How to Enter iPad 2 into Recovery Mode

Any iPhone, iPad or multimedia iPod touch can be entered into DFU mode. To be honest, I myself have never entered my iPhone into DFU mode, they say that newcomers do not get it right away, to enter the device into this mode, you need to get used to what we are going to do today. As an example for experiments, we take the Apple iPhone. A special feature of entering DFU mode is the absolutely black screen, and not any identification marks on the iPhone screen, if the transfer to DFU was accompanied by at least an inscription, as in the picture on the left, it would be a little clearer.

In addition to DFU, there is another mode called Recovery Mode. What are these two modes for? They are mainly used for flashing or restoring the firmware of your iPhone. It also happens that an iPhone or iPad crashes and iOS firmware does not start, in such cases they use Recovery Mode and DFU modes. For starters, they always try the milder mode. Recovery Mode, but if it doesn’t help, they already use the DFU mode.

Sometimes DFU is confused with Recovery Mode. Whatever you get confused, I’ll try to explain what the difference between them is:

  • When you enter iPhone or iPad into Recovery Mode, the iTunes program icon and USB cable appear on the device’s screen. When entering into DFU on the device screen is a black display.
  • It is not necessary to use iTunes to enter Recovery Mode. DFU mode without iTunes cannot be started, I tried it myself.
  • Recovery Mode is launched using the iOS operating system, and DFU mode bypasses the operating system, i.e. at the hardware level.

How to enter iPhone in DFU mode

The input methods described here are relevant for models with a physical Home button, but if you have an iPhone 7, 7 Plus and a model higher, then the DFU starts like this. New DFU instruction for iPhone 7.

We will consider two combinations that can put our iPhone in DFU mode. You can use any, more convenient. Before we start, launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone or other gadget to it using the included cable. Do not use USB adapters; plug the cable into the computer itself. After the iPhone is connected to a computer running iTunes, we try to put the phone in DFU mode using one of the methods below:

Method 1. How to enter DFU

How to Enter iPad 2 into Recovery Mode

Putting iPhone in DFU mode. Method number 1

The easiest way to enter iPhone into DFU is as follows. simultaneously hold down the Home button plus the Power button and count to 10. After 10 seconds of holding, release the Power button and continue to hold the Home button.

Method 2. Second attempt to enter DFU

Step-by-step start of the DFU mode in iPhone. Method number 2

This method is called more correct, but it is more difficult for beginners. Turn off the iPhone and wait for the device to turn off to the end. Now we hold down the Power button and counting up to 3 seconds in place with it we hold down the Home button. Now holding Home Power, count to 10 and release Power, but continue to hold the Home button.

ITunes when starting DFU mode

When completing entering iPhone into DFU mode, it is useless to look at the phone’s screen, since it will simply be black, you need to look into the running iTunes program, which will identify the device with the DFU mode running and display the following message:

ITunes has detected iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before use with iTunes.

If you saw such a notification and the only button appeared in iTunes. Restore iPhone, now look at the phone screen, if the screen is black, then it is in DFU mode. If something is not pushed correctly, then an image with the iTunes logo and a USB cable may appear, this means Recovery Mode.

How to get iPhone into DFU mode

If, during the process of familiarizing yourself with the instructions, you entered your working iPhone into DFU mode, then you can get the phone out of it using a regular reboot. hold down the Home Power buttons for 10 seconds. The phone will reboot and will work as usual. To exit the manually launched Recovery Mode, we used the same way to exit Home Power for 10 seconds. When the cable is connected, after holding Home and Power for 10 seconds, the phone may not start, then after pressing the Power button and it will turn on.

Once, after an unsuccessful attempt to update the firmware, an error popped up and our iPhone fell into a constant recovery mode, only TinyUmbrella helped to get out of it. Perhaps if the iPhone does not exit DFU by rebooting, then you can try programs like TinyUmbrella or iReb. So far I have not encountered a similar situation, but if I encounter it, I will definitely tell you.