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White House: Biden warned Putin about sanctions

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Evans defeats Djokovic in the third round of the Masters in Monte Carlo

MOSCOW, April 15. RIA Novosti. Briton Daniel Evans has beaten the first racket of the world Serb Novak Djokovic in the third round of the tennis tournament of the Masters series in Monte Carlo (Monaco), the prize fund of which exceeds 2 million euros. Further.

Biden invited Putin to meet “in the coming weeks”

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Turn off automatic connection to an available network?

Your device usually tries to establish a connection with a previously paired point on its own. To remove this feature, follow the tips:

  • Go to the main menu item with Wi-Fi settings.
  • Click on the name of the network.
  • Pull the switch. When turned on, it is green, when turned off, it is gray.
  • Now, to connect, you will have to select the network name from the list each time.

Connecting to a hidden Wi-Fi network

Hidden networks are not displayed in the list of available ones, so you need to specify the exact name of the network to connect.

  • Go to the Wi-Fi Settings menu and make sure the Wi-Fi function is turned on. Then click “Other”.
  • Enter the exact name of the network and click “Security”.
  • Select the type of security. Not all hidden networks are password protected. If you are unsure if your network is password protected, contact your network administrator.
  • To return to the previous screen, click “Other network”.
  • Enter the network password in the “Password” field, then click “Connect.”.

After connecting to a network, an icon will appear next to its name. and in the upper left corner of the screen (upper right corner on iPhone X or later), the icon.

Apple products have won the trust of a wide range of users. It is characterized by high quality, reliability, made of durable materials, which allows the devices to be used under any circumstances. Many owners are interested in the question of how to turn on Wi-Fi on the iPhone.

Gadgets have built-in functionality for connecting to the Internet. In this case, some nuances should be taken into account. Try to connect to wireless networks whenever possible. This will save the limit on cellular data transmission. Otherwise, you run the risk of spending a lot of money paying your phone bills.

In general, setting up Wi-Fi on a smartphone is easy. To do this, go to the settings panel and turn on the search for wireless access points. Choose the required name and enter the password. Save it so you don’t have to re-enter it the next time you connect. For specific situations, follow the advice on this network.

How to connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network?

There are times when your device does not recognize the access point. You will need additional data. password and name. Follow the directions:

  • Go to Settings on iPhone. It should be located on the home screen.
  • Next to Wi-Fi, drag the switch to on. It should change color to green.
  • At the bottom of the display you will see “Other”. Click on it.
  • Type the name of the point you want to access.
  • Go to the item on security. Indicate the variety used by the dot. Otherwise skip the step.
  • Enter your password and connect.
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After completing the above steps, you will have access to the Internet. Now you can safely work with remote information.

How to enable automatic connection to an available network?

The gadget can independently connect to free access to WI-FI networks. If you don’t need such a function, follow the algorithm:

  • Go to your Wi-Fi dashboard.
  • Pull the switch that is responsible for the connection request. It should light up green in working order.

Many modern routers are equipped with technology such as WPS (WI-FI Protected Setup), which is designed to simplify the procedure for connecting to a wireless access point. In fact, this function is similar to pairing devices in a Bluetooth connection. In this case, the device is identified and “memorized”, eliminating the need to enter the Network encryption key. In most cases, the router has hardware for using WPS technology. a button, which is also duplicated by the software method. From the description below it will become clear how to connect to WI-FI via WPS.

enable, javascript, iphone

How to connect to a Wi-Fi network on iPhone and iPad?

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings item located in the main menu application on iOS.
  • Click once on the Wi-Fi label.
  • Tap the switch to the right of the label once. When turned on, its color will turn green.
  • Select the name of the wireless hotspot you want to connect to.
  • Enter a password if required. Otherwise skip the step.
  • Click on the connect button. After that, you can freely search for information on the network, watch videos, listen to music on iTunes, write text messages through instant messengers, view the news feed on the social network.

How to enable geolocation on iPhone

Many iPhone applications require geolocation to be enabled during their operation. These are usually applications that provide information based on your location. For example, applications for navigation or monitoring local weather cannot do without properly configured geolocation. In addition, other applications need geolocation data. For example, with geolocation enabled, the camera can record the coordinates of the point where the picture was taken.

In this article, we’ll show you how to enable geolocation on iPhone. The article will be useful for owners of almost all iPhone models, including iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s and 7.

How to set up geolocation on iPhone

So, in order to enable geolocation on the iPhone, you first need to go to the “Settings” application. To do this, just click on the corresponding icon on the iPhone desktop.

After that, you need to go to the settings section called “Privacy”.

Next, you need to open the subsection “Geolocation Services”, it should be at the very top. If geolocation is turned off, then “Off” will be indicated in front of this subsection.

After that, the geolocation settings will open in front of you. In order to enable geolocation, simply move the switch to the “On” position.

After enabling geolocation services, a list of programs that use or do not use geolocation will appear at the bottom. If “Never” is indicated opposite the program, it means that the use of geolocation is prohibited for this program. In this case, the program will not be able to use geolocation, even if “Geolocation Services” are enabled. In order to enable geolocation for such a program, you need to open it in this list and change the value “Never” to “When using the program” or “Always”.

At the bottom of the list of applications there is a section called “System Services”.

In the “System Services” section, additional geolocation settings are available on iPhone.

Here you can turn on or off Apple’s geolocation-based ads, geolocation-based alerts, and other similar features.

We activate geolocation on the iPhone

You can enable iPhone location determination in two ways: through the phone settings and directly using the application itself, which requires this function to work correctly. Let’s consider both methods in more detail.

How to enable geolocation on iPhone

IPhone Settings

  • As a rule, there are three items in the settings of the selected program:
  • Never. This parameter completely denies access to the user’s geodata.
  • When using the program. Location request will be carried out only when working with the application.
  • Always. The application will be accessible in the background, i.e., in a minimized state. This type of user location is considered the most energy-consuming, however, it is sometimes necessary for tools such as a navigator.
  • Check the required option. From this moment, the change is accepted, which means that you can close the settings window.
  • application

    After installing an application from the App Store, for the correct functioning of which it is required to determine the user’s location, as a rule, a request is displayed to provide access to the geolocation.

  • If for some reason you refuse to provide access to this setting, you can subsequently activate it through the phone parameters (see the first method).
  • And although the geolocation function can negatively affect the battery life of the iPhone, it is difficult to imagine the work of many programs without this tool. Fortunately, you can independently decide in which of them it will function and in which it will not.

    How to enable a group call using conference calling on iPhone

    Owners of iPhones have access to the opportunity to organize conferences directly on the phone in the “online” mode. Through the Internet, interlocutors are united, no matter where in the world they are. The answer to the question: How to make conference calls on iPhone is quite simple. You need to enable communication, create a call, add users.

    The conference allows you to effectively solve business issues, interact with relatives and friends. You don’t need to tell everyone the same thing separately. The option is available regardless of the services provided by mobile operators.

    Removing from a conference

    Each member of the conversation can independently leave the “social circle”. All you need to do is hang up the phone and hang up the call. But there are situations when a person is forcibly removed. To do this, the conversation organizer:

    • finds the “i” icon located next to the contact on the right;
    • presses the “End call” key.

    It is allowed to create a private conversation within the conference. For this, the main line is not interrupted, this will require:

    iPhone 6: How to Enable / Disable JavaScript in Safari

    • press “i” opposite the contact of the person with whom there was a desire to communicate personally;
    • find the “Private” option located near the “Hang up”;
    • confirm the transition;
    • at the end of a private conversation, return to the menu, re-unite all participants in the conversation.

    To prevent others from hearing what is at stake, simply turn off the speaker on your iPhone. Thus, outsiders will not be aware of what is happening.

    Problems arise due to poor quality connections. It is recommended that you check your phone and network settings before starting a conference.

    Setting up a group call

    In most cases, “cellular” companies in Russia provide an opportunity to bring people together and create a group conversation using the iPhone. But if the user is not sure about this service, first it is recommended to clarify the availability of this function. The number of participants. from two to five. is determined by the operator. It is important to enable the “Call Waiting”, “Call Hold” options in advance. The first option is found in Phone Settings:

    Most likely, you will have to connect the “Hold connection” option at the operator. Generally, there is an additional charge for this service.

    After that, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

    • Call the first conference participant and put him on hold. Warn him that you will have to wait for other interlocutors to join;
    • click the Add Call icon;

    Add an additional participant to the conversation during a call

    How many interlocutors are included in the conversation is determined by the communication service provider. Large Russian operators, for example, Megafon, MTS, Beeline, enable five conference call participants to have a conversation at the same time.

    The organization of a “circle of communication” with several participants is not particularly difficult, however, as well as the removal of unwanted interlocutors. Once you try communication in a group according to the instructions described above, everything will become simple and understandable.

    Turning on

    It is not difficult to turn on the sound of an incoming call: you need to switch the toggle switch on the side of the gadget. It is intended to be in a position where the red stripe is not visible.

    But sometimes the settings get lost, or the mode of use is chosen that is not suitable for the situation.

    The ring signal is configured in a standard way. Check the position of the switch on the side of the machine. If at the top, beeps will be heard. If at the bottom, the sound is completely turned off and the owner will not wait for notifications about calls, messages “out loud”. Try to switch, the problem most often was this.

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    The call is not accompanied by a sound signal due to the out of order settings of the gadget. Try:

    • open the “Settings” of the phone;
    • select the item “Sounds”;
    • go to “Calls and alerts”.

    If the slider is on the right: the melodies are heard. Left: iPhone is muted. You may have selected the wrong mode, or accidentally turned on Do Not Disturb or Airplane. Options exclude receiving signals, messages, notifications. Information is available through the menu, “Settings”.

    How to enable and adjust sound on iPhone

    Along with their other advantages, iPhones have the status of devices with the best speaker sound quality. But sometimes the owners of “apple” devices face a problem and wonder why the signal disappeared and how to turn on the sound on the iPhone again.

    Possible problems and solutions

    Often, the sound is muted due to the lack of transition to the standard mode from the “Headphones”. Apple has provided two types of signal volume.

    • Normal: Standard volume.
    • “Headphones”: the sound is muffled in order to maintain the integrity of the eardrums.

    Due to out of order phone settings, not updated operating system, mechanical damage to the headset connector, the iPhone refuses to switch to maximum volume when the headphones are disconnected. In this case, you just need to solve this problem, and the sound will return.

    IPhone user inattention is another common reason for no sound.

    While listening to music, watching movies, smartphone owners can adjust the volume with buttons or controls, forgetting to return to standard mode.

    Review the parameters: if the settings are knocked down, you need to specify the initial data.

    If the measures taken did not help, then the malfunction lies in the dynamics of the device. The mechanism may be clogged with dust or wet. Correcting the situation on your own is not always a justified attempt, there is a risk of harming the iPhone. It is recommended to contact a specialized service center.

    How to make call forwarding on iPhone?

    Call forwarding was available even on the first iPhones. Users of gadgets with the latest versions of iOS have a choice of how to set up call forwarding. thanks to the innovative “Continuity” function.

    There are many situations in which call forwarding may be necessary. A typical example: a subscriber went on a trip and upon arrival bought a local SIM card so as not to overpay for roaming. By setting up forwarding from the old number to the new one, he will avoid the risk of missing an important call. Call forwarding is popular among people who are accustomed to clearly distinguishing between work and personal time. Leaving the workplace, a person can activate call forwarding to the number of a colleague who has not yet left, and spend time calmly with his family.

    The owner of an iPhone with a modern iOS version is able to set up call forwarding in two ways at once. We’ll take a closer look at both. traditional and more non-trivial.

    How to make call forwarding on iPhone: the usual way

    You can enable call forwarding even on the most “ancient” iPhones with initial versions of iOS. Here’s how to do it:

    In the “Settings” find the “Phone” section and go to it.

    In the “Phone” section, you will need to find the “Call forwarding” subsection (“Calls” block).

    Toggle the toggle switch “Forwarding” in the subsection of the same name.

    On the next screen, enter the number you want to forward calls to. It is permissible to use not only mobile numbers, but also Skype, Google Voice numbers.

    Go back. You will see that the “Forwarding” slider remained in the activated state, and a little below the “Forwarding” field appeared, in which the number you specified was entered. In this case, the following icon will be displayed in the status bar:

    You can turn off call forwarding from iPhone by simply moving the Forwarding slider to an inactive position.

    Call forwarding will work even if the Apple device is disabled. because the call forwarding function is implemented at the level of telecom operators. This is also a disadvantage: mobile providers may charge additional fees for forwarding to be possible. You can clarify the cost of call forwarding by the operator and connect the corresponding option to the number by calling the contact center of the organization. the service provider.

    If your iPhone has one of the latest operating systems installed, you can organize call forwarding in an alternative way. 100% free!

    How to make a forwarding using the “Continuity” function?

    The “Continuity” feature (translated from English. “continuity”) first appeared on iOS 8. Apple software developers claim that this feature was able to “make friends” between iOS and OS X. Thanks to “Continuity”, a user can combine multiple Apple devices to work together.

    The main feature of “Continuity” is as follows: an incoming call is displayed on the screens of all gadgets authorized under one Apple ID. on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and even on the Mac. Therefore, the user can pick up the phone on the device that is closest to him.

    Owners of gadgets with iOS 8 will face a serious limitation: for Continuity redirection to work, all devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi signal source. This limitation binds the user hand and foot, and here’s why:

      Calls are not diverted from the switched off phone. Call forwarding can be configured only within a limited area. the one that is under Wi-Fi coverage.

    IOS 9 extends Continuity functionality so you don’t need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network to forward calls. If you forget your iPhone at home, you can easily pick up an incoming call on your work Mac. In this case, it is not at all necessary that the smartphone be turned on.

    You need to set up Continuity forwarding like this:

    Enable JavaScript in Safari on iPhone.

    Find the “Phone” section in the “Settings” iPhone and go to it.

    Go to the subsection “Calls on Other Devices”.

    Move the “Allow Calls on Other Devices” slider to the active position. If you stop at this stage, the iPhone will forward calls to all other Apple ID-authorized Apple devices within the coverage area of ​​one Wi-Fi source.

    In the “Allow Calls On” section, switch the sliders in front of those gadgets to which, in your opinion, calls from the smartphone should be redirected.

    Continuity forwarding is free, but this method has a significant drawback. calls are redirected only within the Apple ecosystem. If you need to set up call forwarding from iPhone to Android device, “Continuity” is useless. the user will have to resort to the traditional method.

    Before setting up call forwarding on the iPhone in the usual way, the user needs to ask the operator if it is possible to add this service to a cell number and what is its cost. It may come as an unpleasant surprise for the subscriber that he will be charged a daily fee for forwarding calls.

    If you need to set up forwarding from one “apple” device to another, it is wiser to turn to the “Continuity” function, which will redirect calls within the Apple ecosystem without requiring money. However, the “Continuity” function is quite convenient only on iOS version higher than 9.0.

    How to make dark Instagram theme on iPhone

    How to make Instagram black, users are interested that they intend to follow the trends of social networks. Photo hosting developers have picked up the baton of changing the appearance of applications, and now the “night” version is available to adepts.

    In April last year, VK was marked by the addition of discussions that put dimming into the interface. Members of the Russian service write Комментарии и мнения владельцев and receive a new design. But Instagram fans don’t have to add “letters of happiness” J

    The editing function is built into the OS; in the article, let’s talk about activating dark mode:

    • by standard means. mode settings or color inversion;
    • third party utilities.

    Refrain from using unofficial web browser plugins. Download software from trusted sites to avoid profile data theft or virus invasion.

    over, such software changes the background in the browser without touching the photo hosting application. And the App Store does not contain utilities for changing colors (more relevant for Android), so choose the standard method.

    Features of the dark Instagram theme on iOS

    Here are the reasons that prompted developers to put on a black design:

    • improving the perception of content, which is achieved through styling. Setting up a dark theme on Instagram will change the experience of monitoring posts posted by members on the iPhone. The unusual effect of displaying content adds solidity to the published images;
    • reducing the burden on vision associated with the duration of the use of mobile devices. After all, when a person “hangs” at the smartphone for a long time, the Focus of the eye organs “dries up” and blurs;
    • research-based battery savings. LEDs built into AMOLED displays do not need additional lighting. And white is the most costly battery in terms of battery resources.
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    The recommendation, which is relevant for all types of gadgets, is to lower the brightness in order to conserve battery life. Since Instagram practices light tones, regular surfing can drain your phone quickly.

    The counter-argument advanced by opponents of the black cover is the appearance of ripples in the eyes. However, try it firsthand before drawing conclusions. a bunch of users do not fall back on a white interface.

    How to enable dark theme on Instagram iPhone

    How to make Instagram dark theme on iPhone without update installed? The function works on devices running iOS not earlier than version 13. Color inversion implemented in smartphones:

    • with 7 specifications;
    • from version 10, support has been added only in software and selected sections;
    • Version 12 pleased fans of Apple devices with the introduction of Smart Inversion.

    Instructions for changing the background by inverting:

    • start the configuration of the portable device;
    • click the line “Basic”;
    • tap “Universal Access”;
    • select the command “Display adaptation”;
    • set the “Color Inversion” slider to the active position and tap it;
    • enable type of design inversion.

    The browser version of the messenger is changed thanks to the Night Mode for Instagram application:

    How to switch between dark and light Instagram themes on iPhone

    How to make Instagram dark theme on iPhone? Let’s move on to discussing the standard methods for installing the interface that are relevant for owners of the 13th version of the OS:

    • open the smartphone settings;
    • tap the combination of the words “Display and brightness”;
    • check the “Dark” checkbox to change the design;
    • go to the social network program and discover a new design.

    You can put the black mod faster using the “Control Center”:

    • based on the configuration of the “iron” pile from top to bottom (from the right edge) or up;
    • tap the icon shown in the screenshot;
    • mark the first icon with black and white semicircles.

    It is also available to enable the dark OS independently. The mode is automatically set at nightfall. Open the familiar Screen and Brightness frame and activate the Auto slider. If necessary, set up the black background schedule by clicking “Parameters”:

    • touch the inscription “Set up a schedule”;
    • select the time interval for the topics.

    How to make a dark theme in Instagram, on the iPhone, the burden on the organs of vision will be reduced. Dimmed lighting does less of a hindrance to melatonin production.


    Restarting the iPhone can also help in this situation. Reboot can be done at the same time by pressing the power button and “Home”, as shown in the image below.

    According to the iPhone model, click on the corresponding buttons to restart the device

    enable, javascript, iphone

    As for the brand new iPhone 8, X. to turn off the gadget, you must simultaneously hold down 2 volume buttons and the power button.

    How to enable / disable screen rotation on iPhone

    As for the default iPhone settings, auto-rotate is enabled by default. To disable this mode, you just need to go to the Control Center and disable this option there.

    The iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 Plus version also has an additional option to rotate the desktop.

    IOS Updates

    Most system errors occur due to bugs in the iOS system itself. In particular, this may prevent the device screen from rotating. Although these cases are rare, it does not hurt to check for updates and, if available, install:

    • Go to the “Settings” menu;
    • Select the “General” tab and tap on the “Update” item.

    Wait for the update to install on your iPhone and restart it.

    Gyroscope Calibration

    If after the above methods the screen rotation still does not work, try to calibrate the gyroscope:

    • Reboot your iPhone;
    • Open COMPASS, where a pop-up request to calibrate the gyroscope will appear;
    • Approve the request and proceed with this procedure.

    Is the accelerometer working properly?

    It should be remembered that screen rotation depends on such a detail in the gadget as the “accelerometer”. The reason that the screen rotation does not work may be a defect in this very part. In this case, you need to contact the service center for the help of a wizard.

    Why screen rotation may not work?

    The most common reason for this is an accidentally enabled lockout option located in the Control Center.

    If this option is enabled, you will see this icon:

    To disable / enable the lock, go to the Control Center by opening it with a swipe.

    Extending consolelog without affecting the log line (8)

    You need to call console.log with the correct context (console):

    How to Enable Javascript on iPhone (2021)

    To execute your function by allowing multiple arguments:

    Remember you lose the built-in object / array browser in the console when you concatenate objects with strings using the sign

    I would like to extend the “console.log” function to add additional information to its output, but I do not want to influence the script name / number information generated by the browser in the console window. See how if I create my own implementation I get useless trace information, should I find this area of ​​code. (they all refer to the log implementation, not the actual script that caused the log message)

    Basically, my application is a very pluggable framework and any log output can occur in any number of frames. So I want every log message to include a special unique ID at the start of the log message.

    I tried to replace the console.log method with my own, but chrome is complaining about Uncaught TypeError: Illegal invocation

    [EDIT] Note. After fixing the “illegal call” issue, it seems that the filename / linenumber is still “polluted” by the override.

    [EDIT] Seems like a general answer. NOT. despite some convoluted chases, the desired functionality MUST NOT be achievable in current versions of browsers.

    Yes, you can add information without messing up the original log call line numbers. Some of the other answers here have come close, but the trick is to have your custom logging method return a modified logger. Below is a simple example, which has only been moderately tested, that uses the contextual option.

    You can easily get creative and pass a context variable and remove the auto-executing parades from the function definition. those. log (“DEBUG:”) (“Debug message”), log (“INFO:”) (“Here is some information”), etc.

    The only really importing part of the function (with regard to line numbers) is that it returns the logger.

    If your use case can deal with multiple constraints, there is a way that this can be made to work. Limitations:

    Additional log content must be calculated at the time of linking; it may not be time sensitive or depends in any way on the incoming log message.

    Additional log content can only be placed at the beginning of a log message.

    With these restrictions, the following might work for you:

    Christopher Curry provided a great solution. I expanded it a bit for my needs. Here is the AMD module:

    By default this will output You can also add nested contexts for logging, for example console.nest (“my”). Log (“test”) will output my test.

    I have also added a debug function which will indent messages with DEBUG

    Chrome recently introduced a feature that can solve your problem without cracking your code. It’s called a “black box” that basically lets you mark files to be ignored with your tools.

    Yes, this solution is browser specific, but if you are using Chrome you need this solution.

    Solutions with a huge hack around throwing an error for each log can display the correct line, but it won’t be a clickable link in the console.

    Antialiasing / antialiasing solutions allow you to modify the printed text. You will not be able to redirect the arguments to the third function for further processing.

    This is not possible directly. In the future, we could do this with the Proxy object in ECMAScript 6.

    My use case was to automatically prefix the console message with useful information like the arguments passed and the execution method. at the moment the closest I’m using is Function.prototype.apply.

    A simple approach is to just write your debug statements as such:

    The tricky approach is to use a helper function like below, now I prefer the simpler approach.

    I have studied this several times and always thought it was impossible.

    See my workaround if you’re interested. assign the console to a different variable and then wrap all my log messages in a function that allows me to change / style / anything in the message.

    It looks good with CoffeeScript, not sure if it’s practical with plain JS.

    I just answered this in a post that helped me answer the original “alias” question:

    Apparently, the possibilities for this have been developed. Tested. Works.