How to enable PUSH WhatsApp notifications on iPhone. Disconnect focusing

What to do if notifications of WhatsApp do not come

Smartphones are designed to facilitate human life. This small gadget is a multifunctional device that includes: organizer, calendar, alarm clock, messenger, game console and much more. Phones inform their owner about the news and various events notifications. But they are not safe from failures, and even the popular WhatsApp messenger may not work as it should. In the article we will consider the question of why whatsApp notifications do not come, and how can this problem be corrected.

If there are no WhatsApp notifications, the first thing to check is how the Internet works. On Android and on the iPhone, if the gadget goes into sleep mode, the connection can “fall off”. That is, in the background, notifications do not come, but only when you open whatsApp.

Sometimes the system will fail if the smartphone has little RAM. Only buying a newer device with good “iron” will help here. Of course, you can unload all programs from memory except the messenger, but this is not very convenient and practical.

Also, do not lose the attention of the settings set by the user. Many people simply do not understand this, and may be mistakenly sorted out something.


If the android devices do not work on Android, take these steps:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Find the item “Show notifications” or just notifications and go to it.
  • In the list of applications, select WhatsApp.
  • If the option “limit background data” is active, then deactivate it.

Similar actions are made directly in the Vatsapa settings:

enable, push, whatsapp, notifications

It happens that pop.up windows about new messages from a particular person or chat cease to appear. So, a restriction in personal settings has been set.


Using the iPhone if PUSH notifications do not come to WhatsApp, to start rebooting the smartphone. Also, the gadget, converted into a soundless regime, will not show alert. In addition, check that the function “not to disturb” is disabled (the icon in the form of the moon in the settings panel).

Push provisions can be disconnected for specific programs. When messages do not come to WhatsApp, you can solve this this way:

  • Go to the gadget settings.
  • Open “Notifications”.
  • See a list of installed applications where find and go to WotSAPP.
  • Translate the slider opposite to “allow notifications” to an active state.

Xiaomi and Meizu

The phones of these manufacturers have a function that extends the “life” of the battery. And if the user closes WhatsApp, the notifications will not be displayed until you open.

The problem is eliminated as follows:

  • Go to the device settings clicking on the gear icon.
  • Select the “Additional” section.
  • Find the “battery”.
  • Find the point “Program Management”.
  • Select the messenger and remove the restriction related to sending notifications.

In addition to activate the auto.launch. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open “Tools”.
  • Select “Security”.
  • Go to “Permission”. While in this menu, switch the slider opposite the “Avtobuavka” item. Then, even if the user closes the messenger, messages will not be blocked.

Other reasons

VotsApp is a rather capricious messenger, which may begin to fail due to the smallest inaccuracies in the settings. Problems are solved in different ways, which depends on the OS, the phone model, and the versions of the WhatsApp itself.

Time and time zone

Smartphones and software developed for them, during work, use various complex scenarios. The incorrectly entered date and time or incorrectly exhibited time zone can also cause incorrect functioning of applications.

It is recommended to immediately eliminate this moment, otherwise the messenger will constantly cause problems. Procedure:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Find the “Parameters”.
  • Select the Date and Time tab, where you turn off their automatic installation.
  • Set the current time and set the current time zone.
  • Reload the system.

Function “Show of contents”

In the settings of a mobile device, an option that is responsible for showing notifications on the lock screen can simply be disabled. The problem is solved as follows:

Sleep mode is enabled

This option is in the flagship Samsung, and has recently been found in gadgets from other manufacturers. If you activate it, then: the brightness of the screen is limited, the picture becomes black and white, notifications are disconnected and so on. The function is disconnected in the “Using device” menu in the “Sleep mode”.

Setting restrictions on the use of battery

Energy saving parameters disconnect different phone functions, including obtaining alerts. How to fix the situation:

  • Find the menu gadget in the settings, through which the battery is monitored.
  • Open “restrictions in the background”.
  • Add VOTSAP to the list “not passing into sleep mode”.

Cash WhatsApp

Most programs installed on the gadget have a cache. a temporary storage used to quickly download. The cache file can grow to large sizes, which is why not only the internal memory is “eaten”, but also various errors arise, including with notifications. Cleafing the cache is done as follows:

How to configure notifications in iOS?

In order to control (turn on or disconnect), all notifications must be followed on the path of settings → notifications.

The entire list of applications installed on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will have access to system notifications. Under the name of the application indicates the type of notification or the inscription “Turned off”, indicating that the application is not sent by any of the types of notifications to the user.

Having opened the settings of any application from the list, you will get access to the entire spectrum of visualization and audio.component notifications.

The point “Notification access” is the main. It either allows any type of warnings, or completely prohibits the applications to give at least some signals during its inactivity.

Then you decide whether you want to hear any sounds or not, as well as see the red badzhik with numerical information in the upper right corner of the icon (the total number of notifications from all applications in it is displayed on the folders).

Notifications Silenced Message iPhone / iPad iOS 15 (FIXED)

In the “Warning” section, you can turn off the notification show on the blocked screen, the notification center or the display of banners.

The banners themselves are temporary (they themselves disappear in a few seconds) or constant (require actions from the user before hid).

The “Parameters” section posts the “showing miniatures” option. She determines whether the application will show the text of the notification on the blocked screen or the information will simply be displayed that the notification has been received in such and such a program, but the essence of the message will retain the status of confidentiality (in detail).

There is a similar function in the main window of the “Notification” section. It applies to absolutely all applications.

How to temporarily disable all notifications?

It allows you to block all or part of the notifications on a constant or temporary basis. It’s nice that she can work on a schedule, automatically activating restrictions. For example, you will not be disturbed by some insignificant remark in the game after 23:00, the boss or relatives will always be called, but other subscribers will be able to reach only if they persistently call the second time within three minutes. The function “do not disturb” is very simple, understandable, flexible and important.

With the release of iOS 11, the option “not to disturb the driver” settled here, not allowing to be distracted by the wheel.

How to enable sound in WhatsApp on notifications: on Android and iPhone

How to enable sound in WhatsApp and configure notification about incoming messages? We analyzed in detail all the available methods and presented understandable, simple algorithms. you need to choose the operating system and use our tips!

I want to add sound in WhatsApp or turn it on? We will teach! First, we call carefully check the following parameters:

  • A sufficient volume level is chosen. Adjust it with buttons on the side panel;
  • Sinless mode, flight mode and other restrictive functions of the device are disconnected.

First, let’s talk about how to enable the sound of notifications in WhatsApp through a messenger. there are appropriate parameters inside. We do the following:

Just select the appropriate type of warning instead of the value “not selected”.

Moving further. below is the application unit unit block.

Do not forget, there are similar opportunities within the framework of the parameters of the operating system. Be sure to check the activation of the necessary options:

  • Enter the settings of the device;
  • Scroll through the list of applications to the name of the messenger;
  • Expand the menu and find the “Notifications” item;
  • Click the “tolerance” switch at the top of the screen;

How to enable || turn on/off push notifications for whatsapp || whatsApp notifications issue #iphone

There is a link in this menu to go to the messenger settings, which we talked about above. We recommend that you activate both options. so there is more chances to achieve the correct setting of the messenger.

On Android

I figured out how to enable the sound of the notification on WhatsApp on iPhones. we go to another operating system? Instructions have certain differences.

If you look at the parameters below, you will see the blocks of “Messages” and “Group”. Inside each section there is a selection button of the type of alert. configure the desired sound design (from the musical gallery of the device).

You can turn on the sound of incoming messages in WhatsApp through the devices. we tell the approximate algorithm:

Important! Methods allowing to enable the WhatsApp sound on Android may differ. the names of the menu items and the internal settings device changes depending on the brand and model of the smartphone.

You learned how to enable the sound in WhatsApp when reporting. a convenient option, do not miss a single incoming. If necessary, the option can be turned off at any time so that you do not worry due to the sound signal.

How to disable pre.viewing of notifications on the lock screen for all applications on the iPhone

Open the “Settings” application, and then go to the “Notifications” section.

At the top of the menu, click on the “show of miniatures”.

Three options for the behavior of the device will be given to you. Select “without blocking” to disclose notifications only after scanning the face using Face ID or after reading the fingerprint to the Touch ID sensor.

If you are especially careful and do not want any contents of the notifications on the lock screen, then select “never”.

How to disable pre.viewing notifications for WhatsApp, VK (), Telegram, Weiber, etc.D. On the iPhone

The previous method works on the principle of “all or nothing” for each notification arriving at your iPhone. But what to do if you want to turn off the pre.viewing of notifications only for specific applications, for example, WhatsApp, VK (), Telegram, etc.D., And for other applications, leave the previous mode?

Open the “Settings” application on the iPhone and go to the “Notifications” section.

Go to the notifications parameters for the necessary specific application and select the “miniature show” item.

Select the necessary option: without blocking (if the phone is unlocked, you will see the contents of the message) or never (the message text will not be available on the lock screen).

Now, upon receipt of a new message, the notification will indicate the name of the sender, and the “message” will simply be written in the field of contents.

WhatsApp notifications do not come to Apple Watch: what to do?

If the Apple Watch does not come to WhatsApp notifications, you don’t need to worry! But you need to read our review and find out how to deal with the situation. Nobody likes to miss notification. we will teach you how to solve the problem yourself in a few minutes.

First you should talk about how to enable WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch. Perhaps notifications do not come, because you have not activated the option? We recommend that you do the following manipulations to every happy owner of the device:

  • Open the Watch application on a smartphone. it is preinstalled automatically and for free;
  • Find the section “My watch” and go to the “Notification” block;
  • Translate the toggle switch in the indicator line into an active position;
  • Below in the list find the messenger and click on the power button.

Ready, now the WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch will come. you will learn about calls and messages in time! Make sure you put the right settings. It did not help?

Possible reasons

There are other reasons that cannot be silent about. Often inexperienced users simply do not know why whatsApp is not displayed on Apple Watch. we must help them.

Torn connection

The first reason is the torn connection between devices. In this case, you will see a red phone icon, cross or wi-fi icon. You need to connect the devices again!

  • Put the devices closer to each other;
  • Make sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on on the iPhone, disconnected by aircraft mode;
  • If this did not help, let’s tear a pair. then create it again, restore working capacity.
  • On the smartphone, open the Watch application and click “My watch”;
  • Click on the information icon next to the desired device and select the value of “break”.

And now we are creating a couple again so that everything works:

  • Turn on and put on the watch;
  • Bring them to the iPhone and wait for the appearance of a message about use;
  • Click on the continuation button;
  • Place the phone over the animation on the screen;
  • Wait for the message that the couple has been created.
enable, push, whatsapp, notifications

Ready, now setting WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch is not required, you were able to fix everything, they will come!

Clock blocking

The second possible reason is that the clock is blocked, and the iPhone is unlocked:

  • Alerts will come to the smartphone, so WhatsApp is not displayed on Apple Watch;
  • Just block the phone and remove the lock from the watch.

“Do not disturb” mode

The third option is nowhere more elementary. you put the “do not disturb” mode for an hour, so WhatsApp on Apple Watch does not display calls and messages. While the crescent is on the screen, the notifications will not come. Let’s turn off the mode:

We told why whatsApp does not work on Apple Watch. you can deal with problems yourself, set the work of notification and get data on calls and messages in a timely manner!

Internet connection check

If the WhatsApp or other messenger notifications are not displayed on the iPhone, then check the Internet connection. If there is no access to the network, then you can forget about the fuss of notifications from. Vaiber, Instagram and other applications.

To make sure that there is Internet access, run the browser and open any site. If an error message appears, make sure that Wi-Fi or mobile traffic is included on the iPhone. There are both sections in the iOS settings and at the control point. If you use a cellular connection, check the balance of the personal account and the balance of mobile traffic on the tariff.

If SMS notifications on the iPhone do not come, then checking the Internet connection is pointless. it has nothing to do with the problem. But you need to pay attention to other factors.

Repeated authorization of Apple ID and iCloud

If there is an Internet connection, but the reboot did not help, try to re.enter the Apple ID account.

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the ITUNES Store and App Store section.
  • Click on the authorized Apple ID and select “Exit”.
  • Click “Enter” and re.authorize Apple ID.

The next method for eliminating the problem with the arrival of the notifications in Viber and other iPhone applications is re.connecting the device to ICLOUD. It is also performed through the settings:

  • Open the ICloud section in iOS settings.
  • Click “Exit” at the very bottom of the page.
  • Back up in icloud on the same page.

Users report that they were helped by the reloading of the device made between the exit from the iCloud/Apple ID and repeated entrance/authorization.

Add applications-exclusion

If you want to use focusing, but at the same time receive notifications from some applications, you need to add them to the exceptions.

  • Open the settings on the iPhone.
  • Select the focusing section, and then select the profile that you most often use.
  • Under the item “allowed notifications” click “Applications”.
  • Here click the “Add” button and select the application.

Now you will receive notifications from this application, even when the profile of the focusing function will be active.

Update applications

If notifications from some applications still do not come, then the problem may be that their versions are outdated.

Update applications via the App Store by choosing your profile in the upper right corner. Perhaps this will solve the problem.

IOS 15 has many new functions, so the update should definitely be installed. If you suddenly have any problems with notifications, now you know what the reason may be.

Should notifications come

If you figured out how to install WhatsApp on Apple Watch 3 or another model, you need to pay attention to one feature. Messages are displayed on the watch when the smartphone screen is blocked. If the iPhone is in sleeping mode, and the user does not use it at the moment, then of course you can see WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch.

If you use the phone, but its screen is not blocked, then WhatsApp notifications will not come to Apple Watch. There is no need for this, because the user will see it on the smartphone screen, and you do not need to run the program on the clock, as this will save the charge of the device.

Thus, before worrying why the Apple Watch does not display the WhatsApp message, you need to understand that the sending of warning works only when the smartphone is blocked. Otherwise, read the posts of Wats AP on the watch screen will not be.

How to enable notifications

Some users do not receive notification due to the fact that they forgot to turn on the notification on the smartphone. If this function is disabled in the device, then the notifications on Apple Watch will also not be displayed. Let’s tell you how to configure the receipt of a notification. For this:

After you turn on this function, new challenges and messages will be displayed on the smartphone screen. If the Apple Watch and the WhatsApp messenger are synchronized, then new calls and messages will immediately be displayed on the clock itself.

WhatsApp settings

Inside this application there is a special section where the warning settings are performed. sounds, vibration, pop.up notifications and light. In addition to the options for melodies, flowers and the length of the vibration, there are also points “without sound”, “off” (for vibration), “without pop.up windows”, “without light”. if the marks are on them, then incoming messages and calls can be missed due to the lack of any indication.

Where to check the settings if WhatsApp does not show notifications on Android and iPhone:

You should also check if the data savings option are included. To do this, go to WhatsApp settings and open the “Data and Storage” section. At the very bottom, you will see the line “Savings of data”. Try to turn off this option and check if the notifications are coming now.

note! Notifications settings can also be performed for each contact separately. If you do not receive warning about those who are coming from a particular person, go to his profile and see if the point “without sound” is activated, and also check which parameters are activated in the “Individual Notifications” section.

Features of Xiaomi and Meizu

Xiaomi and Meizu operating systems are “sharpened” for a fairly rigid economy of battery charge. smartphones of these brands are positioned as capable of working for a long time without recharging. But, speaking in the language of the IT world, here the feature turns into a bug. the charge saving occurs due to the blocking of the work of many applications in the background. That is, as soon as you close the messenger, it immediately goes into sleep mode. the exchange of data with servers stops.

To get rid of the problem, it is necessary to set for this program an individual work permit in the background. What to do if WhatsApp does not show notifications (they do not come) about the message:

Please note: the names of the buttons and sections given in the instructions for Xiaomi and Meizu may differ from those that are relevant for your device of the corresponding brand. This is due to the possible difference in versions of operating systems.