How To Enable iPad Pro 11 For The First Time

How To Enable iPad Pro 11 For The First Time

The article describes the process of first turning on the iPad and the secret of registering accounts in the AppStore

Few would have thought that turning on the iPad for the first time needed some preparation. But it is so. In order to save time when you first turn on the iPad, we suggest you read this article.

We note right away: in order to turn on the iPad you can not do without using a computer, desktop or laptop. The fact is that on the iPad you can not freely record programs via the USB port using the file manager. To connect the tablet to a computer (PC or Mac), you will need iTunes, which is completely free and available for download on the Apple website.

Itunes provides the user with the following features:

  • Multimedia library navigation;
  • Letter-by-letter search;
  • Organization of a multimedia library;
  • Create folders and playlists;
  • Metadata editing: artist, cover, composer, etc.;
  • Import and burn songs from CDs;
  • Reproduction of films, music, podcasts;
  • Visualizer, multi-band equalizer, mini-player mode;
  • Listening to Internet radio;
  • The acquisition of multimedia content on the Internet;
  • Sync with iPhone, iPod, Apple TV and iPad.

Itunes program interface

If you took out your brand new iPad, turned it on and saw the desktop on which the application icons are located on the screen, you should know that your tablet has already been turned on and registered.

When you turn on the brand new iPad, a green icon with a USB plug is displayed on the screen.

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If you did turn on your tablet, it’s okay. The only thing you need to do is make sure that no applications have been installed on it, in addition to standard applications.

Most users of our country have Windows operating systems installed on computers. Therefore, you need to download iTunes from the Apple website specifically for this operating system.

After installing iTunes, you can connect your iPad using the cable that comes with the tablet.

After downloading the program, you will be offered two options for the following actions: configure iPad as a new device or restore information from a backup. In your case, you must select the first option. After a while, the tablet will turn on, and you will see the operating system screen.

Consider the order of your actions in iTunes:

  1. Go to the iTunes Store section..
  2. We find in the list of programs any free application (such applications are marked with a button that says FREE).
  3. Click on it and then press the INSTALL APP button.
  4. After that you should see the login / registration window.
  5. Press the button “Ccreate new account“And then the button”Further“.
  6. We agree with the license agreement (where without this?). We fill in your email address and password to register a new account in the AppStore. Over, the password must be complex and must meet the following requirements:
    • At least one letter must be capitalized;
    • At least one letter must be uppercase;
    • Password must contain numbers;
    • The same symbol cannot be repeated more than three times;
    • Password cannot be shorter eight characters.
      In order to avoid the situation when you forgot your password, you will be asked to select a secret question and answer to it in order to recover your password. After that, you need to refuse spam by unchecking the corresponding checkbox and click the “Next” button.
    • And most importantly: when the next window appears in the column “Credit card“It is necessary to put an end to the word”None»Or click on the button with the corresponding inscription. In the absence of this button or dot, know. You did something wrong.
      For this it is necessary return to step 2 and go through all the steps again.
    • After that you should fill in all fields of the form. After that, you should receive a confirmation of registration to your email address. After you have received the letter, you need to follow the link indicated in it to activate the account. Congratulations. From now on, you are a full user of the App Store and iTunes Store, and have the ability to download all free applications.
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    And one more tip: when registering a Russian or American account, remember that you can use the version of the AppStore specifically for these countries. The same applies to free distribution of programs. Offers may apply only to some countries. The American version of the AppStore contains significantly more programs than the Russian one, but there are practically no Russian applications in it.

    That is why you can register two accounts. You can do this as follows: suppose you have registered a Russian account, and you need to create an American one. To do this, you must log out of your account (in the upper right corner of iTunes click on the triangle and click on the sign “Sign Out”).

    After that, go to the bottom of the iTunes Store window (in the lower right corner) and find the flag icon of the Russian Federation. Click on it.

    A large number of different flags appear, we find and select the American flag.
    Click the “Login” button in the upper right corner and begin the procedure for registering an American account, which is no different from the registration procedure for any other account. You now have two accounts.

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    For one and the other account, it is necessary that the following actions are performed in iTunes: menu. Store. Authorize this computer (in the window that opens, you must enter your login and password and click the “Authorize” button). After authorization of both accounts, you will be able to download games and programs from two different App Store. Russian and American.