How To Erase An Iphone Without An Icloud Password

How To Erase An Iphone Without An Icloud Password

There are many situations (sale or transfer) in which users need to erase their iPhone / iPad / iPod to ensure their privacy. However, if users forget their iCloud password, How do I reset my iPhone without an iCloud / Apple ID password? This is about the best fix solutions.

Top 2 Ways to Clean Your iPhone Entirely Before Selling. Method 1. Reset iPhone to factory settings without iCloud password.

How to delete data from iPhone before selling or transferring? Factory settings. the most useful method for users trying to erase their data on the iPhone X / 8/7 / 6. However, without a password, users cannot simply restore their files and data, so we recommend that you use the free tool. Tenorshare ReiBoot, which is the best iOS tool in the world and can help users solve all iOS related problems. You can only follow the steps to delete iPhone data without a password. how to clean ihone completely before selling.

Step 1: After downloading and installing Tenorshare ReiBoot on your PC / Mac, launch the program and connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2: Click “iPhone Factory Settings” from the top corner to go to the advanced system recovery interface directly when you connect your iOS device.

Step 3: In advanced mode, click “Fix Now” to start downloading the firmware package, or you can also manually import the firmware if you already have one.

Step 4: After you have finished downloading the firmware, click “Start Restore”. During recovery, make sure the connection is between the iOS device and the computer. And the process can take about 10 minutes. After system recovery, your device will reboot as usual.

And users can also turn to the tutorial to find out a more detailed process.

Method 2: Use iTunes to reset iPhone to factory settings if Find iPhone is disabled

How to erase an iPhone before selling or transferring? For users who have already disabled Find My iPhone for their iPhone / iPad / iPod, you can also try returning your iOS device to recovery mode and using iTunes to restore your iPhone.

To easily enter recovery mode, you can also get help from Tenorshare ReiBoot so that it can enter recovery mode / exit iPhone X / 8/7/6 recovery mode with just one click.

Step 1. Just start the program and click “Enter recovery mode”, you will see the iTunes and USB icons on the iPhone screen.

Step 2: Then connect your iPhone using iTunes via the USB cable, iTunes will detect the iPhone in recovery mode and require recovery.

Step 3. Go to the iTunes section “Overview” Restore iPhone. “To restore iPhone factory settings.

In this post, we introduce two ways to erase your iPhone when you are locked out of your iCloud password. Tenorshare ReiBoot is the preferred recommended method when it comes to erasing and iPhone without Apple ID. In addition, Resetting the iPhone to factory settings can also fix other problems, for example, the iPhone hangs on the aytyuns cord, the iPhone hangs on an apple, etc.