How To Find An Asset Phone Number

How to Find an Asset Phone Number

Do you remember the times when cell phones were already invented, but only very rich people could afford them? In those days, a home phone was considered the ultimate dream. Today it’s not even clear how we could do without a mobile phone, because it was impossible to find a person if he was not at home. Today, everything has changed. at any moment we can call our friends or relatives and talk with them as much as our heart desires, because mobile communication is frankly cheap.

Many people have been using one SIM card for so long that they often simply forget what their number is. Here you meet your old friend on a walk, want to exchange numbers and understand that you forgot the treasured 11 digits. What to do? How to be The easiest option is to call a friend’s phone from your device. But what should you do if you need to find out the number right now, and there is no one nearby or the phone just runs out of money, so you can’t call anyone? about this below.

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Just note that today we will only talk about the most popular mobile operators.


The first company on our list is Megafon.

  • First, you can call the customer support service. To do this, dial 0500 and wait for the operator to respond. Unfortunately, the wait can take up to half an hour or more, so we recommend using the following method.
  • Type 127 # on the keyboard and press the call button. After a few seconds, your phone will receive the necessary combination of numbers in an SMS message. As far as we know, this service is paid and costs 1 ruble.
  • The third option is to use the “Service Guide”. This is a personal account of the subscriber’s user, in which he can make various changes regarding the tariff plan, as well as find out all kinds of information. True, there is one catch. you can get into your account only if you know your mobile number.
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According to official data, each MTS subscriber can solve this problem using three different solutions.

  • The first one. Dial the following key combination 1110887 # from your phone and press the call button. After some time (usually it takes no more than a minute) you will receive an SMS in which you will see the treasured figures. If the message did not arrive, repeat the procedure.
  • The second one. You can call the company’s support service at a short number 0887. However, there is one problem. it’s almost impossible to get through quickly, so the operator will need to wait.
  • The third. There is the so-called MTS mobile portal, which is automatically activated when you insert a SIM card into your phone. Go to the “My Details” section and select “My Number“. The service is free.


Next on our list is the Beeline operator. It allows you to solve the problem in three ways.

  • The first option is to type 111 # on the keyboard, press the call button, and in the menu that appears, select My Beeline. My Data. My Number and wait for the SMS message.
  • The second option. we dial 11010 #, send a call and wait for the coveted SMS with a phone number.
  • Option three. call support at 0611 and wait for the operator to respond.
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Tele 2

The Swedish telecommunications company, which entered the Russian market in 2001, closes our list. It is distinguished by low cost and good call quality, but this operator is still not there, although there is a high probability that it will appear in the capital soon.

  • In order to find out the number on Tele2, you can use only one method. Dial the key combination 201 # and press the call button. Your number will be shown on the phone screen. However, you can always contact support at 611.