How to Find a Phone If Geolocation is Off

How to Find a Phone If Geolocation is Off

Greetings, friend of site. Today we’ll talk about smartphones that have firmly established themselves in our lives in just one decade, becoming if not best friends, then definitely good companions. Losing a smartphone is extremely unpleasant, since the device costs decent money, it stores a lot of personal information, a person remains unconnected for some time, and it’s just annoying. But do not despair right away, because you can try to find a gadget. If it is turned on (even with another SIM card), then determining its location is a trifle, especially when the owner has insured himself in advance, made the necessary settings and installed special software. But what if the phone is disconnected, can it be tracked and how? In fact, there are several ways, although their effectiveness on the Internet is often questioned. Still, it’s better to take some kind of action to return the loss, than just come to terms with it.

Track gadget

If you planted a phone somewhere within your habitat, for example, in an apartment or a car, and it is off, then you will hardly be puzzled by the question of whether its location can be tracked. Then you have to do with your own deductive abilities. remember where you saw the gadget for the last time, interview households or wait for the alarm to work (it will ring even on a disconnected device). You should not connect more serious services to the search, as you can get a fine. Contact the law enforcement authorities if you are sure that you have lost your phone outside the house, and do not have the opportunity to find it yourself. Although it is unlikely that they will quickly find your loss, such things are put off until later, doing more important things.

If the phone is stolen, it is very expensive, for example, the new Samsung or iPhone and you have evidence of the crime. recording or witnesses, then your case will be given priority, especially if this is not the first case in the area.

I’ll tell you how and with whose help to track the phone, if it was stolen and at the moment it is turned off. You need to contact any police department, while providing certain data.

If it is turned off, the police will try to find the stolen phone by imei, the identification number on each mobile device that looks like a set of 15 digits. On the gadget itself, you can find it on a special sticker under the battery or dial # 06 #. When submitting an application, you will need to provide your documents, imei number (indicated on the box and in the device’s passport) and the contract number for the SIM card installed in the phone (ask your mobile operator). Then it remains only to wait and hopes.

SIM card

If you are not completely sure that the theft took place, then it’s best to try to do it yourself first. contact your mobile operator with a request to track the phone by number.

You will also need to provide imei devices, a passport and name the contract number on the SIM card. In this case, the operator will try to find the phone by satellite. They will send a signal to the SIM card, the adoption of which will be recorded by the nearest telephone towers. So the operator will be able to determine the location of the gadget, but with an error. in the city of 100-200 meters, in the countryside up to a kilometer. With this data, if you yourself do not find it, then go to the police. If the phone is turned off and is at the time of the request without a SIM card, then you won’t be able to find it this way, since it will not receive the sent signal.


A lost phone when it is turned on with active features such as the Internet and GPS is easy to find by geolocation. For this, each operator has a corresponding service:

The service is activated by sending SMS to a specific short number or in a communication salon, it is paid. In order for the “locators” or “navigator” to bring benefits in case of loss of the gadget, they must be activated in advance. Tracking must be carried out on another device, but with confirmation of consent from the monitored phone. The results by location can come in the form of SMS or displayed on the map in a special application, which must also be pre-installed. This is convenient when you need to know about the movements of the child, by the way, children lose gadgets more often than adults. You can control the movement of adults, but whether they agree, and track the phone in this way, if geolocation is turned off, it is impossible.

The same principles are used in existing tracking programs. If the smartphone is turned off, then definitely it will not be possible to track it by any special means, if it is turned on, the Internet and GPS are working. it is possible, but subject to a number of conditions, which I will discuss below.

On the Internet, you can find a bunch of flashy banners that advertise programs for finding a phone by imei. Believing loud promises is not worth it. You download the program, install it on your computer, it will ask you to add the database with existing codes into it. And you can download it from the Internet, but only in such databases viruses most often hide. You will complete the test by driving your imei into the desired window. Only in 99% of cases the program will not find it, citing either the wrong code or outdated data, and the insidious virus will already penetrate your machine.

It’s good if the program is free, but most often such utilities are either paid for themselves, or they ask for money for the service by issuing a message like “we found your device to see the report, enter a certain amount of money”. Keep in mind that by law, only special services are allowed to search for a mobile device by imei.

Nevertheless, there are programs designed to search for missing gadgets. Most of them use the geolocation method, that is, tracking via satellites. Therefore, the device must be turned on by itself, it must have a SIM card (not necessarily yours), it must have mobile data transmission connected (well, or active Wi-Fi, if the attacker decided to use his Internet at this moment) and the GPS transmission data. Such a combination of circumstances with theft or loss is unlikely, but why not try.

Find the Android phone will help free utility Android Device Manager, which can be downloaded on Google Play. By the way, the latest improvement of the program by developers from Google gave her a new name. Find My Device. this is one and the same thing.

And so we came to the very conditions that I mentioned above:

  1. The program must be installed on the gadget in advance.
  2. You must have a valid Google account, to which you must link your device and mobile number.
  3. On the gadget itself, you must enable the “Find device” function (Settings. Location or Google. Security) and the “Location” function must be activated.
  4. Still in the same place in Settings. Google. Security you need to connect an administrator to whom to give rights to remote control (block and erase everything).
  5. The phone must be visible to the Google Play service, to check this, go to and in the “My devices” section in the “Availability” column, check the box next to the desired model.

If all the settings are made, and the conditions are met, then to search for the gadget yourself via the Internet, simply enter the phrase “where is my phone” in any Google’s search engine on a computer (computer or other smartphone), just log in to the account to which it is attached.

As a result, a special window with a map will open, where through the Google geolocation it will begin to search for a connected model.

From here you can also “Ring” a lost phone to quickly find it, for example, in an apartment or on the street, if the gadget is dropped on the road.

Or block the stolen phone, because you are sure that the theft was present. You will need to enter twice a new (preferably unrealistically complicated) password and be sure to remember it, since it will not work to change it.

If the gadget has a lot of important information that detractors can use for personal gain, then through the computer you can delete it all. To do this, use the “Clean device” function.


You can track your iPhone through the iCloud service provided by the manufacturers. To search, you need to download the “Find iPhone” application and activate geolocation on the gadget.

If your i-phone is disconnected, then go to or to “Find iPhone” on another device. You will need to enter an ID and another password. After passing the identification, you will be able to view the last recorded location of the iPhone. Through iCloud you can still:

  1. Send a sound signal to the device.
  2. Send a message asking to return the “find” to the owner, which will appear on the screen immediately after turning on the iPhone even when changing the SIM card.

Friends, I have described enough methods for you to try to find your smartphone. I hope they will be useful to you. Please, unsubscribe in the comments about the search results. help us determine the most effective way.