How to Find Battery Status on Android

This question was asked at least once by everyone, not even the most experienced user of mobile devices. The functionality of the devices and the period of their autonomous operation completely depend on the battery charge. Having bought a very advanced smartphone with high performance, but with a low battery capacity, you will not be able to fully use its resource, as it will constantly require recharging.

How to Find Battery Status on Android

Owners of devices with rather capacious batteries encounter the same problem over time, when a full charge lasts for only a couple of hours of not very active use. This is the first alarm after which you need to check the smartphone battery. This is easy to do even at home. Consider the simplest and most accessible methods for this procedure.

How to check the status of the smartphone battery

Before using advanced verification methods, you should carry out a visual inspection of the battery. If the capacitive element is built-in, then you need to pay attention to the visible plane. It should be absolutely even, without swelling and bulges. The appearance of these defects indicates a malfunction of the battery and the need to replace it. Also, the battery should not overheat, especially when passively using a smartphone.

To test the functionality of the removable battery of the phone you need to put it on the table and try to unwind it. If it fits snugly with its plane to the surface of the table and rotates with difficulty, then no problem with him. If the battery instantly spins like a spinning top, then it needs to be changed. In addition, there should be no visible damage to the capacitive element, and the metal contacts must be clean.

For mobile devices based on the Android operating system, there are several ways to check battery performance:

  • using a system utility;
  • using special applications;
  • using a multimeter.

To activate the system program on a smartphone, you need to enter a special multi-digit code in the call menu: ## 4636 ##. Then in the window that appears, go to the menu Battery Information, where all the main characteristics of your battery will be indicated, including its current status.

In order not to remember this complex combination of characters, you can install one of the many applications from the Play Market:

  • AccuBattery
  • Battery life
  • Power battery
  • Battery Calibration and many others.

With their help, you will get full information about the nominal and current characteristics, as well as about the level of charge and battery wear.

experienced users may check the battery capacity of the phone with a multimeter. To do this, you need to look at the battery itself, the nominal voltage value (it is measured in Volts and is usually 3.7 V), and then charge the device to 100%. Then measure the actual value. If it matches the passport data, then the battery is normal, and if it deviates more than 20%, then the battery does not work correctly.

Also worth pay attention to the speed of battery discharge. If after 10 minutes of talking at 100% the battery has lost at least 10%, this means that it does not hold a charge. Such a slight load should not significantly reduce the capacity of the element.

How to find out battery wear on a smartphone or iPhone

For mobile devices with the iOS operating system, you can also check the battery operation in several ways:

  • Using apps from the App Store
  • using a multimeter;
  • using iBackupBot.

One of the most popular iPhone apps. Battery pro. It allows you to find out the battery capacity, rating and% of actual wear in a few seconds. By installing it on your device, you can effectively monitor the battery in real time.

A special program was developed for Windows that allows you to diagnose the battery of an iPhone connected to a PC. It should compare two main characteristics of the battery:

  • DesignCapacity (nominal value of capacity according to the passport data);
  • FullChargeCapacity (actual value of capacity at the time of the diagnosis).

You can also check the iPhone battery with a multimeter. This method is absolutely identical, as is the case with an Android smartphone. We examined the most popular and affordable ways to find out the capacity of a phone’s battery at home and determine its level of wear.