How To Find A Hidden Camera Using A Phone

If you do not have paranoia, this does not mean that you are not being watched. But how to find a hidden camera in an apartment? This can be done through the phone using special applications.

Search using apps

Before you begin the search, it is worth considering the following:

  • If you start looking for a device, most likely its owner will know about it. Fortunately, the camera will not show exactly what you are doing on your mobile phone. Therefore, it is possible to detect it without attracting attention.
  • After detecting the camera, you can simply remove it, but then there is a risk of revealing yourself. You can take into account its presence and not do anything important in the area that is being filmed. Or invite a policeman to take the camera himself. Such actions will help when applying to the court.

Using a phone, you can detect a hidden camera in two ways, which are used in different applications:

  • Detecting electromagnetic fields at a specific frequency is a more reliable way. With it, you can determine the location of the camera, even if it is behind a wall or other object.
  • Determining the source of light rays. the camera uses a lens from which light is reflected. It is he who can try to detect using the application. This method is less reliable, since light glare from many surfaces and small objects.

There are many applications that can help in the search.

How to Find a Hidden Camera Using a Phone

Glint finder

In the Glint Finder application, you can enter settings to search for glare of different frequencies

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A program that runs on Android devices. It works on the principle of searching for lens flare and does a good job of this.

  1. Install and run the application.
  2. Set the settings for camera search. you will have to experiment with them to achieve the best result. For starters, you can leave the default values.
  3. Start by slowly and smoothly driving the phone camera around the area. If the program detects a flare, a signal will appear.

The program is available for free on the Play Market.

Such applications work with varying success. they are able to detect some cameras, others not. But this is the only thing that can be done without having special equipment for the search.

Tiny SVR Came: Anti SVR Hidden Surveillance Finder

Anti SVR Hidden Surveillance Finder application allows you to search for cameras within a certain radius

The application has not only sensors for calculating the camera, but also many useful tips for finding it. It will tell you where it is best to look for a camera in certain rooms. The program has an infrared scanner of white light (glare). This is a very popular app. His rating in the Play Market is four and a half stars.

  • search for cameras in two different ways;
  • connect to installed cameras;
  • use your phone as a small surveillance device.

The program is free, but has additional features in the paid version.

Hidden camera detector

Hidden Camera DetectorHidden Camera Detector shows proximity to the camera and direction

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Another useful app. It works as follows:

  1. When the program starts, a circle appears with a number inside, which determines the proximity of the camera. A red spot at the edge of the circle indicates the approximate location of the device.
  2. Move around the room towards a red spot on the screen. The number will change. If it exceeded 100, then the camera is very close.
  3. If the number is small and there is no red spot on the screen, then there is no camera nearby and it is worth looking for it elsewhere.

Of course, such a detector may malfunction near another technique. For example, televisions and microwaves can also influence the value of a number. You need to make sure that the application detected the camera, and not another electrical device.

This software also has a glare search mode. A special filter will help to detect the camera. To use it, just turn on this mode and slowly move around the room, holding the phone in your hands. When the device is detected, the application will inform you about it in a bright circle.

All such applications work on the same principles and they are all unstable to interference. The more equipment in the room, the more difficult it will be to search for a camera. You must always remember that the camera can be installed in the technology itself.

other methods

Some devices for surveillance can be found without installing applications. But only the simplest models can be found this way. The fact is that cameras can use the most common communication channels, such as bluetooth, for data transfer. In this case, just turn it on on the phone and try to connect to the camera. If it does not have a password, it can be detected by the frames that it takes. Otherwise, at least it will be known that the camera is definitely there. Monitoring the stability of the signal will help determine the approximate location of the device.

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Since the camera is interfering, communication near it may be interrupted or less clear. If the apartment has a place where the telephone connection is unstable. you need to study this place for the presence of covert surveillance devices.

Useful Tips

Here are some suggestions to help you find a cctv device:

  • When searching with a sensor, the phone must be held horizontally. then it will be easier to determine the location of the camera, and the sensors themselves will work better.
  • The case from the phone is indispensable to remove. any cover will interfere with the application.
  • If you are sure that in some technique there is no camera, it is better to remove it from the room. this will reduce the source of interference during the search.

The phone is really capable of detecting primitive models of CCTV cameras. It will be enough to stop the evil intent of the ill-wisher, if he is not too experienced. Well, to search for advanced devices, it is better to use special equipment, rather than a mobile phone.