How to enable pop-up shazam on iPhone

How to enable Shazam on iPhone

Recognizing music on iPhone is now possible directly from the control center. literally in one click.

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll to the Control Center menu
  • In the ” controls” section, click on the plus next to the item “Music recognition.

Add Music Recognition to Control Center

How to recognize music on iPhone

If you’ve heard music you don’t know the author of, tap the Shazam icon in Control Center. After a few seconds, a notification will appear at the top with the name of the track and its author. You can go to the app to immediately listen to the song on Apple Music.

You can even recognize a track from a video on the same iPhone

over, this did not necessarily have to be a track that is playing on another device. the song can be recognized even in a video on the same iPhone. For example, you found a cool video, but don’t know the song from it. you turned on Shazam, and you’re done.

Apple bought the Shazam service in 2017. The deal was worth 400 million, much less than the 1 billion the service was valued at during its 2015 investment round.

Shazam has been integrated with Siri since iOS 8, and it was thanks to him that you could ask what song is playing and get a quick response from the voice assistant.

By getting its hands on music recognition technology, Apple has been able to attract new subscribers that are not necessarily associated with Shazam. The service’s developments allow the company to integrate artificial intelligence into Apple Music, which will intelligently approach the issue of forming playlists that are interesting to users.

What’s new in iOS 14.2

Another important innovation in iOS 14.2 is ECG support on Apple Watch in Russia. Apple specifically blocks the ECG function at the system level because eligibility is subject to country-specific regulatory approval. Until recently, Apple could not get it in Russia.

The ECG measurement function is officially available only on three generations of Apple Watch: Series 4, 5 and 6. It does not matter where your watch was purchased. to take measurements, you will need to follow the instructions on this link, activate the innovation, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

IOS 14.2 introduces built-in Shazam: how to enable it

One of the main innovations in iOS 14.2 is the Shazam service built into the operating system. The corresponding section appeared in the control center. Apple has integrated the music recognition service in iOS, allowing you to use it without installing the application itself. This is very cool, considering that now it is also possible to recognize even those tracks that accompany the video played on the same device. But not everyone understands how to enable it, since Shazam does not appear automatically, it must be additionally activated manually.

IPhone can now recognize music in one click without installing an app

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It’s just not clear where, in which folder do the shazams go when using the new function? Previously, in the application, shazams fell into a separate folder. Now they don’t get into this folder.

How to shazam music from your phone

Most often, people use Shazam when they are indoors or outdoors, where music is playing. It can also be a TV, a compact Bluetooth speaker or a car interior. But what if the track is playing on the phone? For example, while watching a YouTube video.

To do this, you need to activate another Shazam feature. She was named “Pop-up Shazam”. Enabling it causes the Shazam icon to appear on the smartphone screen, regardless of which application is currently being used.

First you need to open Shazam, go to the application settings and activate the function we need. Now you can open any other program and tap on the mug to determine the track. Almost immediately, a photo of the artist will appear in place of the Shazam symbol along with the name of the song.

Why Shazam doesn’t work on iPhone

There are situations when such a useful application does not work or functions to a limited extent. As a result, iPhone owners are unable to identify the song that is playing. To fix the error, we suggest that you read the advice of our expert.

An expert in the field of digital technologies and the activities of mobile operators. I am engaged in constant monitoring of industry changes in Russia and abroad.

The first reason may be a clogged microphone. If dust gets into it, neither Shazam, nor your telephone interlocutor will be able to hear the sounds coming around. Therefore, the first step is to clean the microphone.

Most likely, you do not have an internet connection. Without network access, Shazam will not be able to sync with its music library. It is clear that in such conditions the definition of a song is impossible. In this regard, it is recommended to ensure that you have access to the Internet.

Why are tracks not being saved to my Shazam library?

Adding certain songs to your personal list is possible only after authorization. Even after a successful operation in the Shazam settings, failures may appear in the future. Try to log in again and bring the smartphone to the sound source again.

How Shazam works on the phone

In fact, Shazam is a multifunctional application. Its main function is to identify tracks. Therefore, a person who brings a smartphone to a sound source is likely to be able to determine the playing composition. However, Shazam has other features that are constantly being updated.

For example, after defining a track, the program prompts the user to play a short section to make sure it is recognized correctly. Also, Shazam is able to recognize a song not only by audio, but also by the text or album name of a particular artist.

Also, after a successful determination, the owner of the smartphone will be able to get acquainted with comprehensive information about the track. And Shazam also has its own chart that calculates the popularity of songs based on the frequency of their recognition.

To put into practice the full functionality of Shazam on the phone, the user needs to download the application. It is available on both Android and iOS.

The program is completely free, but it has built-in ads, which is practically not annoying. Shazam offers in-app purchases associated with subscribing to a variety of streaming services. You can easily refuse this in order to use Shazam exclusively for recognizing tracks.

New functionality

In one of the latest updates, the developers have added a background function for Shazam. With its help, the user can not turn on the program at all on the smartphone. The application will work automatically during the entire time of the device and the Internet connection. It works like this:

  • You are using your smartphone normally;
  • The app scans all the music he has heard in the whole day;
  • Recognized audio recordings are added to the list of those found for the day with full information about them.

Many people think that the Shazam app can only recognize music from external audio sources. However, you can also shazam music from your phone. To do this, your device’s microphone must be active while playing music. How to achieve this, read below.

How to tune Shazam and identify a song

Next, you need to launch the application and log in to the system. In the future, this will help save all the shazams for future use. If you don’t want to keep your own music library, you can skip this stage.

After authorization, almost everything will be ready. The last step is allowing Shazam to record audio. Without this, music recognition will not work.

And now you can safely move on to recognizing a musical composition. To do this, you need to open Shazam, bring the phone to the sound source and press the center button. After that, the user will see a characteristic notification indicating listening to the song.

Typically, it takes a few seconds for recognition. So almost immediately the track name will be displayed on the screen, as well as additional options for getting acquainted with the text or opening a song through one of the proposed services.

Provided that the Shazam authorization has been passed, the song will be saved in your music library inside the application. Therefore, you should not rush to download the song. This can be done at any time by opening your own library.

Shazam may have trouble identifying songs with high bass levels. Therefore, it is not recommended to get too close to the sound source.

How to use Autoshazam on iPhone

Among the additional functions of the program, a special place is occupied by autoshaz. It allows you to recognize songs without opening the application and pressing the corresponding button. Shazam will automatically detect the track and give the final result.

To activate the function, you need to launch the application and go to the settings. Before that, do not forget to pass authorization.Otherwise, the autoshazam will not work.

The next step is to activate the slider opposite the menu item of the same name.

Now the music will be automatically detected as soon as extraneous sounds reach the microphone. But keep in mind that running an app in the background has a huge impact on battery power. Therefore, with autoshazam iPhone will discharge faster than without it.

If in the process of activating the function there were any problems, it is recommended to read the instructions again, which is presented in the video.

Shazam phone app: how it works

Auto Shazam is a mobile application designed to process audio streams. The program recognizes any track from a video by a short fragment, processes, finds and displays all available information about the song.

  • lyrics from a song;
  • biography of the author and performer;
  • link to resources for buying and listening to the track;
  • YouTube link (if the track is uploaded to the hosting).

The service provides an opportunity to quickly share the found information with friends in social networks through active buttons.

The program works simply, you do not need any additional resources and a headset to run it. After installing Shazam on your mobile device, all you have to do is record a short snippet of a song on the microphone and start recognition with the press of one button. In this example, we will take a closer look at how to install and recognize music from Instagram videos.


The program allows you to “recognize” nearby music and some other audio materials. You just need to click on the application button, and the program will automatically find the song title, artist name and information about him on the Internet, as well as (in some localizations) the lyrics of the song. The program is integrated with iTunes and YouTube, as well as with social networks. There is a function for saving tags and viewing world music ratings on the built-in map. You can even use the program offline. it will “remember” the sounding song and, when connected to the Internet, will recognize it. The control of the program is simple, the interface is stylish, in a pleasant light blue color scheme. The trial version contains ads, in order to disable it, you need to purchase an annual or unlimited subscription.


Shazam Reviews (219)

A C with a plus. February 16, 2021 at 18:20:41 #Hello,

Add Shazam to iOS Control Points. On the locked screen, call Shazam by clicking on the icon in the Control Points, recognize the song. Result:

The name of the song (hereinafter referred to as shazam) is displayed in the “Notification Center”;

Shazam does not display this Shazam in “My library”;

This shazam is not displayed in Spotify, Play “My Shazam Records” (sync activated).

Shazam is displayed in the “Notification Center”;

Shazam displays “My library”;

On Spotify Play, the “My Shazam” list shows shazam.

I ask you to make changes to the operation of the application when you start it from the “Control Points”. I lost a whole bunch of shazams, tk. they did not get into “My library”, and I just brushed them off in the “Notification Center” (in the blind). Reply

Yaroslav, on Apple since 2007.13 December 2020 at 16:40:44 # The app is great. The main trick, defining the song that sounds, works great, but I want it to be better: I need the ability to save the song to a list in this application and add a label to it.

Shazam Shortcut For all iPhones || Background Music Detection in iPhones ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ


What you are proposing now. make a post on or somewhere else. it’s not that at all. List of all the songs that I liked. here’s what to answer

Ivan viktorivich. December 13, 2020 at 11:27:45 # Previously, the program determined any music and everywhere. Now I can’t even identify the music that is playing on the radio. For advertising over the roof.

/ I remember the times when it was possible to recognize a quiet-playing track at a great distance. Now, if you bring the microphone to the speaker, it is not a fact that it will determine it. And if it does, it is clearly not what was playing. And of course it’s great that your business has gone uphill and productivity can be replaced with advertising. Reply

Zdrastepoka. January 23, 2020 at 11:42:35 am # Autoshazam does not recognize anything. Regular shazam time after time.

P.s.: A certain amount of time has passed, but the autoshaz has not been fixed. If SoundHound had automatic recognition, I would have switched entirely to it. Reply

Ms well-wisher. December 22, 2018 at 21:06:55 # The app hasn’t been working for more than 3 months. Permanent comment: โ€œWe are still setting up your account. Check the connection again “.

I say in advance, the connection is OK. The application has been reinstalled several times, the result is 0. Reply

Irinkinbelov. July 31, 2018 at 02:42:13 am a star for removing spotify and deflection under Apple music

They cheat that there is an opportunity to connect to spotify! Reply

Durra. not a graduate student. July 13, 2018 at 22:37:08 # Very handy application. You can hiccup any music, as well as photos and texts I have been using it for a long time

Rinoashka. 03 June 2018 at 16:27:49 # And stopped recognizing music. Neither SOAD, nor Picnic, nor even EuropaPlus hits: (iPhone 5S, iOS 12.1

What the hell is this video? Return as it was! ๐Ÿ™ Reply

You should add Shazam to the Control Center on your iOS14 iPhone Now


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How to enable built-in pop-up Shazam on iPhone without installing the app itself

The Shazam application, which allows you to guess (recognize) music playing on a third-party device using the microphone of an iPhone or iPad, is very popular. However, after Apple bought the Shazam service, users were able to determine the author, album and song title using standard iOS and iPadOS tools. How it works?

Open the Settings app and go to the Control Center menu.

Press the green “” button next to Music Recognition, after which it will be added to the controls used in Control Center.

To determine which song is playing, open Control Center and click on the button that appears with the Shazam logo.

After 5 seconds, a pop-up window will appear at the top of the screen with the result.

In case you need more information about the song, click on the banner to download the song page on the Shazam website.

How to find the title and author of a song on iPhone and iPad without installing Shazam using Siri?

In addition, Shazam functionality has been built into Siri, a personal assistant. This is very convenient, since there are often cases when the user simply does not have time to get the phone, unlock, launch Shazam and give the program time to determine the playing track before it ends.

Just activate Siri (Settings โ†’ Siri and Search), call the voice assistant by voice or using the buttons and ask the question: “What music is playing?”, “What song?”, “Who is singing?” etc.

However, despite the widespread development of technologies, it is far from always convenient to communicate with your smartphone in full voice, for example, in public transport or in a cafe. In this case, it will not be superfluous to activate the ability to enter a text request for Siri, for this follow the path: Settings โ†’ Accessibility โ†’ Siri and turn on the option “Text input for Siri”.

After that, at the bottom of the Siri screen, a field for entering a text request will appear. Enter the appropriate request and click Finish.

How to make a Shazam button in iPhone or iPad Control Center

By default, as we know, it is not there (and should not be). However, you can add it manually. Fortunately, there is nothing complicated about this:

  • open “Settings” and tap “Control Center”;
  • the next screen is slightly down and we tap the green “plus” in the item “Music recognition” (section ” controls”). the Shazam button is active;
  • now just drag it (tap and hold and drag) above into the section “Used controls”.

That’s all. The Shazam button appears in Control Center. And if you need to rearrange it, then in the settings of the Control Center again find “Music Recognition”, open the menu (a button in the form of 3 stripes in the line to the right of the name) and tweak.

Shazam button in iPhone or iPad Control Center: how to do it (no app)

Apple bought the popular Shazam service back in 2018. And while walking in the mobile world, Shazam still exists as a separate application, however, both the iPhone and iPad already have music recognition.

And in this post, we’ll show you how to make a Shazam button in Control Center.

Immediately, we note that you do not need to download and install the Shazam mobile app on your iPhone or iPad. We only need the new iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2, respectively (well, or the next iOS versions).

How to Apply Shazam Music Recognition Button on iPhone and iPad

  • open Control Center (swipe from top to bottom from the top corner of the screen, or just top-down on older iPhones);
  • tap on the gray Shazam button. a colored and slightly pulsating button indicates that Shazam is “listening” to music;
  • upon recognition, a plate with the name of the composition will automatically open on the screen. tap on it if you need more information (name, artist, etc.);
  • if Shazam fails in the standard 10-15 seconds, it will still notify that the music could not be recognized.

If you happen to miss the sign with the name of the song, then you can open it again from the notification on the lock screen and in the Notification Center. If you tap on the “Music Recognition” notification, the Shazam site will open, where you can listen to a preview of the song, add it to your Apple Music library, read the lyrics, etc.