How to enter a Wi-Fi router. I can’t enter the admin panel

How to set up a router without a specialist help

In the router menu you can see up to hundreds of different settings. But this instruction covers only the most important of them, which will allow you to quickly prepare the router for work. If in the process you come across unknown settings that are not mentioned in the text, just ignore them.

The names and arrangement of the parameters in the intenses depend on the manufacturer and model of the router. Therefore, we will describe the general principle of configuration, which should help you regardless of the device.

Connect the router to the Internet and computer

First, connect the router to the outlet. If the device has a power button, click on it. Then wait two to three minutes so that the router has time to load.

Insert the provider’s cable into the WAN (or Internet) port of your router to get access to the Internet.

Now connect the device to the computer. To do this, insert one end of the network cable into any LAN port of the router, and the second in the network card connector on PC.

Instead of LAN cable, you can use Wi.Fi to connect the router to the computer. In this case, open the Wi.Fi menu on PC and start searching wireless networks.

When the device finds a network of your router, connect to it. Its name should coincide with the model of the router. If you need to enter a password, look for it on the bottom of the router. But most likely, the wireless network will be unprotected.

Entrance from the computer via cable

There is usually a patch cord designed to connect the device to the computer to the router. This cable needs to connect the connector of the network card of your PC with one of the Lan ports of the router. There are four of them on most models. You can connect the cable to anyone.

Computer settings

In order for the computer to successfully connect to the router via cable, you need to configure a network connection. On modern routers, the DHCP service is enabled. That is, the router automatically assigns the IP address with devices connected to it. But for this, in the parameters of the network card of your PC, the option “Get IP-address automatically” should be included.

Automatic receipt of IP addresses

Open the “Center for Control of Networks and General Access” on your computer. This can be done by pressing the network settings in the lower right corner of the screen. And then open the network parameters or connection point.

In the window opened, click on Ethernet.

The Ethernet network state will appear, we turn into its properties. In the window that opens, select the component “IP version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” and turn into properties, as shown in the right screenshot.

Here we need to set a daw at the point of receipt of the IP address automatically. And click OK.

The set settings will come into force only after you close the Ethernet properties window.

IP address task manually

If for some reason it is not possible to connect to the router using these parameters, write the IP address manually. Perhaps the DHCP service is not included in it.

Open the properties of the protocol IP version 4. But this time install a checkmark in the item “Use the following IP address”. The address should be in the range of IP addresses of your router. That is, if the router has address, then for a network card you need to prescribe, for example, or The address of your router is indicated on the sticker at the bottom of the device. Default subnet mask. The main gateway is the IP address of your router.

If everything is done correctly, an active network connection icon appears in the lower right corner of your PC screen. Congratulations, you have successfully connected the computer to the router. You can proceed to the performance of the settings.

Entrance to the menu

To enter the router’s web-integer, enter its IP in the address bar of the browser on your PC and click Enter. A login and password request window will appear. They can be seen there, on the sticker, next to the IP address.

If the login and password are entered correctly, then it will be possible to enter the router’s personal account. the main page of the device administration panel will be loaded. Here you can configure a local network, Internet access and other parameters. Details setting up various models of routers are considered in separate articles on our website.

If it happens that at the address indicated on the sticker it will not be possible to connect, try using standard IP addresses such as or

If this does not help, then perhaps the factory settings of the router have already been changed. In this case, you can try to drop it to standard settings.

Wi-Fi phone entrance

You can also enter the router settings using a wireless network from a tablet, phone or laptop. Cable connection is more reliable and stable, so it is recommended to use it to perform settings. However, if this is not possible, you can use the connection via a wireless network. This method is categorically not recommended only if you are over.flashing the device. in the case of a break in the connection, the router may fail.

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The entrance to the router settings via Wi-Fi fundamentally does not differ from the connection by cable. The default wireless network is included on most modern routers, and its parameters can be recognized all the same, on the label in the lower part of the device.

Setuping the network connection is similar to the described in the previous paragraph-you need to either choose an IP address automatically or indicate it manually. By default, the address is selected automatically. And almost always when working on Wi-Fi on a router, a DHCP server has been launched. So there should be no problems with this.

You can connect to the router remotely from the phone in two ways:

  • Using WPS (QSS) if there is such a function and it is turned on. This is the easiest connection option.
  • A regular connection in which the security key is required (if the network is protected by password).

About WPS connection is described in detail in the article on our website.

During the usual connection, we go into the phone settings. Choose a connection point. We go to Wi-Fi. Check that Wi-Fi is included. In the list of wireless networks, find your router. Enter the password (network key) by default indicated on the sticker.

On some routers, the connection may not be protected by password. In this case, it is recommended to immediately set the password with the initial setting of the device.

If the connection is completed successfully, start any browser on your tablet or phone, enter your router in the target line IP. To enter the router menu, you will need to enter the login and password. As well as on PC, the main page of the web-intese device will open.

Since mobile devices began to be used everywhere and massively, manufacturers of routers create special applications for iOS and Android, installing which you can control the parameters of the device.

This is much more convenient than entering the phone in the web-integer router through the browser. But so far this possibility is not implemented for all models.

Connection technique

Almost all devices have a similar external design:

  • The hull is located in the back of the cables, and the lighting elements at the front of it.
  • There are also Ethernet or RJ-45 and power connectors there.
  • The Wan or Internet network port is intended for the cord from the provider.
  • Local LAN ports are used to connect various devices in the apartment (TVs, computers).
  • The “Reset” button, located on the rear panel of the device, performs all passwords to the factory parameters. To prevent its accidental pressing, it is specially located deep. You can use it only with the help of a thin paper.
  • There are special indicators on the front side of the body. With them, you can find out about the condition of the device. Manufacturers determine the procedure for their installation at their discretion, depending on the model.

When distributing the Internet by a router only on wireless equipment, only two wires should be connected. WAN and power. Then you need to turn on the device and wait a while. Soon a special indicator will light up, which displays the state of Wi-Fi wireless network.

On the cable

There are two ways to enter the router settings. using a cable or a wireless network.

Direct connection by means of the wire is more reliable.

  • Remove the cable designed to connect the Internet from the packaging box. It is sold in a set with the device.
  • Connect the device to an electric outlet.
  • Find behind the LAN case, a connector indicated by a yellow color and insert the end of the wire into it. In this case, a click should occur.
  • Place the other edge of the cord in the laptop connector or PC network card.
  • The connection indicator to the LAN ports will light up on the device. On a computer or laptop, a network card will start flashing.
  • When there is a warning sign and inscriptions “without access to the Internet” on the PC, do not worry. This means that the computer has not yet tuned in.
  • At the final stage, you need to open the settings of the router.

By Wi-Fi

Many modern devices models, with the initial launch, are already activating a free Wi-Fi network. It is implemented from it to enter the router’s personal account without the need to use the wire. This provides some amenities because PC or laptop is not always close.

The connection in autonomous mode is the following stages:

  • It is necessary to enable the Wi-Fi network search function in a laptop, phone or tablet. The default network name will be indicated in the form of the entire name of the router. Its shape is determined by the manufacturer.
  • You should connect to this network in the usual way. With the very first setting of equipment, the name of the network may change.
  • In the case of a password request, it can be found on the label of the device.
  • When the Wi-Fi indicator does not light up, this suggests that the launch of the wireless network is missing. For such situations, a certain button can be provided from behind the device next to the ports or from above, and indicated by a wave of a wave or a key. If the password is requested, you need to click on it.
  • Clarify available networks. They must display on the display as a new connection. When requesting a password, find the corresponding inscription on the sticker. If it is absent there, you just need to press the WPS button a second time (1 time). In this case, the need for a password will disappear.
  • Many models have two passwords at once-ordinary, consisting of numbers and letters and a PIN code or WPS-paralle, which has only eight digits.
  • After installing Wi-Fi, the browser is launched and the address is entered.

How to enter the settings is described below.

From applications for the phone

Firms with well.known brands of network equipment produce the latest models with applications to facilitate the management of the router.

To install a special program in quick control mode for the gadget, it should be:

  • Enter the App Store or Google Play.
  • Then display the name of the company that manufactured the equipment in the search engine.
  • When connecting the application, this will immediately display on the screen.
  • You should download it and install it on the device.

When the program starts, detailed instructions will appear to connect it.

It should be noted that not all manufacturers have such applications. Also, programs may not support models of technical products of certain companies. In the case of an obsolete device, there is a risk of lack of its functioning with certain applications.

Entrance to the settings panel

In order to implement the entrance to the router from the laptop or PC, connected in advance with the local network, the following steps must be taken:

  • Make a regular launch of the web browser and indicate the router address in it. It is printed on a label.
  • With a successful connection with the network, a certain form for authorization will be displayed.
  • When throwing it on the Internet, you need to make an address with the http protocol in the line.
  • In order to open the control panel of the device, you can also apply the IP address from the numbers. It must be entered in a certain command line of the web browser.
  • Mark the item “Enter”.
  • A form appears to perform authorization.
  • Write a password and login (in some devices you only need a password).
  • Roter settings open.

When the password for the entrance in the management menu does not work, this means that it has previously changed. The problem is solved by resetting all data by pressing the “Reset” button.

Entrance to the settings of the router by means of a tablet or phone

This option is not difficult and performed very quickly. The management menu is organized for small screens of gadgets and is characterized by comfortable use.

The entrance to the control panel is carried out in this way:

  • You need to connect a local network on the gadget.
  • Complete the web browser launch.
  • Enter the address from the tag in a special column. Enter a password to undergo authorization.
  • The window “Personal Account” of the router appears.
  • In it, establish (replace) certain data.

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There is another excellent method to go to the router from the phone and then change its settings. It includes a mobile application from manufacturers. Each large company that is engaged in the manufacture of network devices has developed a certain program designed to control the router.

Factory mobile applications are produced for Mesh systems Wi-Fi. Their main integration is developed taking into account new users. It is simplified as much as possible so that they can easily figure it out.

Wi-Fi disconnection is the main negative factor, due to which it is impossible to enter the router settings through a smartphone. The question is the absence of the menu of the router and, therefore, in the inaccessibility of the Internet distribution through it. A tablet (or phone) cannot catch a Wi-Fi network without the Internet, disconnects this service and exits the Internet through a mobile network.

In such a situation, the control panel of the router becomes inaccessible. This must be taken into account so that there are no negative situations.

To carry out the flashing itself, a number of simple operations must be performed:

    Download, as well as cheat a new firmware for your device. Firmware of various versions are available for loading on the websites of manufacturers of routers.

During the firmware, in no case should you turn off or restart the device. After the operation of the message on the successful installation of the firmware is completed, it is necessary to restart the router.

New Password

To change the password for access to the device web-integer, you must go into the router settings and select the corresponding category, for tp-link this section has the name “System Tools”. To change the password or login, you must enter the current password and click.

To change the Wi-Fi password, you must go to the Wi-Fi network settings section (network wireless mode/Wirelessnetwork). In this section, you can install a new password for a Wi-Fi network, as well as choose a type of protection. There are 3 options for encrypting keys, each of which involves its own level of protection, the most recommended type is WPA/WPA2, which provides the highest degree of safety of your router.

How to get through a browser if you forgot a password? Unfortunately, to enter the settings menu, a login and password is required, which is possible only if the saved backup of the router settings is available. To view passwords from a backup, it’s enough to download the RouterPassview program. There are several standard password options, perhaps one of them was installed for your router:

If you changed the password earlier and cannot remember it, then in this case the only solution is to complete the rack parameters to factory settings. After resetting to enter the settings, you can use the standard login and password.

We connect the equipment

Consider the standard situation that does not require the installation of drivers of the network card of its configuration, determine the IP address through the command line and other manipulations. In 90% of cases, you can do without them. The problems of this article will be devoted to the problems that arise in the process of entering the router.

What will be needed to connect the router:

  • A network cable, which is supplied with equipment (any lan cable is suitable, except for wires, compressed for direct connection of two computers);
  • The presence of a network adapter on a connected computer or laptop;
  • A router that needs to be configured.

The process of installing equipment is as follows: it is necessary to connect the network cable to the corresponding connector connectors and computer. On PC is the port of the RJ-45 located on the motherboard. Almost all computers and most laptops have at least one such connector.

The routers have 5 or more network ports (on completely budget models 3). The blue connector (under it can be inscriptions: WAN/Line/Internet) is designed to connect the provider cable, or any other cable, through which the Internet is “included” into the router. Other network ports are used to enter the route control panel. They are usually yellow and signed by Lan1, Lan2 and so on. how many ports and numbers.

The access point of the access point is connected to the corresponding connector, and to start it, it is enough to turn on the adapter in the mains.

How to get into the router integration

A router is an independent device that does not require installation on PC additional drivers or other. In fact, this is a small computer. He has a processor RAM and even the operating system.

The compact disk supplied by some manufacturers in the kit does not contain drivers. It has a utility, the purpose of which is the management of the device through its own integration. The use of such software will not be considered within the framework of this article. Since there is a simpler and more universal way to set up an access point.

You can get into the router control panel through the browser by introducing it to the address line of its IP address: or The exact network address of the access point can be found on the bottom of the device case.

You can change the parameters of the equipment both by connecting through the wire and through a wireless connection.

Entrance to the admin panel using PC

You can go from the computer in the router settings using a cable connection using any browser, for example, Google Chrome. After entering the target line of the IP address of the access point, the user authorization page will open. The default data can be viewed on the sticker from the bottom of the router. Most often, login and password. admin. They are introduced into the appropriate fields, after which you need to click “Enter” or on the “Input” button.

If the introduced values ​​are correct, there will be a transition to the personal account of the equipment control panel.

Wireless connection to mobile devices

It is not always possible to see access parameters on the computer. For example, there is no time to turn it on or does not want to look for a cable. If the Wi-Fi network is available, you can control the router from a laptop, tablet or phone, which has a program for viewing Internet sites.

The sequence of actions is the same as on PC, the difference in the method of connecting with the network. For connecting a new access point to the Wi-Fi network, password entering a password is not required. The phone or tablet will find the desired network, after which it will only join it. Next, you need to start the browser and enter the IP address of the router in its address line, for example,, after which an authorization village will open. On a mobile Android-telephone, this looks as follows:

To open the control panel, you need to enter a standard login and password.

Equipment configuration is no different from the same process using a cable connection. By Wi-Fi you can change the parameters of the old device or configure new. The only operation that should not be done through a wireless connection is to flash the system or its recovery from the backup file file.

How to go to the D-Link router settings

This default router uses the address: drive it into the address line of the browser. When requesting a login with a password, enter both fields: admin.

If the data for the entrance is not suitable, take the router and see the parameters for the entrance on the back.

How to go to the settings of the Router ZYXEL

To get into the admin panel, enter in the address bar of your browser: or my.Keenetic.Net. When a window appears with a request, indicate the login/password. specify the login: admin and password: 1234.

Interesting! Data for entering the routers of other brands, such as Huawei, Tenda, Mikrotik. you can always read on the back of the router itself. Also, read the article about how to find out the speed of the Internet. With it, you can understand whether it is worth changing your provider or not.

To go to the router settings, you need to:

1-connect to the router with a network cable to the LAN port.

2-Launch a Web browser and enter the address: http: // 192 in the address

3-enter the login and password for access to the router web.

As a rule, the login is “admin”, and the password by defending or “admin”, or “1234”, or an empty line, then without a password completely. By the way, IP addresses, login and password are usually written on a sticker that is glued on the bottom of the router.

Attention! If the authorization does not pass and the router does not let in the adjustable login Admin and the ADMIN password. apparently the password was changed when setting up the router. There are two options for actions: the first is to look for the one who set up and ask for the password from him. The second is to discard the Router settings with the Reset button and configure it again.

What to do if the router is not available in http: //

The IP address from another subnet that differs from the router used can be spelled out on your network card. To exclude this. check the TCP/IP settings. To do this, you need to get to the network control center and total access. How to do this, look in the spoiler.

option 1. In the “Start” menu you need to select the “control panel” item. If you use the usual representation of the control panel. the home page, then in the section “Network and the Internet” we choose the element “Viewing the state of the network and tasks”. If a classic look is used, select the Element “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”. Option 2. In the system tray (about hours), click the “Network” icon with the right mouse button. In the menu that opens, select the item “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”. Option 3. We press the Winr key combination and write the next command in the window that opens (the register does not play a role): CONTROL.EXE /NAME Microsoft.NetworkandSharingcenter click OK.

Having got into the network control center and total access, in the menu on the right, select the menu item “Change of adapter parameters”.

Select a network connection through which the router is connected and click on it with the right mouse button.

In the menu that opens, select the “Properties” item.

In the window of the connection properties on the local network, select the component of the Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IP V4) and click on it twice. Another window will open, in which you need to put the daws receive IP automatically and get the addresses of DNS servers automatically. Click OK and close the window. Try to go into the router settings.

If it doesn’t work out, we look: whether I have awarded the IP address or not. To do this, click on the network connection with the right mouse button and select the “condition” item:

In the opening window of the network connection, click the “Information” button. In the window “Information about the network connection” we look at the IPV4 address. default gateway and DNS addresses.

If the fields are empty, or IP address from the network 169.254.X.X-this means that the DHCP server and the IP address must be written manually on the router. To do this, we again go to the “Properties of the Local Network” “Protocol of the Internet version 4” and prescribe the IP address from the subnet :

Press the OK button. We try again to enter the router’s personal account through the web browser


If the Internet is still not working, then: 1) go to the website of your provider and look at the data that must be accurately and be sure to enter. And look at the same data in your contract. 2) call technical support and check if you did everything right. 3) Call the master at home from your provider, he will definitely fit everything to you and at the same time check the equipment.

As you can see, everything is not so difficult, the main thing is to know which installations need to be made so that the provider can deliver the Internet to you. Do not be lazy to enter their official website or call the master at home, most often it is free.

#3. Setting instructions

Most routers have an option of a special master who will help quickly install the necessary parameters. For example, here, the item is called “Fast Settings”:

First we will deal with the first parameter. Our main goal is, of course, the work of the Internet on devices:

  • Open the tab with general parameters. Most often are in the WAN or Internet section;
  • Indicate the type of connection of the provider, user name and password. you can see the information in the contract;

Important! If the provider uses a dynamic IP (DHCP), then the network connection will occur in automatic mode. Miss this section of the instructions, you do not need to reconfigure a router.

We go further and move on to setting up the connection through a wireless network router:

  • Open a section called Wi-Fi. It can be called differently. wireless network/wireless/wireless mode;
  • In the field “Network” or “SSID”, enter a new name (only Latin);
  • In the “Wireless Network Key” field, enter the invented identification code;
  • Type of protection. WPA2. Personal;
  • Change the region to the location in the corresponding line;
  • Save the changes made.

If you don’t succeed, let another user connect to the router remotely via the Internet. The main thing is to provide access to those to whom you trust, so as not to regret it later.

If you want to change the settings of the router, then we recommend that you definitely change the factory access code. This is important if you want to protect yourself from unauthorized penetration. This is how it can be done:

All the above instructions apply if you need to configure a new router instead of the old or install a completely new equipment. By the way, we suggest you watch the general video on how to configure a router. It is perfect for those who are not confident in their abilities, because it is and the whole process is displayed in detail!

Now you know everything about how to set up the Internet on a Wi-Fi router through a computer-use our article to achieve the result. Just follow the instructions and in a few minutes you can successfully work on the network.

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Tell me how to configure Wi-Fi as a router, I use Wi-Fi on Windows. I don’t understand what needs to be done.

Inga, hello. You mean how to install a connection when working on Windows OS? After you activated the device, click on the wireless connection icon on the lower panel. Select the necessary option and click “Connect”. Enter the installed password and login.

He used a router until he decided to change the settings, inscriptions in English, did something wrong and the provider blocked the page, as a result I can’t get into the settings.Is it possible to fix this, or is a router already iron?