How to Enhance Sound on an Android Phone

Weak and inexpressive sound often very much disappoints the user. Familiarity with this situation allows me to talk about methods to overcome this problem.

How to Enhance Sound on an Android Phone

Many users of smartphones running the Android operating system often have a problem with sound. Most models have a too quiet call, which is difficult to distinguish in a noisy street or in transport or in headphones, music is hard to hear. All kinds of manipulations begin to enhance the sound on Android, first on their own, then with the help of friends and forums about modern gadgets.

But even after that, there remain those who have not solved the problem and are still unhappy with the sound of their phone. This article is for you.

First go to the device settings menu

Sometimes it is possible to set the desired sound level in the phone settings. To do this, do this:

  1. Having entered the general settings, find the item responsible for the sound.
  2. In this subsection, different types of adjustments are available related to the audio capabilities of a mobile phone: choose your favorite melody with a change in its sound level. Choose a ringtone for SMS, for calls with fine tuning the sound sliders at full strength.

Volume will help to increase the volume. It is presented on Google Play. To everyone’s joy, the application is free.

After downloading and installing Volume, run it. You need to select “Speaker Settings”. In this case, you get to the menu. Here you need to tick the items

  • “Speaker Modifications” (speaker parameters) and
  • “Virtual Room Effect”.

Then alternately click on the items “Volume Level”, “Bass Enhance”, “Virtual Room”, where all levels increase by one. It is not necessary to install immediately 4. In this case, malfunctions, glitches are possible, which you can then get rid of only by deleting the program and pulling out the battery. It’s better to gradually select the optimum volume.

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You can also add sound volume through the equalizer. To do this, go to the GooglePlay market and download the equalizer you like. For example, JetAudio. You can choose from many programs here.

Actually, JetAudio is a multifunctional program. There is a player in various formats, and a ripper, and a converter. Among other things, there is a good equalizer.

Open the equalizer. The default mode is Normal. You need to open the “Custom” tab and increase the columns you need as you wish. Try to play any music. You will hear a noticeable difference.

Important: do not touch the 60 Hz speaker!

It is also necessary to remember that with an increase in sound volume, sound quality will deteriorate. Wheezing is possible. The also tells how to do without programs and do it through the engineering menu.

Sound enhancement by third-party software

Many may like the Volume Booster GOODEV application, which can quite cope with the task of changing the volume levels on the phone.

Using the utility is extremely simple, I will explain how to do it:

  1. After installing and starting the program, a small text will appear on the screen explaining the risk to a person’s hearing when using too loud a sound. I advise you to read and click on “OK”.
  2. You will be able to adjust the sound volume using the “Boost” lever. If you push the slider all the way, as much as 60% of the original value, you will notice the difference in sound power. Caution: do not set the maximum values ​​everywhere. there is a danger of failure of the device speakers.
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Engineering menu features

Such a menu is available on all phones, but it is impossible to get to it with one click. you need to know the secret code. The widest range of settings is available in this menu, the sound there can be made perfect. I note that for different brands of phones there is an access code in the engineering menu.

Here’s how to use this kind of sound settings:

  1. To enter the engineering menu of the Chinese smartphones Meizu, Xiaomi and several other brands, the following chains of numbers and symbols are required that must be entered using the keyboard: ## 54298 ## or ## 3646633 ##. On Samsung it will be. ## 197328640 ##. In case of failure, I recommend that you look into the instructions for the phone, there may be a hint.
  2. After successfully entering this menu, click on “Hardware Testing”, if the click didn’t work, drag your finger to the right.
  3. Next. go to the item for audio settings, it is called Audio.

4 types of sound options settings will become available:

  • For the main sound pouring from the speakers of the device, Normal Mode will be responsible.
  • Headset Mode allows you to change the sound quality in the headphones.
  • The sound of the interlocutor’s voice during speakerphone can be changed using LoudSpeaker Mode.
  • In Headset_LoudSpeaker Mode, you can enable speaker mode when using headphones.

Entering each of these points, you can see two cells with numbers for changing the sound power.

255 denoting the range of the effective sound, you can set your value; In Max Vol. 0

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160. this is the maximum possible sound power, you can also change the numbers.

For example, often there are numbers 32-128, if you set 45-160, the sound will increase significantly. To confirm the operation do not forget to click on Set.

Here is a list of optimal performance for Android smartphones:

  • Level 0. 45/160
  • Level 1. 60/160
  • Level 2. 75/160
  • Level 3. 90/160
  • Level 4. 105/160
  • Level 5. 120/160
  • Level 6. 135/160
  • Level 7. 150/160
  • Level 8. 165/160
  • Level 9. 180/160
  • Level 10. 195/160
  • Level 11. 210/160
  • Level 12. 225/160
  • Level 13. 240/160
  • Level 14. 255/160

In 1 point, the level increases by 15, in the last one it is always 160.

After this procedure, change the values ​​in each of the 4 items. Upon completion of these settings and exit from the special menu, a mandatory restart of the smartphone will be required.

In which system files can I modify the sound power?

By changing files such as mixer_path.xml and mixer_paths_mtp.xml, you can get the desired sound power on your device. Usually these files are located in system / etc. However, in order to crank it up, you need to activate root rights in the smartphone file manager.

It should be borne in mind that on different brands of phones with different versions of Android, variations of both system files for modification and points in these files are possible. For example, for Xiaomi Redmi 4, the changes in the above files are suitable for increasing the strength of the sound. But these manipulations should be done with extreme caution, first of all it is better to backup the device.

To listen to music, there are such applications with which you can increase the sound power: