How to enable Vowifi on iPhone. Making Wi-Fi calls using other Apple devices

New Vowifi service

With Vowifi, now you can accept and make voice calls via Wi-Fi. The service is free. Include Vowifi in your smartphone and evaluate the advantages of a new function.

The technology is available at all tariffs of unlimited if you are in the region of Vowifi and your smartphone supports this function.

How To Set Up Wi-Fi Calling On iPhone

Find out if the service is connected to your number, you can in your personal account https: //

How to enable and activate the call function by Wi-Fi on iPhone

In order to enable and activate the ability to make a voice connection with another subscriber via Wi-Fi iPhone through a wireless access point, you need to take only two steps:

After that, if such an opportunity is supported by a mobile operator of communication, the status line informs the user about this by the inscription “Wi-Fi”. From this moment, all calls will redirect the wireless access point.

Additional Information! By default, the iPhone is configured in such a way that in the access zone of the cell operator’s network for setting short emergency services, he uses mobile communications. In the case when the operator’s signal is absent, but the “Wi-Fi Calling” function is activated and activated, the connection will be redirected to it in the wireless zone, while the law must be disclosed about personal data and the location of the device (this will greatly simplify the process assistance). In this regard, when setting up in a smartphone described, it may be necessary to indicate the address of the established Repiter of the Wi-Fi signal.

Instructions for using the Wi-Fi Calling function on iPhone

How to call and receive calls

To make and accept calls after setting, no additional actions are required, everything happens in the same way as when using a smartphone as usual in the usual mode inside the network of a cellular operator of communication. For a set of numbers, you need to select it from the magazine or enter it manually, then click the “call” button, to answer the call, you need to press or sliding movement on the notification.

How to add a device

For the procedure for adding another device, it is necessary to check the presence of the latest version of the OS update on it, otherwise it. After that, take the following steps:

  • Go to the settings mode (“Settings” menu), the “Phone” subcommutation and activate along with the function of calling the Wi-Fi item “On other devices”.
  • Press the “Add other devices” button, log in on other gadgets in iCloud and Facetime services the same with Appleid iPhone identifier;
  • To include the possibility of performing the transmission of voice data on Wi-Fi, the following actions must be performed:
  • iPad, Opod Touch. Service settings menu (“Settings”). Facetime. “Calls from the iPhone” and confirm the choice made by pressing the “Update for Calls by Wi-Fi” button.
  • MacBook. Launch the “Facetime” application, from the “Facetime” menu, select the “Settings” item. “Settings” and “Calls with iPhone”. “Update for Wi-Fi calls”.
  • After the actions performed, a six.digit code will appear on the screen of the added device, which must be entered into the iPhone dialog box and confirm the action by pressing the “allow” button.

For Applewatch Smart hours, activating communication function using Wi-Fi wireless network occurs automatically when the “Calls for other devices” flag is turned on

Attention! In the case when the device is impossible to add, you need to verify the correct settings:

How to remove the device

In the case when one of the gadgets previously used to communicate on the Wi-Fi wireless channel is no longer necessary in this function, it should be removed from the list:

  • In the iPhone settings menu you need to open the “phone” branch. “Calls to other devices”;
  • in the listed devices for the necessary deactivation of the “Wi-Fi calls” function;
  • Turning off telephony capabilities via Wi-Fi in Apple Watch watches is made by switching the “Wi-Fi Calls” to the Wi-Fi Calls through the Apple Watch application menu (installed on iPhone) in the “My Watch” settings branch. “Telephone”.
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Step 2-Turn on Wi-Fi calls

It is also available to add devices from which it would be possible to make calls too, but MTS (and like other operators in our countries) on the current day do not support such functionality.

You can’t think of anything more in this area. Therefore, we test, use, and we will definitely write our experience and questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! See you on our project!

What operators support Wi-Fi Calling into mobile operators actively introduce Wi-Fi calls. You can connect the service from any leading operator. True, so far this possibility is not available in all regions.


Megafon provides an opportunity to call Wi-Fi subscribers in all regions except the Volgograd, Saratov, Orenburg, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Kirov, Ryazan, Kursk, Oryol, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (Ugra), Yamalo.Nenets Autonomous Okrug and Perm Territory, as well as the republics of Crimea, Udmurtia, Komi, Chuvashia, Tatarstan.

The connection of the service is free, the cost of calls does not affect.

Check if the service works on your phone can be the case. When connecting to Wi-Fi on iOS, the inscription “Megafon-Wi-Fi” will appear in the status bar. On Android.devices you will see a wi-fi icon with a telephone pipe.

A complete list of phones on which the connection of the service from Megafon is available is available by link.

MTS also provides an opportunity to call Wi-Fi on a mobile network. This requires a phone with Vowi-Fi support and a profile for the MTS network. Devices supporting technology are on the site.

For those who do not support Vowi-Fi, MTS offers an alternative-the MTS Connect application. It works in the same way: if you have an Internet connection, you can make calls to subscribers on a mobile network in accordance with your tariff plan. It is also not important whether this application is installed in the interlocutor or not.


Beeline operator also launched Vowi-Fi and areas. The service was tested on Samsung smartphones.


The operator Tele2 is still available only for subscribers and the region. To connect it, the Android system should be installed at least 4 versions or iOS 7 versions or newer. At the same time, work with iOS 13 of the version is not guaranteed. In order to use the service, you need to install a corporate application and activate it on a smartphone. Payment for connection is not provided. You can refuse the service in your personal account on the site or deactivating the application on the phone.

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Wi-Fi calls are incompatible with the services “Retrefreation”, “City number”, “Hook” and “Second issue”.

We turn on and set the function on the iPhone

To make voice calls on Wi-Fi on the iPhone, you need to activate the function in the settings.

In iOS to connect calls by Wi-Fi, open the “settings” and go to the “Cellular Communication” section. If you have two SIM cards, select the number for which you want to use the function. Click “Wi-Fi Calling Calls” and activate the “Calls on Wi-Fi, this iPhone” option using the switch.

Check in a state line whether the Wi-Fi word has appeared after the name of your operator.


And again from their own experience. About tariffing when using a SIM card from another region, I already wrote a little higher-do not get on this, unless it is beneficial for you. Here I would like to outline the advantages of technology.

All calls through the Wi-Fi network are considered from the home region (I really hope that Beeline will not depart from this tradition).

Reverse example: you live in Kamchatka, went on a business trip to but all the calls to their loved ones through Wi-Fi will be counted as if you were at home. I have the same situation with any abroad: everything is rated at home prices. That incoming calls, that outgoing. Of course, especially dubious prefer to use the same WhatsApp or Telegram, but in the usual way it is very convenient if there are packages or unlimited.

The main thing with all this, so that Wi-Fi does not fall off, and you will not be thrown into a standard roaming network. As usual, I do: I turned on the “on the plane” mode, I turned on Wi-Fi separately. From this moment, the SIM card is no longer trying to catch classic networks, but when the Wi-Fi network appears, the phone comes to life.

How to enable a Wi-Fi call to iPhone?

Let’s start with how to find this function on your phone.

  • First go to the “Settings” section, and then “Phone”.
  • There, in the “Calls” menu, you will see the “Wi-Fi Calls” option.
  • Click on it, and then switch the option “Calls by Wi-Fi, this iPhone” until it becomes green.

And then the situation depends on your geographical location. In certain countries, mobile providers support calls to emergency services through Wi-Fi. But there are states where such a service is not practiced. If your country has the support of such challenges, you will definitely see it. In addition, the phone will ask you to update the emergency address so that when calling the fire department, police or ambulance, they will know in advance where to find you.

Please note: in the upper left corner when the call is turned on, the name of the mobile operator changes. Now there is just “wlan” burns there. This happens regardless of the fact, whether the native provider supports emergency calls and Wlan-calls.

Add Wi-Fi for other devices

In addition to the proposal to update the emergency address, the call menu has an interesting option “on other devices”. As you can see from the name, it allows you to activate the Wi-Fi call on various devices: Mac, Apple Watch and T.D. To start it, it is necessary to simultaneously activate “Calls by Wi-Fi” and “on other devices”, and then click “Add calls by Wi-Fi, other. devices “(on some phones, this tab is called” allow calls “). Next, switch the green lever for those devices that you intend to use to call WLAN. This can be done not only for the iPad or other iPhone, but also for Mac OS. The only inconvenience: in iOS 11, this function was removed from the screen and transferred to the option of inclusion of a call on Wi-Fi.

The above tool can be briefly described as “installed and forgot”. Now, if the device catches the network, he receives calls through a mobile provider. No network-switches to wi-fi. And you will not even notice the switching itself.

We also draw your attention that Mac, iPad and Apple Watch have one feature. To call Wi-Fi there you need to use the Facetime application. But there is nothing difficult there. Just open Facetime, switch to an audit, enter your phone number, and everything works. However, remember that the use of Facetime is not available in every country.

What are Wi-Fi calls?

Wi-Fi calls allow users to make and accept calls via the Internet using Wi-Fi connection instead of a cellular network. He looks like all other ordinary calls that you make and will use your usual phone numbers. One of the best features of Wi-Fi calls. This is that you can make calls, even if your cellular network is very slow. If you do not have access to Wi-Fi, your phone will automatically switch to the use of the GSM or Volte network to make calls.

Vo-Wi-Fi support should be provided by the network supplier for your region and your phone. Despite the fact that your device supports Wi-Fi calls, it will not work without proper support for the network.

enable, vowifi, iphone, wi-fi, calls, using

Fixed, Wi-Fi calls do not work on the iPhone

Check if the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi

  • Open the “Settings” application on the main screen.
  • Then go to Wi-Fi settings.
  • And make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Near the connected network should appear a checkmark.

Make sure Wi-Fi calls are included

  • Open the “Settings” application on the main screen.
  • Then go to mobile data settings.
  • Now click on Wi-Fi Calling and make sure that it is turned on.

Reset the network settings

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Go to general settings.
  • Now click “Reset”.
  • Click “Reset the network settings”.
  • Confirm that you want to erase all existing network settings.

Reload your iPhone

To turn off the iPhone 8 or an earlier version, press and hold the power button until the inscription “shift” to turn off “. If you have an iPhone x or newer, press and hold any volume button and side button until the message “shift” to turn off ”.

Restore your iPhone as new

But before starting the next steps, do not forget to create a backup copy of all your data, as this will destroy everything that your device consists of.

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer
  • And run itunes / finder (in MacOS Catalina).
  • Now find your iPhone.
  • After that, click “Restore the iPhone” and confirm.
  • After recovery, set the device as usual.
  • And while setting up the device, restore the device from the previous backup ICloud / iTunes / Finder.

Contact Support Apple and Communications Operator

Even after installing a new firmware, the problem still exists, which means that this is the problem of equipment. Although services are charging a much lower fee, Apple support service is more reliable. So, if you do not mind spending several additional dollars on a reliable decision, contact Apple for help.

In addition, you can also contact the Support of your appropriate telecom operator. You can also help in this case.

You have iPhone, iPad or Mac and you need such simple lessons? Then follow the updates of the GetdroidTips column for iPhone: tips and recommendations.

If you have any questions about this, the section of Комментарии и мнения владельцев is always available to you.

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Hi, I’m Shekhar Vaidia, a blogger, a student studying CS and programming.

The principle of operation of the technology and where it is used

Vowifi allows you to make voice calls and video calls, send SMS and MMS on the base network of a mobile operator, using any available Wi-Fi network. For the final user, the function is convenient in that the call using Wi-Fi Calling is made as a regular telephone call.

The main advantage of the technology is the expansion of the zone of the coating of the mobile operator. The transmission of information on cellular communications occurs through a network of radio extensions and is impossible outside the zone of operation of the base stations, while when using Wi-FILLING the role of the towers is played by a router. Information to the network of a mobile operator is transmitted via the Internet. This is how the situation is solved when the coating is weak or absent in a separate room, and the further development of the mobile network within its limits is not provided for. Vowifi function will allow you to call from the metro, train, underground premises, without experiencing inconvenience.

In addition to eliminating a low-level mobile network signal problem, Wi-FICALING has the following advantages:

  • The ability to save on the cost of the conversation, since such challenges are paid at the tariff of the home region. In this case, the Internet traffic of the subscriber is not consumed.
  • For use, WFC does not need to install additional applications (while for calls through WhatsApp you need to install it on devices of both users). The function is maintained at the smartphone level and does not require the development of complex programs. It will be enough to connect to it through the phone settings.
  • Both methods of communication with the provider will be available to the subscriber: via a wireless local network and via GSM. The phone will automatically switch to the method of data transmission that will provide a better connection.

iphone wifi calling | how to use wifi calling on iphone | how does wifi calling work on iphone

Wifailling technology (Voice Over Wi-Fi) is a logical continuation of Voice Over LTE, which ensures the transmission of information through the 4G network.They differ in that Volte does not work outside the coating area, and Wi-Ficalling makes it possible to make challenges from any place where there is a Wi-Fi network with access to the Internet.

Please note: often companies run Wi-FICALLING simultaneously with VOLTE, since these technologies are fundamentally very similar.

What you need to use Wi-Fi Calling

To use this function, you need to take into account the following:

  • the service should be provided by the provider;
  • It is required that the technology be available at the smartphone level (usually it is supported by flagship models and smartphones of the middle price segment).

Important: companies provide this service not for all phones that support Wi-Fi calls, so you need to request a list of models from your operator.

Popular mobile operators supporting the Wi-Fi Calling function

The first among the providers of cellular communications Wi-Fi Calling launched MTS, this happened at the end of 2016. At that time, only the owners of several models of Samsung smartphones could use the function without installing the application on the mobile. To date, the list of devices for which the service is available has increased significantly and includes devices of companies such as Huawei, Alcatel, Apple, Sony, LG, ASUS. For a number of Wi-Failling manufacturers, one or two models (Highscreen Power Ice Evo, Motorola Moto Z2 Play and G6 XT1925-5, Xiaomi Redmi 6A, Umidigi A3 Pro).

The function works on some branded MTS smartphones: Smart Pro and Smart Race2 LTE. The geography of the provision of the service has also expanded: now the connection using Wi-FICALLING is available in 26 cities and areas of using the Service Subscriber MTS, you need to connect the “Internet calls” option by recruiting the command 1116#. At the same time, it is required to change the phone settings to allow the device to use a wireless network for calls.


Despite the later WFC output to the market, today Beeline covers the largest territory and provides this service in the list of devices supporting the Wi-Fi Calling option from Beeline, 6 and more new models, a number of Samsung smartphones. Nokia 1, Lenovo C2 and C2 Power, Alcatel OneTouch Idol, Alcatel 3, ZTE BLADE L4, MAZE ALPHA and the Beeline Fast device.

To use the service, it is not required to connect additional services: it is activated automatically if there is a Beeline SIM card and in the Wi-Fi network area. Of course, the smartphone should be in the list of devices supported by the “beeline”.

enable, vowifi, iphone, wi-fi, calls, using


In early January of this year, Megafon began testing WFC function in both capitals and some other cities. The service is available part of the subscribers, there is no official information about the launch of WFC for all users yet. The user’s question is how to call through Wi-Fi, the E-Motion application developed by the company decides. The application is available for laptops, as well as smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android.


About the plans for launching the WiFailling service company Tele 2 is still unknown. Currently, the operator provides WFC functionality using the Wi-Fi-Call application. It makes it possible to call mobile, city numbers and 8800, send and accept SMS. There is no subscription fee for it, the calls are paid at the home tariff. The application is available for all subscribers “body 2” region. Works on devices running iOS from the 7th version and Android from version 4.0.

Other operators

Vowlan’s function was stated about their plans for the implementation of the Motive, one of the most significant regional mobile providers, whose services are used by 2.5 million subscribers of the Ural Federal District. The announcements were published at the end of 2018, more specific information is currently absent. Most likely, this is due to the high cost of development, which made it possible to fully sell the service only to the “Big Three” operators.

Why do you need Vowi-Fi?

Briefly, we have already figured out what this technology is, but why is it needed. Let’s start with what is Wi-Fi in principle? Many confuse this technology with the Internet, but in fact it is just a local network, which can be connected by radio waves. She, by the way, may not have access to the Internet.

In our case, for using Vowifi, access to the Internet is required, since it is at the expense of IP technology that we can have access to the mobile operator network. But why do you need Vowi-Fi?

In order for mobile communications to work, the phone is constantly associated with the towers of the mobile operator. The problem is that it does not catch the connection well everywhere, and sometimes it happens that the phone is not connected with any of the towers. This is especially true for residents of villages or country houses.

Here Vo-Wi-Fi enters the aid-this technology allows you to connect to Wi-Fi and have access to a mobile operator via the Internet. As a result, even if you are outside the reach of the tower of the mobile operator, but are connected to the Internet (by Wi-Fi)-they will still be able to get through to you.

How to enable Vowifi?

If you want to activate it, then first of all you must clarify the operator so that this technology is supported by them. At the moment, almost all mobile providers support the WWI-Fi, but just in case I would clarify this issue in the technical support service. As far as I know, MTS has the full support of this technology, but I can’t say for sure about other operators.

Botan complements: on the current day, technology is somehow supported by all the main operators: MTS, Megafon, Tele2, Beeline. Almost everyone has restrictions on the regions of use, but this needs to be clarified already with the operator.

How to enable this technology? In fact, there is no universal instruction, and Android developers stuff the function in different places of the phone. Very often the function can be detected by causing the “curtain” menu by brushing with a finger from above-down on the main screen. On Samsung and some other phones, the function can be called as “Wi-Fi Calls”.

Look for functions in the “settings” of the phone, very often it is located in the section “Network and Wi-Fi”, “Calls”, “SIM-Card” or “Phone”. On the iPhone, the function is included in the “Settings”-“Phone”-turn on the “Calls by Wi-Fi”.

ADVICE! I advise you to completely update the system in the phone before turning on the function.

But that’s not all. Some operators also require connecting a certain service to work this technology. But I would still better clarify the information in the technical support or office of the company. Because the technology may not work today, and tomorrow it will actively be supported by your operator. Also, the servants of operators are constantly changing.

It is necessary that you have connected the service “Internet calls. Technological mark “. It can be connected in your personal account on the MTS (look at the section “Services”). Through the application “My MTS”, we look like the “Services” section. You can also enter a special code:

It will be necessary to download the Emotion application from the App Store or Google Play. After installation, launch the program and act according to the hints.

Botan complements: I use it myself. No need to download anything. The main thing is to support the SIM-cards of the technology and activate Wi-Fi calls in the smartphone settings (now this technology supports a lot of smartphones).

There is still support for residents and region so far. You need to download the program “Wi-Fi Calls” with Play Market or AppStore. Also, the function does not work with some connected services. it is better to specify this with the operator himself.

We rolled out their technology one of the last. Link to a separate article.