How To Enable The Display Of Lyrics In Apple Music Instructions For Ios, Macos, Tv

How To Enable The Display Of Lyrics In Apple Music Instructions For Ios, Macos, Tv

Often, users need to find out what the song is about, which is performed in a foreign language. Not so long ago, to search for text it was required to manually search for translations through search engines, but with the advent of a new application from Apple, the search for text was greatly simplified. They became available with the standard Apple Music program, which is on every device of the apple company.

How to turn on the display of songs in Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, iPod?

There are several ways to display song text on mobile devices (all methods work if the device is connected to the Internet):

  • To view the text of the selected song, it is recommended to click on the screen and pull your finger up. A little lower than the player’s menu is the “Text” key (unfortunately, it is not available for all tracks). It is necessary to click on the inscription “Show text”, after which, after a few seconds, the text of the desired or playing composition will be displayed on the screen.
  • You need to open the standard Apple Music app, select the song you want, turn it on. Next, you need to enter the player menu. You can perform this action by double-clicking on the song. Then click on the ellipsis (at the bottom of the display), then “Show Text”. The program will find it on the network and display it.
  • In the latest versions of iOS, in the Music application, in order to enable the display of the lyrics, you just need to click on the “Show lyrics” button. It is located on the menu under the song.

If, after all the operations done, the text did not appear, therefore, for this composition, the output of the text is not possible. At the moment, most of the music tracks in the library have written text.

How to display lyrics in Apple Music on Mac?

Many users like to listen to songs from a PC or laptop. In order to find the text of a song you like, you must:

  • Launch the iTunes app.
  • There is an option “Text”, clicking on it, you can read the text of the composition.
  • In this case, the installed operating system must be from Apple.

Photo: Turn on song lyrics on Apple Music on Mac

If the user wants to view the text in iTunes with Windows, then it should be integrated with the OS.

How to display lyrics in Apple Music on an Apple TV?

It should be noted that TVs and set-top boxes from Apple have the function of outputting the lyrics to the screen in the Apple Music application.

  1. When playing a song or clip, you must swipe up on the remote control (which have a touch panel).
  2. Next, stop on the image of 3 horizontal lines.

It is worth noting that you do not need to specifically enable the display of song lyrics on devices, because in Apple Music this option is built-in by default.