How to enable video calls on Android. What is equivalent to Facetime for Android?

How to make a video call from the phone based on Android

Hello everyone, dear friends and guests of my blog. As always, Dmitry Kostin, and today I would like to tell you how to make a video call with a phone in several ways. I will talk about using Android as an example, but for other platforms the essence is the same, since the same programs will actually be used. By the way, you can use the same programs on your computer. Go!

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At the moment, I no longer know anyone who does not use any messengers, such as Viber, Whats Up or Telegram. So, the first thing that came to my mind is the use of these wonderful applications.


I mainly use this messenger, so I’ll start with it.

To make a video call, you need to log in to the application, then select one of the existing contacts or chats. Just keep in mind that this will not work with group chats, you definitely need to contact a specific person. Well, even in the upper right corner you will see the video camera icon, when you press the video will be made.

By default, the front camera is turned on, but you can switch to the main camera by pressing the corresponding button on the screen (switch the camera)


Here I will not describe the whole process, since it is absolutely the same as the aforementioned Viber. In general, in fact, these are two identical messengers, which differ only by an intense.


Well, he’s just the main veteran. This is probably the most popular video call program, which you can only think about. Of course, his mobile version has the same possibilities.

All you need to do is enter the Skype mobile application. And before calling right away, you need to decide with which camera you want to call: ordinary or frontal. To do this, go to the Camera tab and select the mode you need.

Well, now we can only go to the Chat tab, choose an interlocutor, and click on the camera icon, which is located in the upper right corner. In fact, here she is not very similar to camera, but believe me, here she is. After that, a remote connection with the video signal will be completed. In principle, nothing wise.

best video calls for Android and iPhone

Here is a brief presentation of the most popular video chat applications for Android and iPhone users. Look at its set of functions and select the most suitable for you.

Accessibility: Android, iPhone and Internet.Google Duo, belonging to an Internet giant, is included in our best list for free video calls to our loved ones. The application provides simple, but at the same time high.quality video communication and voice calls on your smartphones and tablets. If your friends do not answer your call, you can easily leave a video message so that they call back.

enable, video, calls, android, facetime
  • High.clay quality 720p.
  • Quick and reliable video chat application.
  • The “tuk-tuk” function to see the living video of your caller before answering.
  • Group challenge.
  • Send video messages with texts and emoticons.
  • Uses less data and resources.
  • Allows you to block the numbers.

Signal Private Messenger

Next, we want to introduce you to Signal Private Messenger, an amazing application for video chat for users Android, iPhone and Internet. Packed in an understandable integration, it offers a safe connection with text, voice and video calls around the city and oceans. The application does not require additional entry into the system, as it uses your phone number and an address book to create your connections.

Accessibility: Android, iPhone and Internet

Size: 185.9 Mbtsena: Free

  • Easy to use.
  • Optimized for speed.
  • He offers reliable through encryption.
  • Install the PIN code of the screen lock.
  • Hide messages from display on the lock screen.
  • Self.destructive messages.
  • Funny stickers and themes.
  • It is also possible to edit pictures.
  • Cover a few accounts on one phone.
  • Block individuals or groups.
  • Backup and restoration of messages.

How to set up a video call in WhatsApp

So that there are no problems during video calls, you must first correctly configure this option in the program.

  • Smartphone settings open.
  • There is a point “Applications and notifications”, after which the Messenger “WhatsApp” is selected in the list of installed software.
  • Then the line “Resolution” is pressed.
  • Next, the “Camera” item is pressed and the application is given permission to use this tool. The same thing is done for the “microphone”.

After performing these actions, you can do and take video calls in this mobile messenger.

On Apple smartphones video in WhatsApp is tuned as follows:

  • The settings are also opened on the gadget, after which the list of options is running down until the list of all installed software appears, where WhatsApp is selected.
  • Then, in the menu that opens, the line “Allow access to the WhatsApp program is selected, where it is transferred to the active position of the slider opposite the“ camera ”and“ microphone ”.
  • Next, you can use the video in WhatsApp, while problems with the camera and microphone should not occur.

Video link in WhatsApp on Android and Apple is tuned almost the same.

How to answer the video call in WhatsApp

Upon the receipt of the incoming video news on the smartphone display, an appropriate notification appears, which shows the avatar and the name of the Contact calling you from Watsap. On some gadgets, it is enough to simply move the green pipe icon up or right to answer for an answer. On other smartphones, you need to click the “answer” button. After performing these actions, the call will begin and 2 windows will be displayed on the device display. the second participant in the conversation is visible in one, and in the second you will be displayed.

How to switch with audio calls

If necessary, in WhatsApp, you can quickly switch the audio call to the video calls during the conversation.

  • Call any contact. To do this, you need to open a correspondence with any person in the application, and then press the phone.
  • After receiving the call to your interlocutor, you need to click the image of the video camera, and then confirm the change in the call format with audio on the video.

How to switch from video call to audio

In this case, it is required, on the contrary, in the process of video call, press the icon with a crossed out camera, after which only your voice will be heard, while you can still see it.


All the video calls discussed below are highly functionality. The main thing is that they allow you to see loved ones constantly. The distance of several thousand kilometers between subscribers is now not a reason not to look into the eyes of a native person.

It is worth noting that the video calls to the Android phone can be made by observing the rules:


This is one of the oldest, and therefore the most widely used applications. The first versions were designed for personal computers equipped with video cameras and microphones. Later, an application for Android was released, which is freely available in Play Market and meets all the necessary requirements. When talking on Skype, it is best to use Wi-Fi, since the mobile connection is very unstable, in addition, it has a paid traffic restriction.

To make a video news on Android and understanding how to call, you need very insignificant efforts. It is necessary to install on a smartphone pumped from the playmarket application and go through the registration procedure on the official Skype website. It remains to be authorized in the application, find in the “Contacts” section the necessary subscriber and press the key with a drawn video camera.

The application has a lot of positive functions that you can use without interrupting the conversation:

Application videos settings can be changed. When registering and authorizing using Microsoft’s account, it is possible to make calls to contacts in Messenger.


No less common messenger. The popularity of Skype on Android was transmitted after it fell in love with Windows OS users. Viber was created specifically for Android devices.

This is an ideal means for communication between people in any form: chat, sending files, video messages, voice and video calls. The main advantage is everything for free. The main drawback is that stable Internet is needed (preferably Wi-Fi). Developers solve this problem with the release of updates. The application starts to work better. The availability and prevalence of software, the possibility of sending free messages and saving on calls. made it the most popular.

Line is a novelty in the world of messages!

Recently, a wonderful Line application has entered the Android Subta market. At the moment, it only gains popularity and is in the constant processing process. The last update of the application pleased amateurs of IP-telephony and video communication on Android. With the Line application, making a video on Android is easier, so we could not help but include this software in this review.

The disadvantages of this software are that it, in fact, is in the process of development. Many users complain about failures in his work. In addition, the Line application is very sensitive to the transmission of Internet data and often issues a message: “The connection is interrupted due to an unstable Internet connection”.

Despite some disadvantages, there are still more advantages in Line:

Thanks to all these advantages, the popularity of the Line application is growing every day.

Which application for video calls is the safest?

6 safe video chat applications for your smartphone

  • WhatsApp. In the current situation, there are so many messages to exchange messages that allow you to communicate with other people.
  • Skimbo. Scimbo. This is the WhatsApp-Coleon Scenario, which is used to service instantaneous messages.
  • Skype.
  • Kick Messenger.
  • Lines for a trimmer.

Can I work with Android on iPhone?

No, they do not allow you to communicate with Facetime users. But you can use them for video calls to people using iPhone, Android phones and even other platforms. They just need the same application to be installed on their device. Skype: Skype, owned by Microsoft, was one of the first video call applications to be massive.

10 best video chat applications for Android

  • Google Duo. Google Duo. One of the best video chat applications for Android.
  • Skype. Skype. This is a free video chat application for Android, which downloaded more than 1 billion in Play Store.
  • Viber.
  • IMO Free video calls and chat.
  • Messenger.
  • Just a conversation.
  • WhatsApp.
  • Hangouts.

How to create a group video chat

The function of group video chat has a limitation on the number of people, so the user will not be able to create a video conference with the number of people more than 4.

To add a person to the chat, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Call the video first one person and wait for his answer.
  • Add the next person by clicking on the “Add Participant” button.
  • Add one contact to the chat.
enable, video, calls, android, facetime

How to choose a camera and a microphone

The choice of the device occurs automatically, when the application is accessed to the camera and the microphone, answer positively. If the headset is connected, then the application will select the microphone and the dynamics of the headset by default. If you turn off the headset, then all the settings will drop. You can connect and turn off the headset during the call: this will not affect the video, and the device will be selected automatically.

The recording function of both the call and the video call in Vatsap is missing, violates the privacy policy, but you can use auxiliary programs. For devices on the Android platform, there is a Recorder application, it will allow you to record a conversation and save in a gallery as a video.

For owners of the iPhone version of the iOS 11 and above, there is a screen recording while using the phone, the video will also remain in the gallery.

Be careful when using this method of recording a conversation: under certain conditions, it may be illegal, it will be better to inform the interlocutor about the recording.

FaceTime for Android

Is there a way of video chat between Android and iPhone?

The application allows you to communicate in the video chat between any iPhone and Android phones combination. Install the Duo video chat application quickly and easy. If it is not yet preinstalled on your Android Smartphone, you can download it for free on Google Play; IPhone owners can download it for free in App Store.

  • On the main screen, run up an empty place to open the application panel.
  • Click “Settings” “Connections”.
  • Click ” connection settings”.
  • Touch Wi-Fi calls.
  • Put the Wi-Fi switch to the right to the ON or OFF position.

How can I make video calls on my Samsung Galaxy S9?

HD Voice on a smartphone should be turned on if you use 4G Network Extender.

How To Make A FaceTime Call From An iPhone To An Android Phone Or Windows PC!

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Turning on / off video call. HD Voice

  • On the main screen, tap the phone icon (below left).
  • Touch the menu icon (above).
  • Click “Settings”.
  • Tap the video call switch to enable or off it.

Google Duo

Google Duo is Google’s answer to Facetime. It is also one of the simplest video chat applications. You just need to enter the system, connect your number, after which you can use all the features of Google Duo. You can call other Google Duo users by video communication as simple as if you made a regular phone call.

The application also includes an interesting Knock Knock function, which allows you to see the people who call you in the video, and all that they do at that moment before you picked up the phone.

Google Duo supports different platforms, so iOS users and other operating systems can also use it. You can download from Play Market here.

Google Hangouts

Once Google Hangouts was a top-end application for messaging. It is attached to your Google account (to the one you use to enter the Google Play Market) and offers the main functions that should have an application with the possibility of a video call.

You can invite friends by e.mail and communicate in the video chat simultaneously with ten people. Google Hangouts uses a modern integration that makes it quite easy to use. But it is worth noting that Hangouts will ultimately be attributed to the list of applications for business use. You can download from Play Market here.

Other programs

Of course, this is an incomplete list of applications and services that allow you to make video calls. I only talked about the most popular products. Their main plus is that almost every person has them on a mobile phone and computer. Because if you, for example, use QIP or TrueConf that you have, but do not have colleagues and acquaintances with whom you want to communicate, then nothing will come of.

Or they will have to install the same program, or you can refuse video communications with them.

We have sorted out several popular and convenient solutions for video calls, now you can choose a suitable option or several at once. The best program is the one that works stably on your device, allows you to associate you with all loved ones, colleagues and friends and arranges you on functionality.

But most often several instant messengers are installed on the phone and computer. For example, I have Skype, Viber and WhatsApp. I also often use Messenger to communicate with relatives

Which application do you like the most and why? Write us about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Let’s see what program leads among our readers.

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