How to Find Mi Band 3 If Lost

Just the other day, an unpleasant story happened to me, while walking in nature I lost my mi band bracelet from Xiaomi. I’ll tell you how a week later I still managed to find it thanks to one free program.

If you lost mi band, what to do

All owners of this gadget are aware of one of its significant drawbacks, there is no fault in the plan of its work; there is nothing to complain about; all the functions incorporated into it work as expected without complaints.

But the clasp was not thought out, the problem is in it, it’s worth it to catch a little on something, as it comes unfastened and the bracelet flies off your hand. During 1.5 years of use, the probability of loss arose several times, but I always managed to notice on time, but unfortunately not this time.

How to Find Mi Band 3 If Lost

The loss was not discovered immediately, but after a few hours, the situation was aggravated by the fact that I was outside the city in nature. Around was tall grass, which almost eliminated the chances of finding in it.

But having restored the chronology of his route in memory, he suggested a probable place of loss in which he was not mistaken. Through the app, mi fit determined that the bracelet was somewhere in a radius of 20 m, but how to find it in such thick and tall grass?

  • Since I was not the only one who tried to call the phone to hear the vibration emitted by the bracelet, but the cellular connection was unavailable, and the attempt failed.
  • Further, an attempt with an alarm clock was also unsuccessful. The vibration works for too little time, so that you can hear and have time to find it.
  • In the mi fit application for such cases, there is a search button, but it needs to be constantly pressed and from a distance of 8-12 meters (Bluetooth works so much) it is difficult to hear a vibration response.

If, of course, getting to the place is accurate, then there are chances, and it’s useless, of course, you can divide the proposed site into sectors and systematically comb through everything.

But after spending two hours searching for it, it was already getting dark too, I had to put up with the loss, it was a shame to realize that they were somewhere here, but could not be found.

The version of the moss of the Mi Bend2 watch was already outdated, at the time of writing the article, version 4 had already started, the price for the same Ali of the second version was about 1,500 rubles, which was pretty expensive.

Then I decided to go alone to that place and try again to search. I managed to do this only after a week, but the result was positive!

Bracelet Search App

The developer tells a short story about how his wife in the country lost her bracelet and thanks to this occasion he had to create a special program for his search.

I don’t know if his story with his wife is real or not, but thanks to this simple utility I managed to find a watch in less than 2 minutes. What I previously spent several unsuccessful hours of searching in the grass.

So meet the completely free Find Mi Band app, which is not an advertisement that really works, which I think helped not only me alone, but it will also help many. Everything is very easy to use downloaded, installed and use. Let’s start in order where to start and how to search.

Attention works with 2, 3 and 4 versions of the bracelet.

How to find Mi Band using the app

Install it, run in general everything as usual.

A window will open where you need to enter the Bluetooth address in the MAC address field, you can find it in the Mi Fit application, which you should have already installed accordingly.

Launch Mi Fit, select the Profile section.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen where the very last item shows us the numbers you need. If copying fails, copy them to a piece of paper, and then write them down.

Now go back to Find Mi Band and enter the numbers in the MAC address field

Important: you need to record in the same format in the original FA: 25: 2D: D8: AD: 18

After periodically pressing the Magnifier icon, the search and pairing (Connecting) of the bracelet with the program will begin.

It will take only a few seconds, after which a sad emoticon will appear that signals that the pairing has occurred, which means the object is somewhere in a few meters.

The following emoticon will inform you that you are looking in the wrong direction, you left the search area.

If the penultimate face appears, then you are on the right track with a radius of no more than a meter. At this stage, it is appropriate to turn on the Vibration button, why the watch will begin to vibrate continuously, you will most likely be able to hear and find them.

The last funny smile says that you are no more than 20-30 centimeters and if your hearing is poor and your eyesight is too, then you will definitely find it by touch!

That’s how I very quickly managed to find the Mi Band, respect to the developer!

To use the described search method, you need to know approximately the place of loss is the range of the Bluetooth module, which extends only a few meters!