How To Find Iphone Using Apple Watch Smartphone Search Function

How To Find Iphone Using Apple Watch Smartphone Search Function

Apple‘s smartwatch is a device that hasn’t made a huge splash among those waiting for the truly new ONE MORE THING. But at the same time, there is no point in denying sales success. In addition, there are many useful features that make life easier for the user, and in some cases Apple Watch Help Find Missing iPhone. We’ll talk about this case today.

Finding iPhone with iWatch Smart Watch

Rescue Watches: How to Find iPhone Using Apple Watch

Quite often it happens that, going in the morning about their business, many hurry and forget the place where they left their smartphone. Here your smart watch rushes to the rescue. There are two ways to find your iPhone using iWatch:

  • sound search;
  • light search or using the flash / flashlight of the phone.

It is very important that the clock is synchronized with the phone, otherwise it will be problematic to find the missing device.

Photo: Find iPhone with iWatch

Sound search

  1. Swipe up on the main screen to call up the widget menu.
  2. Scroll left to settings.
  3. To activate the program, simply by clicking on the icon. “Find iPhone”.
  4. Miraculously, the smartphone will ring all the speakers of the case.

But there is another way that most people are unlikely to know about. Let us dwell on it in more detail.

Finding iPhone Using Apple Watch

Light search

You can use not only the sound signal, but also the flash of light itself, quite simply. This method greatly simplifies iPhone search with iWatch, and in low light, you can activate it in the following way:

  1. Swipe up on the main screen to call up the widget menu.
  2. Scroll left to the Apple Watch settings.
  3. Press and hold the iPhone search button. But do not overdo it with the press, as Force Force might work.
  4. Done. Now your iPhone will, in addition to the sound signal, still flicker LED flash.

Find your lost iPhone with Apple Watch

Convenient iPhone search feature embedded in Apple Watch

Before the start of sales, rumors spread about various kinds of shortcomings of Cupertin’s iWatch, and third-party developers were already making native applications before the release to add new features that might not be with the start of sales. But inside their ecosystem, the creators of smart watches are always doing well, which can not be said about other manufacturers.

Photo: Find your iPhone using a smart watch

How to make the flash of a lost iPhone blink

  1. Raise the curtain on the watch with the control point up.
  2. Find the phone icon with two waves on the sides and press. She is called “Ping.”
  3. After that, the lost iPhone will flash and make a sound. This method will help you find your phone even in the dark.

How to find in the dark

  1. Scroll the Digital Crown until the dial appears.
  2. Pull out the curtain and open the control room.
  3. Click on the phone icon.

The iPhone will make a distinctive sound that will help you find it in the dark.

How to turn on the flash

If you need a flashlight on your iPhone, hold the phone icon.

Lookout App

Lookout is an incredibly useful program. If the built-in applications allow you to find the Apple Watch at a distance limited by Bluetooth, then Lookout will find a smart watch, regardless of distance, and even count it.

  1. Shows the last pairing distance of two devices. Using this option, finding lost hours is easier. the user knows where to start the search.
  2. Turns on the siren. a loud signal will help to detect lost hours.
  3. Saves a backup of the entered data.
  4. iPhone starts to vibrate if the smartwatch is too far from the device. This is very useful in case of sudden theft.

Without which it is impossible to search for a smartphone

However, it should be understood that without connecting to the phone, a smart watch will not help to find it. For this reason, you must complete the iPhone and Apple Watch synchronization procedure in advance.

Findings on Finding an iPhone Using Apple Watch

As you can see, the smart watch Apple Watch is useful, so it can greatly simplify the search for iPhone. However, a number of functions may not immediately attract attention. No wonder the developers from Cupertino began to issue instructions on the chips of their gadget systems.

At the time of release, iWatch were not very useful in their application. Currently, developers are releasing new applications that help in everyday work, which eliminates the initial questions about why the Apple Watch is needed. At the moment, such a question has become rather rhetorical.