How To Enable Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung smartphones in recent years have shown themselves well in terms of photographing. Previously, the South Korean manufacturer provided too much unnecessary functionality, but recently, the pre-installed Camera application provides interesting, convenient and useful options. This year’s flagships Galaxy S8 and S8 are equipped with a high-quality camera, which in capable hands can work wonders.

New camera app

application Camera on Galaxy S8 It has not changed much compared to previous devices, but it has been updated to become more convenient to use. A new variant of the arrangement of elements puts in the center the most popular camera features. For example, when photographing, you can now zoom by simply moving the shutter button from left to right. Thus, with one finger you can shoot and resize the image.

What each camera mode is capable of

A finger gesture to the right in the camera interface allows you to open various shooting modes. Among them are available the following:

  • Auto: the name speaks for itself. You will use it most often.
  • Pro: Samsung manual shooting mode. Here you can choose ISO, shutter speed, white balance and exposure levels. You can manually focus, which helps when shooting objects close up.
  • Panorama: Standard on most smartphones. In Galaxy S8, this mode is no different from other smartphones, although it does require a scene scan from right to left.
  • Selective focus: Unfortunately, this is not portrait mode on the iPhone, but it resembles it. Here, several photos are simultaneously taken, after which you open the gallery to select the focus style before saving the final image. This mode is also available on the front camera.
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  • Slow motion: here you record a. When you shot a, open it in the gallery and set at what time section the playback will be slow.
  • Hyperlapse: Mount the Galaxy S8 on a tripod and leave the window to watch the sunrise. Come back in an hour to see how the camera captured the changing light, after which you can share this miracle on Instagram.
  • Food: analogue of portrait shooting for food. Take a picture of your pasta or other culinary delights that are on your dining table. You can draw a circle in the viewfinder to adjust the blur level of the background and press the shutter button to take pictures. It works only with close objects.
  • Virtual shooting: This mode is hard to describe. The Galaxy S8 quickly captures multiple photos while you’re on the other side of the subject. After that, the photos are combined into an animation file. You can share the result as a or GIF image. It is desirable that the object is motionless.
  • Bixby Assistant in Camera app

    Together with these smartphones, Samsung introduced a new digital assistant called Bixby, which is not yet ready for work. However, it is with the camera that the assistant already works, we are talking about a function called Bixby Vision.

    You need to click on the Bixby button on the case. Point the camera at an object or landscape and the assistant will display related images and links to purchase the specified items. Bixby Vision works with a variety of objects, including cosmetics with stickers and electronics from well-known brands. Sometimes the assistant confuses things.

    Using focus manually

    Do you want to master the bokeh effect on the Samsung Galaxy S8? Open manual settings by swiping left next to the camera shutter button and select Pro shooting mode. Here, click on the “Manual Focus” option and move the cursor until you get the desired effect. You will see green lines in the viewfinder that mark what the camera is focusing on. After that you can take photos.

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    Quick Launch Activation

    By default, quick start is enabled initially. You need to quickly press the power button twice on the right side of the case to launch the camera application. You can use this option even when the screen is off. If you accidentally disabled this feature, you can return it in the camera settings.

    Adding a floating camera button

    Galaxy S8 and S8 smartphones got larger screens compared to previous generation devices, so reaching the farthest edges is not easy. For this reason, the shutter button floating on the screen increases the convenience of photographing. You can enable it in the camera settings, it is two lines below the quick launch of the camera. When this option is enabled, the camera interface will display a floating button that can be placed anywhere in the Camera application.

    Shooting before photo

    In the camera’s application settings, enable the “Motion photo” function to record a short before taking a photo.

    Quick switch between cameras

    A button for switching between cameras is located at the top of the application interface. You can also switch with a simple gesture up in the viewfinder, which is convenient to do with one hand.

    Use photo filters

    At the bottom of the camera interface, where the shutter button is located, swipe left to open the effects. You can also get here from the Face Masks menu. Many different filters are available here, some of them suitable for landscape photographs, others for selfies.

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    Face smoothing

    The front camera resolution of the Galaxy S8 is 8 megapixels, which is quite a lot. Aperture is equal to f / 1.7, there is autofocus, so you can safely use this camera to photograph yourself and your friends. If you are not completely sure of your beauty, you can use the decoration modes that are built into the camera app to hide flaws. Click on the icon that looks like a person with long hair to open different jewelry options, such as smoothing the skin, adding artificial light or brightening the eyes.

    Wide angle selfie

    To take wide-angle photographs on the front camera, you need to perform a gesture to the right in the area next to the shutter in the front camera’s operating mode, just like the filter on the rear camera opens. The wide-angle selfie mode resembles panoramic shooting in the rear camera, you need to hold the viewfinder from left to right to get a photo.

    Use face masks

    Samsung has integrated a feature called Face Masks into the Galaxy S8; this is not the same as Snapchat filters, although it works almost identically. You can use them in the front camera on yourself or on the rear camera with other people. Unfortunately, you cannot use them together with other effects, only one filter can be applied at a time.

    To enter this mode, click the icon in the lower right corner of the interface. When you have selected the desired mask, press the viewfinder so that the shutter button appears. Some have animations and sound effects. You can take a photo or with masks, if you want, you can remove the filter.

    Download additional effects

    How to Enable Samsung Galaxy S8