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How to open and set up the engineering menu on your Android. instructions and secret codes. Enter the service menu of your Huawei device Engineering menu huawei honor 4x

Nowadays phones are as complex as computers. Accordingly, there are many options “hidden” from the average user, who ineptly using them can turn his gadget into a brick. One of these options is the engineering menu.

The service menu allows you to manually configure absolutely any phone parameter. It is also used by manufacturers before they send the gadget to market, in order to tune and debug the operating system for the most comfortable operation of the device in the user. Some companies even remove the ability to enter the engineering settings, but fortunately, in Nopoget phones the option remains and is available in full.

Ways to enter the engineering menu

via application. You’ve probably heard of this feature before. I strongly advise not to go this way. First, because, as you can see in the screenshot below, the lion’s share of the proposed PlayMarket options run on MTK processors, and the line of Nopogi model 6a in particular is equipped with Qualcomm.

Secondly, it is not a fact that the others are optimized specifically for our country and for our device. To see a clear example of a bad choice, you can go to the reviews of “Hidden Android settings”. This is the fourth option in the issue. This application is intended for users from the U.S., and their mobile operators operate on different frequencies than ours. As a result, many users of this application SIM card frequency settings are lost, and all they can do now is take the phone to a service center.

by entering a code. This is a more reliable way. The engineering menu, of course, is still a risky venture, but here you have less chance of turning your phone into a “brick” than when you enter this menu through apps.

Although many people now consider Nopogcompany, which produces gadgets, it is still the brainchild of Huawei, and to enter the service menu of the phone it is exactly the code of Huawei: ##2846579#. Do not try to enter the standard Android code, it will not work. So, in order to open the menu, do the following:

  • Open the numeric keypad where you normally enter your phone number;
  • Manually enter the code mentioned above. Do not try to copy and paste it. The main condition is manual entry. You do not even have to press the call button, as soon as you enter the last character, the following will open:

This is our menu. It’s always in English, so if you’re not good at languages, you’ll have to be patient and open Google Translator.

enter, huawei, menu, engineering

Engineering menu options

Let’s go through the main points of the mode to make it easier for you to understand.

  • Backgroundsettings. There are only two items: USB and Log settings. If the first is not necessary to explain, the second item is used for debugging the work of the gadget. For example, there are items “Charging logs” and “Sleep mode logs”;

In the Network section all the data about networks are collected. This is not only Internet, but also telephony;

In “SoftwareUpgrade” you can update your phone from the flash drive.

Android smartphone manufacturers implement and use the engineering menu to test the devices. It contains all sorts of tests and settings of the device, which are not available to ordinary users. However, today, knowing the USSD-command or having downloaded the application from PlayMarket, anyone can enter the engineering menu.

Engineering menu. what is it

Engineering Mode, or the engineering menu of the phone, is useful for fine-tuning most of the parameters of the device. First of all this function is necessary for the manufacturer, which checks various parameters at the final stage of smartphones production before sending them to the stores. This allows you to detect system and application errors in a timely manner and take actions to fix them. In addition, through the Engineering Mode users can get detailed information about the capabilities of their smartphone and change its settings.

Important! Since the Engineering Mode is installed directly in the Android OS, some mobile device manufacturers remove it from users after all the checks, so that they can not make changes. Therefore, the owners of such devices, changes in the settings will have to make through third-party programs, applications or firmware.

Owners of most Honor and Huawei phones don’t have to worry, as the Engineering menu is always available for them. If for some reason it is not possible to start this mode, then most likely the user has missed some step in the sequence of his actions or it is done differently for his phone model.

If you are not sure of the correctness of your actions when working with Engineering Mode, or you do it for the first time, it is worth to think carefully about the actions you take. After all, incorrect changes to the settings in this mode can lead to a deterioration of the phone. It cannot be repaired under warranty.

Engineering Mode functions

Honor and Huawei engineering menus impress with their functionality. Here is a huge number of sections where you can interact with the different parameters of your smartphone. There are adjustments for sound, camera, location, calls and much more. Let’s analyze what each section is responsible for.


One of the most popular items is Telephony. Here users can:

  • Disable or enable automatic answering of incoming calls.
  • Specify only those GSM-band frequencies that are supported by the phone, thereby saving battery power.
  • Enable or disable call forwarding.
  • Specify mobile communication standards.
  • Select compatibility with various devices.
  • Test mobile operator services.
  • Get information about Internet connection.
  • Set up SIM cards.
  • And much more.


In the section responsible for communications, users can:

  • Configure the Bluetooth module’s operation.
  • Get information about wireless connections.
  • Make sure the radio is working.
  • Test Wi-Fi module.

Hardware Testing (module testing)

By entering Hardware Testing in the engineering menu, it will be possible to test and debug the following components of the mobile device:

  • Cameras.
  • Speakers.
  • Processor.
  • Current.
  • Battery.
  • Fingerprint scanner.
  • Screen.
  • Also debug the time to go to sleep mode.


This item contains location information and it is possible to change parameters of GPS and GLONASS modules.

Log Debugging

As the name suggests, in this section of service menu you can see the logs, i.e. logs of different components of the device. For example, it displays the temperature and battery charge.


This item contains functions that are used by the developers and are not necessary for an average user.

How to enter the engineering menu?

To enter the engineering menu, you must enter a special command in the dialer app: ##3646633##. On some versions the code ##4636# or #15963# may work.

If the engineering menu code on Android does not work, or there is no dialer app on your phone (relevant for tablets that do not support calls), the MobileUncle Tools or MTK Engineering apps can help, they can be downloaded for free via Google Play.

After entering a command or launching an application the desired section will open. It will probably close immediately. You need to have “Developer mode” activated on your smartphone. To do this, go to the settings of the gadget, find the kernel version there and quickly click on it 5-10 times in a row.

Logging into Recovery on an Android tablet

Different devices may have different versions of Recoveries installed, which tend to differ even visually. At the same time to get to this menu most often a similar sequence of user actions is used. So, to activate the Engineer Mode you will need:1. Turn off your tablet. It is recommended to fully charge the battery or connect the device to the network beforehand.2. Go to Recovery by manipulating the buttons on the gadget. Usually, each manufacturer uses a special combination of “hot buttons. Let’s look at the most common combinations set by the manufacturers for entering Recoveries.

Button combinations to enter the Recovery on the tablet:. Simultaneous pressing of one of the volume buttons, Home button and Power button.- Press Volume button, Power button simultaneously.- Pressing power and 2 volume buttons at the same time.

Press and hold the buttons until booting into recovery mode.

Recovery Chinese tablets

Many Chinese-made devices do not have Recoveries pre-installed. In this case you need to pre-flash the tablet.

Available functions

The engineering menu is characterized by a huge number of additional functions. In most models adjustment of volume, photo quality, navigation and telephony is available. All options can be changed at your discretion.

Adjustment does not require much knowledge and skills. You just need to open

parameter, experiment until you get the desired result. But remember, it is better to change only those parameters in which you are sure.


Telephony immediately draws attention once the owner of the gadget gets into the engineering menu. The section will allow you to open a huge number of settings. The main ones are:

  • adjusting the auto-answer mode for incoming calls;
  • independent selection of frequencies for GSM, which displays all possible options;
  • Setting up call forwarding;
  • availability of the utility used by developers for AT commands;
  • adjusting the harmonious interconnection with other devices;
  • selecting only the necessary programs to save energy;
  • adjusting the quality of services provided by the operator;
  • setting up the network on the mobile gadget;
  • 3G functioning, but only when there is support by the mobile;
  • Improve the priority of the Internet over the voice traffic, but keep in mind that as a result incoming calls may not be displayed.
  • availability of a special function to save the charge;
  • the choice of standard communication;
  • testing the quality of the services provided by the tariff;
  • Manual setting of GSM parameters, depending on the region of residence.

It is enough to switch all the options to configure the mobile for yourself, to resume the usual mode after rebooting.


The section also has various tricks that allow you to customize the phone’s capabilities, depending on the owner’s needs:

  • a wide range of settings for Bluetooth and to start debugging;
  • availability of information about interfaces, which work without connecting special wires;
  • Possibility to check FM;
  • adjusting the accuracy of the option for data transmission on a particular channel
  • recording of logs to test the operation of technology.

Wireless interfaces qualitatively test your device and display all the indicators for analyzing the state of your gadget.

Hardware Testing

Modules will allow you to set and adjust settings on Honor. The following items are relevant:

  • adjusting the quality and intensity of the sound
  • selecting shooting criterion;
  • reading the indicators of current intensity, which is formed in the sensors;
  • testing of the processes occurring in the device;
  • Disabling the application mode;
  • adjusting the sleep mode operation;
  • information about the battery and the charge;
  • Adjusting the quality of the sensor adjustment to the signals sent by the user;
  • adjustment of points after simultaneous pressing on different areas of the screen.
  • test the GPS.

This is a more complex process. But the knowledge of this method allows you to adjust the important functions of your smartphone.

Huawei HG532E Modem Specifications

Processor: Ralink RT63365E (500 MHz) Flash memory: 4 MiB (Winbond W25Q32BV) RAM: 32 MiB (Winbond W9425G6JH-5)

WI-FI module chip: Ralink RT5392L Radio frequency range used: 2.4 GHz Number and configuration of antennas: 2×2 MIMO Supported standards: 802.11 b/g/n

LAN Switch chip: Ralink RT63365E Number of LAN ports: 4 LAN port speed: 10/100 Mbps

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Many of us have long been fond of smartphones based on the Android operating system. They always bribed by their unpretentiousness and quite reliability, as well as their usability and simplicity. The same can be said, in particular, about smartphones of the famous. which are also based on this operating system. The company from China is always in step with the times and equips its phones with the latest versions of the operating system and multi-functional firmware, trying to keep up with the generally recognized market leaders Android-smartphones.

But not many of us know that you can make the already quite comfortable Huawei phones even better by fine-tuning them “for yourself”. What we can configure in the main menu of the phone is just the tip of a huge iceberg, the rest is hidden from users to avoid failure of the device. But people, who deal with cell phones not only at user level, but e.g. work in the service, can easily get access to advanced settings on almost any phone, resorting to the help of the engineering menu.

Getting ahead of the curve it is worth saying that inexperienced users really shouldn’t go into this “forbidden forest” in order not to spoil their device carelessly. But if you are confident in yourself and think that you know enough about technology, the Huawei Engineer Menu. that’s exactly what you need to fine tune your device as much as possible.

The engineering menu gives the user access to manual configuration of almost all phone parameters. Usually developers use engineer mode at the stage of final adjustment of the device before it goes on sale. With its help they check the device for various errors, malfunctions, as well as check the operability of all systems of the device. In addition, the engineering menu contains detailed information about the capabilities of the device and its programs.

The engineering menu is embedded directly in the Android program, but on some phone models the developers intentionally remove it from the phone after the final check. In such cases it will be problematic for the owner to customize the device directly from the phone and he³ will have to use special programs that can be downloaded, for example, on Google Play, or use the firmware of other developers.

The engineering menu for Huawei smartphones is usually always in place and never deleted, so if you failed to get into these settings the first time, you probably just didn’t consider the unique features of your device. It is also worth reiterating that if you are not sure what you are doing and working with such menus is new to you, then you should carefully consider this step. Remember that the unsuccessful settings in the engineering menu can not improve the performance of your smartphone, on the contrary, make it much more uncomfortable. In this case if you change the system settings you lose the warranty and you bear full responsibility for the device personally.

Engineering menu settings

Engineering menu opens up a huge range of possibilities to configure the phone, the most interesting we will consider in detail.

  • SAR Test. determining the level of harmful radiation from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Connections. testing the available wireless connection types: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WLAN CTIA and FM receiver.
  • Audio. adjusting the sound in the speakers, microphone and headphones. On how to increase Android volume through the engineering menu.
  • Camera. adjusting various camera settings.
  • Turn on the current camera. displays the operating current of the camera (in our tablet it is 2 mA).
  • CPU (central processing unit) stress test. checks for operational stability, reveals errors in CPU-memory channel, tests the CPU power supply and cooling system.
  • Device manager. activation of the automatic SMS registration, control of the configuration parameters.
  • Disable detection. setting the signal frequency.
  • Display. setting the pulse-width modulation index cycle, which affects the perceived brightness of the screen by quickly turning on/off the backlight; backlight backlight setting; controller behind the vertical and horizontal display lines.
  • Wake mode. its activation prevents the device from going to sleep.
  • IO. control of the data input/output operations.
  • Memory. detailed information about the RAM module.
  • In degree. detailed information about the battery (strange name of the section can be explained by errors in automatic translation of the names in the application, but there is no possibility to switch to English).
  • SD card test. tab name speaks for itself.
  • Touch Screen. testing the sensitivity and responsiveness of the display when pressed and setting additional display settings.
  • USB. testing USB port functionality.
  • UART/USB switch. switches between two data transfer modes.
  • Sensor. Touch screen calibration (adjusts touch screen sharpness and sensitivity). Standard methods.
  • Location. testing of GPS operation and determining exact location.
  • Battery Log. details about the battery and the ability to activate the recording of battery consumption information.
  • MTKLogger. collecting system logs (MobileLog, ModemLog and NetworkLog).
  • Temperature sensor. shows battery and processor.
  • Font parameter. changing the font size.

When you install an application, some features may not be available without.