How to Enter the BIOS on the Phone

Greetings to you dear readers! You know, this would probably not be a blog with computer tips, if I hadn’t written anything about a system like BIOS.

How to Enter the BIOS on the Phone

I’m sure that every day search engines are asked such a question, how to enter BIOS, and today I’ll try to tell you about this system and how to enter BIOS on different computers.

What is a BIOS?

Let’s first understand what it is. Speaking professionally, this is:

(English basic input / output system. “part of the system software” implemented in the form of firmware, which is intended to provide the operating system API access to the computer’s hardware and devices connected to it.

Well, if simple, then BIOS this many firmware is written to the system board. Even before the operating system starts booting, BIOS performs a lot of useful and necessary functions. For example, there is such a very important task for BIOS, it is checking all the components of the computer. Post.

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As soon as you click on the power button of your computer, the procedure starts Post, which checks the correctness and availability of all components of the computer (card, RAM, hard disk, and so on) and in case of failure of any of the components gives an error by which one or another failure can be determined. A hedgehog is also given a sound signal, but it seems to me on older computers, in new ones I have not seen this.

The BIOS also controls the loading of the operating system and indicates from which source to boot (DVD / CD drive, hard drive, or a connected flash device). This is especially true when installing the operating system, I will write about this below. Also, the BIOS stores a lot of different settings that you can change. For example, through the BIOS, I slightly overclocked my processor, due to an increase in the frequency of the system bus.

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How to enter BIOS?

In order to enter the BIOS system, immediately after clicking on the computer’s power button, you need to press the key hard, but we’ll figure out which one now. The fact is that different manufacturers of motherboards or laptops have their own key combination for entering BIOS. These are usually keys Del , F2 , or Esc , there can also be combinations of different keys, and for this I’ll post a plate in which you can see the keys for entering the BIOS from different manufacturers.

Keyboard shortcuts from BIOS manufacturers

Keyboard shortcuts from PC and laptop manufacturers

Having such a tablet on hand (you can save the picture and drop it on the phone) you can always get into the BIOS on almost any computer.

What to do in BIOS?

An interesting question that has many answers. First of all, you need to enter the BIOS before installing Windows or another OS. The fact is that by default the computer starts from the hard drive, and to install the operating system we need to boot from the DVD / CD drive or flash drive, these settings can be set by going into the BIOS, more on this is written here How to set the boot from the drive in BIOS or flash drives. Well, if you are completely by accident # 128578; If something is not configured in the BIOS, then read about how to reset BIOS settings.