How to enable the Internet to include the Internet distribution. Programs and applications for the distribution of the Internet

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How to distribute the Internet from Honor and Huawei phones: how to enable an access point and distribute Wi-Fi-Huawei Devices

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to configure the phone so that he distributes the Internet via Wi-Fi. There are several reasons why a similar phenomenon takes place:

  • Firewall is triggered, which does not allow the option to activate the option. The problem often occurs due to the presence of antivirus on the phone, which considers the distribution of the malicious process and blocks it.
  • The presence of a virus or malicious application. In this case, the data transfer function also does not work. It is recommended to carefully scan a smartphone for such problems.
  • Violations in the operation of the operating system of the phone, tablet or computer. In this case, you can carry out a complete reset of the gadget to the factory settings. However, it is worth remembering that all personal information may disappear, so it is necessary to take care of its preservation.

In addition, there are other reasons why the gadget does not distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi. These include the following:

enable, internet, include, distribution, applications
  • Lack of funds on the account, as a result of which the operator disconnected access to mobile communications.
  • A rather weak signal.
  • Data transfer on the distribution device is disabled.
  • There are problems in the work of the Wi-Fi module.
  • There is a password.

All reasons can quickly be eliminated and try to configure the phone connection again. If this does not work, then you need to seek help from the service center where they will help to deal with problems.

If everything is done correctly, then a new icon will appear in the smartphone’s information menu that signals that the required functionality was connected. It remains now to find our access point using a device from which I want to go to the Internet. After detection and connection, such an opportunity will be provided. Yes, on the speed of mobile Internet. But anyway!

How to distribute the Internet from Honor and Huawei phones: how to enable an access point and distribute Wi-Fi-Huawei Devices


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Unfortunately, banking cards of the world and Maestro still do not have such an opportunity.

The attachment of a plastic card to a smartphone for contactless payments consists of 3 stages: Stage 1: inclusion of the NFC function on the Huawei smartphone (Honor). Stage 2: installation on the smartphone Huawei (Honor) application Google Pay. Stage 3: binding a bank card to the smartphone Huawei (Honor).

Stage 1: inclusion of the NFC function on the Huawei smartphone (Honor).

The procedure for turning on the NFC function is described in the article how to enable the NFC function on the Huawei smartphone (Honor)? To go to the article, click here.

Of course, the easiest way is the NFC to include in the second way through the notification panel, but we will describe the order of its inclusion through the phone settings to find out if the payment application is installed on your smartphone for payment by touching.

Launching the phone settings.

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We go to the section “Connection of the device”.

We turn on the NFC service by pressing the switch icon.

The NFC function is activated from this moment.

Next, with a swipe, raise up the lower part of the screen, where the point “payment by touch” is located.

In the lower part of the screen we see: “The default payment application is not installed”.

Next, click on the point “Payment application by default”.

The next screen appears the message “No payment applications“.

Due to the fact that your smartphone released by Huawei Corporation is running the Android operating system (OS). then on your phone you need to install an application for electronic payments from the Google Pay mobile devices (from English. Pay. pay, pay, pay). Until February 20, 2021, the Google Pay application was called Android Pay.

Stage 2: installation on the smartphone Huawei (Honor) application Google Pay.

On the main working screen, we launch the Google Play Appendix Market (Virtual Store of Android Operational System Users). I ask you not to be confused with the Google Pay application.

In the upper line of the search, we type the word “PAY” in Latin letters and click on the “Search” button at the bottom of the screen.

The program has formed a list of applications with the word “Pay”.

By entering the installation section of the Google Pay application click on the “Install” button.

After the phone downloaded the application from the virtual application library and installed it on your smartphone, you will be invited to click on the “Open” button.

Until we launch this application, but we will go to the phone settings in its section in its section NFC. To do this, on the navigation panel (this is the lower screen of the screen, consisting of at least 3 navigation buttons), click on the “Application Switch” button in the form of a square.

You have a list of open applications on your screen. You need to select the phone settings and click on the icon of this application.

Modem mode on smartphones Huawei and Honor

To activate the distribution of traffic, you just need to turn on the modem mode on the phone. As a result, users will be able to connect to the mobile Internet any device located in the network of the network and a supporting connection, including:

Strict restrictions are not provided. The main thing is that the selected device has the ability to connect to the Internet in standard ways. The exception is old phones that support only the network provided by the operator.

Internet distribution using Bluetooth on Honor

There is nothing complicated to understand how to give the Internet with Honor via Bluetooth. First you need to install the Bluetooth connection between two devices and make sure that they are associated.

  • Open the settings;
  • Click additionally a modem and a portable access point of Huawei;
  • Turn on the bluetooth modem mode to provide overall access to the mobile Internet;
  • On the Bluetooth screen, tape the Internet access switch to install the connection to Internet;
  • After turning on the Bluetooth modem on your phone, a message will be displayed that other devices can now connect and use your mobile Internet.

If you want to use the conjugation only to transmit files, and not distribute the Internet, then you need to:

  • Open the settings and find Bluetooth.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth switch. The phone will automatically display a list of available devices. If the device with which you want to perform the conjugation is not displayed, make sure that it is available for detection.
  • Select the device with which you need to carry out the interface, and follow the instructions on the screen.

Before trying to transfer files, make sure that both devices are associated. Next, click and hold the file you want to send, then click send Bluetooth. Your device will automatically search for the nearest devices. Select the receiving device.

When another device tries to send you Bluetooth files, select “accept” in the dialog box that appears. Open the notification panel to see how file transfer is going on. By default, the resulting files are stored in the Bluetooth folder in the internal memory of your device.

Distribute via USB to a computer

In order to connect a smartphone as a USB modem, you must have an appropriate cable and a free USB port on a computer or laptop. The sequence of actions when it is required to distribute the Internet through USB as follows:

  • Connect the device to a computer or laptop using a cable.
  • Open the settings curtain at the top of the screen.
  • Select the notification that appeared on the screen after the cable accession.
  • Assign the File Transfer function.
  • Go to “Settings”-“Wireless Networks”-“Modem mode” and select “USB modem”.

Ready. Now you can distribute the Internet on a laptop or computer, in the list of connections of which a new option will appear.

How to give the Internet from the phone Huawei or Honor

The method of distributing the Internet from the Honor and Huawei phone depends on the additional devices and systems used. Read more about this below.

Wi-Fi access point

For easy distribution through Android, operate the smartphone as a wireless router. Follow the algorithm.

    Open “Settings” /”Wireless Networks” /””.

Start on a laptop or PC look for available networks. In the fact of detecting a new, connect. Set the settings in the new window.

USB modem

To activate the function, turning a mobile into a wireless router is not the only option. If this option is not suitable, then realize a more method through USB.

  • Connect the smartphone to PC via cable.
  • Wait for the activation of the work of the drivers.
  • Open the “modem mode”.
  • Put in the string “USB modem”.

Check the connection on PC or laptop. Activate “Connection by local network”. Mobile Internet without restrictions on another gadget. Keep in mind that the use of a cable that is provided in standard copulation significantly increases the Internet speed in the end.

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Bluetooth modem

If Android requires Bluetooth connection, then follow the following actions.

  • Activate on the Bluetooth smartphone by shifting down the curtain and choosing the appropriate label.
  • Complete the transition of settings/”modem mode”/”Bluetooth modem”.

After the telephone settings, go to the PC or laptop settings.

  • Open “Devices and Printers”/”Adding a new device”.
  • After the system searches the right smartphone, you must enter a password in the new field.
  • Allow the connection of the gadgets, enter the code.

After the actions carried out in the window on the computer, the smartphone icon will be displayed. Click on it.

Through applications

Developers offer applications for easy Internet distribution. They are comfortable in the fact that you can only set parameters so that the system independently selects them at each program loading. To search for such a program, just open Google Play. The proposed options are similar in functionality. There are paid and free versions. But keep in mind that there will be a lot of advertising in the free program. The most popular and free option is Wi-Fi Hotspot. Ideal for a public institution, since it allows you to establish limited traffic.

If you still have questions or have complaints, let us know

Wi-Fi access point

The most popular and often used option to share traffic is to create Wi-Fi access point on the phone. The algorithm How to distribute the Internet from the Honor and Huawei phone is given below.

  • Turn on the mobile data transmission through the shift of the curtain or settings.
  • Go to the “Wireless Network” item.
  • Click on the line “Modem mode”.
  • Next, we need the “Access point” tool.

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How to give the Internet with Honor 8

In order to make a Wi-Fi device from your smartphone for connecting to the Internet of other devices there are different ways. We will use fast, it consists in setting up through a quick access menu. Or through Android curtain.

  • First of all, you need to connect a mobile Internet to distribute it to other devices. It can also be done in the quick access menu, lower the curtain and click on the “Mobile Data” button. If your Internet is not connected, you need to contact a mobile operator for help in setting it; Connect mobile Internet on the phone
  • Next, click on the “Access point” button. The distribution of the Internet is activated. But we can change the additional settings of our new network: install the password, change it, change other parameters; Button “Access point”
  • To do this, go to the main menu and click on the settings icon; Select the settings icon in the smartphone
  • Then, on the next screen, select the item “Wireless Networks”; Click on the line “Wireless networks”
  • Next, select a string called “Personal Access Point”. In this window, we can change the name of our network; Click on the point “Personal access point”
  • Click on this line and enter a new name if you want to change it; Window “Personal access point”
  • Or select the point with the password below and change it. Change the Wi-Fi network password

In this menu, you can activate the “Access point” function. You can get into it not only through the general settings of the smartphone. And also, if you hold the button in the quick access menu of the Honor mobile phone. In some models, the process of connecting the Internet distribution function may vary.

This is interesting: how to transfer contacts from phone to SIM card.

Instructions-how to distribute Wi-Fi

  • Go to the section where you have a Wi-Fi connection;
  • Now we click on the “access point and modem”;
  • First turn on the top runner to activate the mode, and then click on the button below for the settings, as in the picture above;
  • Now at the very beginning we set the name of the network and the type of protection. as in the picture from above. And then enter the password. In order not to make a mistake, you can put the checkplace “show the password”. After that, click “Save”.

There are other ways to distribute the Internet to other devices.

How to give wi-fi on huawei. how to give the Internet via wi-fi on Android.

Want to share Huawei through Wi-Fi with other devices with your phone and do not know how to do it? At this village you will find information on Android to distribute the Internet through Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi access point allows you to distribute the Internet from Huawei to another phone. tablet, laptop, computer or other device supporting Wi-Fi technology. Perhaps in this way you can share the Internet on many Android devices, so if you do not have Huawei, you can also try the method below. Good luck!

Now let’s see how to provide Internet access to other devices from your Android phone or tablet.

Open “settings”, find and click “more”, then “Modem mode” and “Wi-Fi access point” and turn it on.

Now other phones, tablets, computers or other devices can be connected to your phone. If necessary, you can change the name, and the password to Wi-Fi, see the instructions below.

You can configure the Wi-Fi access point by changing the password and other parameters. To do this, where we included in the settings “Wi-Fi access point” click “Configure the Wi-Fi access point. You can configure the name of the access point, encryption and password to the Wi-Fi access point.

You can also configure the Internet traffic limit for other devices after the data limit ends with the Wi-Fi access point will turn off automatically. To do this, where we included in the settings “Wi-Fi access point” we click “Setting up the traffic limit for other devices”.

Huawei Assistance Android High Site Help

Instructions on how to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi approaches Huawei P10, possibly other Android devices. Please leave a review and indicate the model of the device to which this information has approached or not, so that you still have useful information for other users.

  • I hope you learned how to distribute the Internet from the Huawei Android to other devices.
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  • Thanks for the responsiveness, mutual assistance and useful tips.

How to distribute the Internet from the Honor or Huawei phone: Turn on the modem mode

How to distribute the Internet with Huawei or Honor. a similar question should not worry about smartphone owners, since the developers of the phones were worried that the mentioned function always remained at hand. Much more important for users is how their mobile operator refers to the distribution of traffic. Many cellular companies set strict restrictions on such actions and significantly reduce connection speed or completely turn off the network. Only in the case when the tariff used allows the distribution, it is worth proceeding to studying various methods of using Android as a modem.

To activate the distribution of traffic, you just need to turn on the modem mode on the phone. As a result, users will be able to connect to the mobile Internet any device located in the network of the network and a supporting connection, including:

Strict restrictions are not provided. The main thing is that the selected device has the ability to connect to the Internet in standard ways. The exception is old phones that support only the network provided by the operator.

What is an access point on Huawei phone?

Huawei access point is no different from other Wi-Fi access points. It also allows you to connect to the network and use traffic. It has already been mentioned above that any device is capable of connecting to the network, including tablets and even TVs. And the only difference will be the fact that the phone is used as source of connection. At the same time, gigabyte’s distribution does not prevent users from using the rest of the device of the device. The only drawback will be a slight decrease in the performance of the device. But the differences as the work of the device are minimal, so users will not notice deteriorations.

There are several ways to turn on the distribution:

In each case, the owners of Android have to take similar actions. Differences will affect exclusively the choice of optimal mode.

It is important to emphasize that all possible problems and their solutions are related to the actions of the operator or tariff conditions. If you cannot transfer part of the traffic to another phone, you need to familiarize yourself with the restrictions provided for by the tariff plan (in this case you have to activate additional options) or look at the connection speed (in this situation, the tariffing will be replaced by a more high.speed).

Wi-Fi access point

Using Wi-Fi access point is the most common way to distribute the Internet. To turn on the access point, you will need:

Connect to the created network in a standard way to connect to Wi-Fi, using previously set when setting up with a name and password.

USB modem

If the computer does not support Wi-Fi connection (there is no desired module and headset), it is worth using the phone as a standard USB modem. This follows:

  • connect the phone to the computer using the cable included for this;
  • wait for the installation of the right drivers (if necessary) and make sure that the connection is established;
  • open on the smartphone the already mentioned section “Modem mode” (the use of the above instructions is allowed);
  • Activate the mention of USB.

Then it remains to configure the standard local network on the PC, going to the Center for Diagnosis of Networks for this.

Bluetooth modem

Knowing how to distribute the Internet from the Honor phone via Wi-Fi, to figure out how to connect the distribution of traffic via Bluetooth is easy. But those who need the instructions should do the following:

After that, access to the Internet is open.

If you have questions or have complaints left. please let us know

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Turning on the modem mode on Huawei Mediapad tablets

Huawei Mediapad tablet, like the phone, can be used as a modem and distribute the Internet signal with it. To create a wireless access point, you need to perform quite simple actions:

  • Choose “Settings” in the tablet.
  • Next, you need to find the “Wireless Networks” menu, and then go to the “modem mode or access point”.
  • After that, select “Wi-Fi access point”.
  • To configure such a point, select the line “Configure the Wi-Fi access point”.

In this case, any owner of the gadgets can use the Internet. If absolutely everyone wants to distribute a signal, then it is recommended to set the password for the connection.

You can also use the tablet as a USB modem. However, this is possible only if the latest versions of Windows are installed on the computer. To create a connection, you must do the following:

  • Connect the tablet to the computer using the USB wire.
  • Select the “Settings” menu.
  • Find the item “Wireless Networks”, then. “Modema Modema/access point”.
  • Activate a USB modem.

After that, you can easily use the tablet as a modem for distributing a signal.

Use the phone to distribute the Internet to other users is quite easy. The smartphone settings will not take much time and will not require much effort and knowledge. However, it is worth remembering that the methods of connection may vary depending on the models of the gadget.

It is important to understand that such connections can cost certain money, so it is recommended to have a certain amount on the account so that the connection does not break. It is also required to protect the joints with a password so that the Wi-Fi signal does not use everything around.

Through applications

There are many applications that allow you to distribute Internet for other devices. The convenience of their use lies in the fact that it is enough to set the desired parameters once and then only remains to start the application at the right time. At the same time, you do not have to crawl in the smartphone settings to turn on the desired function.

There are a huge number of applications in the Google Play app store. Their functionality is approximately the same. There are paid versions, but there are free ones, but they have advertising other products. An example of one of the most multifunctional and free applications is Wi-Fi Hotspot.

This application not only knows how to distribute a mobile network via Wi-Fi, but also Bluetooth. In addition, in it you can set the traffic limit for devices and session time. This application is great for creating access points in public institutions.

As it became clear from the article, to carry out the distribution of connection to the world web on Huawei and Honor is quite simple and there are several ways to do this. Any of the above methods is available on all telephones and tablets of the company.

The situation when you need to use the Internet on a laptop or PC, and there is no connection, it may occur quite often. Departure outside the city or banal shutdown of light should not lead to a breakdown of the workflow, and the issue can be resolved using the Honor or Huawei smartphones. Having completed several simple actions, you can turn the gadget into a Wi-Fi module and distribute the Internet to other devices. The only condition is a profitable tariff with a mobile Internet on a smartphone, and an access point is always with you.

How Does the Internet Actually Work?

How to configure modem mode

This mode allows you to assign the modem functions on the Honor smartphone, but first you need to connect it to the Internet. To do this, lower the notification curtain and select the network icon. If the user account has a sufficient amount of money, an additional question with how to include mobile Internet on Honor will not arise.

If pressing the network connection button does not provide access to the Internet, then you can try to go into the settings and perform the next action algorithm:

  • Open the “Wireless Networks” item.
  • Click on “SIM cards settings”.
  • Select a SIM card through which data will be received and transferred.

note! You also need to make sure that the tariff with Internet access is connected on the selected SIM card.

note! The data transfer speed when connecting to the modem in the person of the smartphone directly depends on the communication operator and the tariff plan. If the signal is currently receiving 3G networks, then the Internet distribution will have the appropriate speed. Now the fastest networks are 4G (LTE), providing up to 100 Mbps.

Only after connecting to 2G, 3G or 4G mobile networks, you can proceed to turn on the modem option. To do this, you need to go into the settings of the gadget and select the “Wireless Network” item. But here you should already click not on “SIM cards settings”, but to the “modem mode”.

Internet distribution on Bluetooth

In order to distribute the Internet from the Honor phone on Bluetooth, you must first enable the Bluetooth modem mode on it, and then connect another device to it. To turn on the mode on the smartphone, follow the following:

  • Open the settings
  • Go to “Mobile Networks” (on some models “Wireless Networks”)
  • “Personal access point” (or “modem mode”)
  • Go to the “” section and activate the Bluetooth modem slider.

Now you need to connect another device to the phone. To do this, turn on Bluetooth on it, find your Honor and carry out the conjunction.

Go to the parameters of the connection. The easiest way to do this through a long press on the Bluetooth icon in the notifications curtain.

In the section “Connected devices” find the right one and click on the gear icon located next to it

Now activate the heading of the Internet access

Now, the Bluetooth connected device to your Honor will be connected to the Internet.