to build a route or find an address without the Internet, the user can use the automatic launch of Yandex. If the signal of the mobile network disappears in the process of moving or viewing the already loaded data, Yandex. Maps will continue to accompany the user on the route.

To use offline mode, the cards download in advance. To support their relevance, it is recommended to enable automatic update. When the connection with the global network is restored, the application checks the presence of a faster route, its existence.

Google Maps

When working with Google cards, you can find a location site or determine the coordinates of known points. If the settlement is absent on the map, it can be added using a special button “Code”. Stages of entering the coordinates of the terrain:

To find out the data, they open the appropriate application (it is impossible to find out the coordinates with a simplified mode). Click on the corresponding section of the card. Choose a suitable item. Breadth and longitude appear on the screen below. To send your location on the Google map, you will need to click on the “Send” button.

You can share the data using the window with information about the map. In this way, an email is created with reference to the location.

To get data in 3 formats, the Traveleu service is used. He works on Google Cards.

To clarify the location, it is recommended to follow a certain algorithm:

Due to periodic system errors, the service may not work.

Using Coordinates

With the help of service, you can find longitude and breadth, a height above sea level and a point on the Google map. To determine the location of the building, it is recommended to enter the address in the search engine. After clicking on the button, a marker appears on the screen.

What search formats are supported

To find a place on the Google map on the coordinates, you can use the desktop mobile version of the service (with the installation of the application or online). Each of them has its own characteristics.

Using a computer

The full version of the Google Maps online service provides the user with more opportunities for searching. To find a point on the map:

  • Autominate in the Google account, go to the menu and click on the “Card” button.
  • In the search bar in the upper left corner, enter the required values. Then click the “Search” or Enter button on the keyboard.
  • The user will move to cards with an exact indication of the place where the center of the selected object or city is located.
  • Also, by indicating the coordinates, you can quickly build a route. To do this, click the “Put the route” button in the toolbar.
  • In the field that appears, enter the name of the departure point or the available points coordinates. Then click Enter.
  • Several options for the route will be built on the map: on roads, an airplane.

Additionally, the time that needs to be spent in order to get to the destination and the presence of traffic jams will be indicated, if they are. To narrow the search for a track, you can choose the movement by one transport right on the toolbar in the upper left corner.

Using a mobile application

You can search for a place with the coordinates of latitude and longitude on the smartphone. To do this, use a special application that goes by default in all android OS.

  • It is necessary to start the application on the smartphone, then go to the search bar and drive the coordinates into Google cards. Then click on the “Search” button on the touch keyboard.
find, coordinates, google, maps
  • An exact place will open on the indicated values. Here you can immediately build a route. To do this, click the “On.road” button.
  • The navigation service will start. Confirm your consent to the use of data by pressing the OK button.
  • Google card will open with all the roads and a route laid. To continue click “OK”.
  • In the lower part of the screen will appear time on the route, here click the button with the arrow up. Traffic jams and satellites will be shown.

Further, the navigator will show the entire route to the destination throughout the trip.

Bilateral satellite Internet

What are geographical coordinates?

Geographical coordinates determine the position of the point on the earth’s surface. Geographical coordinates are built on the principle of spherical and consist of breadth and longitude.

Latitude. the angle between the local direction of zenith and the plane of the equator, counted from 0 ° to 90 ° in both sides of the equator. The geographical breadth of the points lying in the northern hemisphere (northern latitude) is considered positive, the breadth of points in the southern hemisphere. negative. It is customary to talk about the latitudes close to the poles as tall, and about close to the equator. as low.

Longitude. the angle between the plane of the meridian passing through this point, and the plane of the initial zero meridian, from which longitude is counted. Longitude from 0 ° to 180 ° east of the zero meridian is called eastern, west to the west. Eastern longitude is considered positive, western. negative.

The format of recording geographical coordinates

The geographical coordinates of one point can be expressed in different formats. Depending on, minutes and seconds are presented as values ​​from 0 to 60 or from 0 to 100 (decimal lobes).

The coordinate format is usually recorded as follows: DD. degrees, mm. minutes, ss. seconds, if minutes and seconds are represented as decimal shares, then they simply write DD.DDDD. For example:

  • DD MM SS: 50 ° 40 ′ 45 “in.D., 40 50 ′ 30 “with.Sh degrees, minutes, seconds
  • DD mm.MM: 50 ° 40.75 ′ c.D., 40 50.5 ′ s.Sh degrees, decimal minutes
  • DD.DDDDD: 50.67916 c.D., 40.841666 p.Sh Decimal degrees

Why do you need to know the coordinates of your home

Often, houses in summer cottages and many villages do not have a clear navigation consisting of signs with the names of the streets and numbering houses or even at home, having signs with numbers can be scattered throughout the village in random order (historically developed as the village is built). There are cases that everything is fine with navigation in the village, but not all car GPS navigators such a house or street is located. Residents of such houses have to have long and, as a rule, confusing how to get to them using different landmarks. In this case, it is easier to give the coordinates at home, because any car navigator can lay the way along the coordinates.

To study the technical ability to connect the Internet in a country house, we also ask our customers to provide the coordinates of the house, especially if it is not at any of the cartographic online services at the address.

Coordinates determination using cartographic online services

Currently, the most famous cartographic online services with the search function are Google and Yandex cards. Consider how you can determine the geographical coordinates by a map or a photograph from a satellite in the Google Maps service:

Open Google HTTPS: // Maps

Find the exact place on the map. To do this, you can move the map, closer to the mouse by scrolling around the mouse wheel. You can also find the desired settlement using a search by name using a settlement, street and house. To find the place at home as accurately as possible, switch between display modes: map, hybrid or satellite.

Click with the right mouse button to the desired place on the map and select the “What is here?”. A marker in the form of a green arrow will appear on the map. Repeat the operation if the marker is installed inaccurately.

When a mouse is hung on a green arrow, geographical coordinates of the place will appear, they will also appear and in the search line from where they can be copied to the exchange buffer.

Now let’s look at how to determine the geographical coordinates by a map or a photograph from a satellite in the Yandex service.Cards:

To search for a place, the same algorithm is applicable as for searching on Google maps. Open Yandex.Maps: https: // To obtain coordinates on the Yandex-card, the “Get Information” tool is used (button with an arrow and a question sign, in the upper left part of the card). When clicking on this tool, a marker appears on it on it, and the coordinates are displayed in the search bar.

On default search engines, coordinates in degrees with decimal fraction with signs “-” are shown for negative longitude. On Google maps and Yandex maps, at first, the longitude (until October 2012 on Yandex maps was the reverse order: first longitude, then breadth).

How to find out the coordinates on the Android phone Compass on Android

If you have not prepared in advance and have not downloaded special programs, you can help you the “Compass” application that each owner of the smartphone based on Android should have a default application. At the first launch, the program is asked to calibrate the Compass by moving the phone along the trajectory of the eight after that, if you put the phone in a horizontal position, the Compass itself is displayed on the screen, and geographical coordinates below the screen.

Unfortunately, in the compass, the coordinates cannot be copied to the exchange buffer, and as a result you will have to remember them. Also, a significant minus of the compass is that it does not display the map itself and you see only a set of numbers, without the ability to compare the coordinates with your location. Google Maps Android

The second more useful option would be to find out the coordinates and your location using the Google map application, which should also be on your smartphone by default.

After starting the application on the screen, a map of the terrain from Google is displayed (provided that there is access to the Internet) on the map your current location in the form of a blue point will be displayed on the map. Even if there is no Internet, the blue point will still seem, just instead of the map you will see a gray spot. Note, if the point is displayed in gray, then your location is not determined exactly, turn on the GPS module (described at the beginning of the article).

Next, click on the blue point with your finger, reduce it for a while and let go so that the red marker appears. At the bottom of the screen will be displayed by a white plate with a heading of the current place and buttons “Route”, “Share”.

Click on the heading on the dick and on the screen will appear detailed information, including your coordinates and Pulse code.

Locus Map

If you are looking for how to find out the coordinates on Android, then this navigator program suits the best. Using Locus Map, you can find out your location, use track points and routes. What is important, cards work perfectly in offline mode.

For the initial setting of the program, you need to connect to the Internet, so it is best to download it at home. Then connect the geopositionization, allow the program access to it and get the point where you are.

The map shows the place where you are. To understand how to find out the coordinates of the point, just press it and hold it. The address will appear.

Then you need to click on the address, and the program will show your coordinates. For copying, click on them.

Unfortunately, the application does not work on iOS.

Coordinates map

Another way to find out the coordinates not by the phone is the Coordinates map application for Android. You can download on Google Play. After installation, do not forget to enable the geo-positioning mode, as well as allow the program access to it. The coordinate map instantly determines your position and shows the coordinates from above.

In parameters, you can change the type of coordinates and units of measurement.

Finding Coordinates On A Map Using Latitude and Longitude

The location can be copied and sent to a friend or the Ministry of Emergencies.

Now you know how to find out GPS coordinates on Android. Separately, we will talk about applications for iOS (iPhone).

How to find out the coordinates on the iPhone: Compass

To understand how to find out the coordinates on iOS, it is enough to open the Compass application. First, check if you have geolocation services. Using a search line on the iPhone, find Compass. Your coordinates will be shown at the bottom of the screen. They can be easily copy and send using instant messengers or SMS.

What search formats are supported

To find a place on the Google map on the coordinates, you can use the desktop mobile version of the service (with the installation of the application or online). Each of them has its own characteristics.

Using a computer

The full version of the Google Maps online service provides the user with more opportunities for searching. To find a point on the map:

  • Also, by indicating the coordinates, you can quickly build a route. To do this, click the “Put the route” button in the toolbar.

Additionally, the time that needs to be spent in order to get to the destination and the presence of traffic jams will be indicated, if they are. To narrow the search for a track, you can choose the movement by one transport right on the toolbar in the upper left corner.

Using a mobile application

You can search for a place with the coordinates of latitude and longitude on the smartphone. To do this, use a special application that goes by default in all android OS.

  • It is necessary to start the application on the smartphone, then go to the search bar and drive the coordinates into Google cards. Then click on the “Search” button on the touch keyboard.

Further, the navigator will show the entire route to the destination throughout the trip.

How to find out the coordinates in Google SIM cards

You can find out the coordinates in Google with a graphic card. To do this, perform a few simple actions.

  • Go to the service and click on any point on the map. Then click on the right mouse button. Will appear in the menu where select “What is here”.
  • In the lower part of the screen will appear the name of the settlement and its determined coordinates. Here you can also lay the route from the current location.

On a note! Please note that in the absence of the Internet on devices, the search for coordinates and settlements on them is possible only after starting the GPS on the Google map.

You can determine the location of the object with high accuracy, so the coordinates contain many signs. Carefully monitor the correctness of the input, since one incorrect figure, especially in the middle of the coordinate, can shift the point to a large distance.