How to Find a Computer Name on a Local Network

How to Find a Computer Name on a Local Network

A fairly large number of computers can be connected in one local network, each of which has its own unique name. In the framework of this article, we will talk about ways to determine this name.

Find out the name of the PC on the network

We will consider both the system tools available by default in each version of Windows, and a special program.

Method 1: Special Software

There are many programs that allow you to find out the name and other information about computers connected to the same local network. We will consider MyLanViewer. software that allows you to scan network connections.

    Download, install and run the program. You can use it for free only for 15 days.

A list of addresses will be presented. In line “Your Computer” click on the plus sign icon.

The name you need is located in the block “Host Name”.

If you wish, you can independently explore the other features of the program.

Method 2: Command Prompt

You can find out the name of a computer on the network using “Command line”. This method will allow you to calculate not only the name of the PC, but also other information, for example, identifier or IP address.

    Through the menu “Start” open Command line or Windows PowerShell.

After the username, add the following command and press “Enter”.

In one of the blocks “LAN connection” find and copy value IPv4 Address.

Now enter the following command in an empty line and add a copied IP address after a space.

You will be presented with the name of the computer on the local network.

You can find out more information by using the command below and adding the IP address of the desired PC on the network after it.

The necessary information is placed in the block “NetBIOS Name Table of Remote Computers”.

If you need to find out the name of your PC on the network, you can limit yourself to a special team.

If you have any questions about this method, please contact us in the comments.

Method 3: Change the name

The easiest way to calculate a name is to view the properties of the computer. To do this, right-click on the button “Start” and in the list, select “System”.

After opening the window “System” The information you need will be presented in the line “Full name”.

Here you can find other data about the computer, as well as edit them if necessary.


The methods discussed in the article will allow you to find out the name of any computer on the local network. In this case, the second method is most convenient, since it allows you to calculate additional information without requiring the installation of third-party software.

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