How To Enable iPad Pro 11 0

Ipad is a multi-functional tablet that can store thousands of home and work files. The easiest way to transfer them to a computer is to connect the devices to each other. How to do this, what problems may appear during synchronization and ways to solve them. In the article.

How To Enable iPad Pro 11 0

How to connect iPad to computer

There are 4 methods to do this. Each has its own characteristics that will simplify life in a particular case. For example, the USB connection is the most stable, Wi-fi can easily configure devices even on different floors, and for Bluetooth, you don’t need to carry out the usual manipulations for Yabloko people.

Details about each of the methods are described below.

The simplest method of connecting two gadgets, which additionally allows you to recharge the tablet during data transfer. This type of connection is a necessary step for the first connection via Wi-Fi.

Required cables

To connect an iPad via USB, you need an original Apple cable, through which you can connect it to a computer.

Its type depends on the connectors on the gadgets:

  • For iPad Pro (11-inch) and iPad Pro (3rd generation) suitable USB-C.
  • For models released from 2014 to 2018 and simple iPads 2019, you need a Lightning to USB cable.
  • For older tablets (released before 2014) you need a cable with a 30 pin connector.

You may also need cords and adapters that are not in the basic configuration:

  • Usb-C. Lightning is needed to connect iPad Pro to Apple devices that have all sockets occupied except Lightning.
  • Usb-C to USB adapter is useful when connecting the latest iPad Pro models from PCs from other brands.
  • Usb-C. Av or USB-C. Vga. If connected to old computers.
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How to work with files

You can view documents in Windows through the built-in Explorer. On MacOS, through Finder or iTunes. Files can be changed only in the Aytuns program.

Connection aLGorithm

Connecting your iPad to your computer via USB is pretty simple. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Connect PC and iPad via cable.
  2. Find a connected tablet and select by going to its file system.
  3. Go to the Internal Storage folder and the DCIM subfolder (this is where all the content is located).

Important: Working through iTunes, you can navigate through the file system, copy and delete. If there is no way to download this application, you can only view files without the ability to change or download.

This connection of the iPad to the computer allows you to connect both gadgets, even if they are in neighboring rooms. They “see” each other through a shared network created by a router.

Important: The first connection should go through USB using iTunes. In this program, you will need to synchronize the technique. Further, everything will take place wirelessly. The exception is systems with OS (OS) Catalina or younger. You can use the built-in Finder there.

Ipad and PC Synchronization via Finder

To connect through the Finder, you need to carry out the following actions:

  1. Open Finder and connect iPad to PC. The tablet will be displayed on the side of the window.
  2. Click on the desired iPad in the sidebar.
  3. Confirm device trust.
  4. Choose the type of data to work with. To connect, click on “Sync”.
  5. Check the box next to synchronized objects.
  6. Confirm New Settings.
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After setting up the Finder, you must additionally enable wireless synchronization.

To do this, you need:

  1. Connect the tablet to the PC with via USB, open the Finder and select the desired gadget.
  2. Click on “Show it if it is connected to Wi-Fi”.
  3. Confirm.

Sync via iTunes

For Mojave and earlier, the connection aLGorithm is as follows

  1. Connect iPad to computer via USB.
  2. Open iTunes and click on the iPad icon on the left.
  3. Go to the “Browse” menu, find “Options” and select “Sync iPad over WiFi”.

Now you need to pad the tablet:

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Go to “Basic”. “Sync with iTunes via Wi-fi” and enable connection.

Then you need to have a working Wi-Fi on your PC and iPad. When connected to the same network, the equipment will synchronize automatically.


For this type of connection, you need a Bluetooth adapter on your computer. No cables are needed in this case.

  • Enable bluetooth on gadgets;
  • Select the desired PC in the list for connection;
  • Sync devices.

Modem mode

The connection aLGorithm is practically no different from Wi-Fi connection. The only difference here is that the gadget that distributes the Internet will be the tablet itself.

Important: This connection option is only available on iPad models where you can insert a working SIM card. Such dice are designated as WiFiCellular. You won’t be able to replace your iPhone with gadgets, because you cannot make calls through them, but you can surf the net via mobile Internet.

The aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Go to the iPad settings;
  • Go to the menu “Cell Data” and enable them.

Click on “Modem Mode” and start Internet sharing. It can pass on wi-fi, bluetooth or usb. After that, you should configure the iPad to the PC in one of the ways:

  1. Via Wi-Fi. Just log in from your PC to the network by entering the password.
  2. When synchronizing via bluetooth, the steps described in paragraph above should be carried out.
  3. The usb connection option will be relevant if the PC does not have WiFi or Bluetooth module.
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Launch and configure iTunes

In most methods, for full synchronization you need to install iTunes. Also, the application will come to the rescue when you need to send data to the iPhone or other technology apple ecosystem.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Connect iPad to PC via USB cable. This step is required for the first time. Then everything can be done “by air”
  2. Wait until the drivers are installed. This may take 1–5 minutes.
  3. Open iTunes. As a rule, it starts automatically. If this does not happen, you should run the program in any way.
  4. Select iPad in the “Device” menu.
  5. Sync gadgets by clicking on the rectangular icon in the upper left.
  6. Go to the “Overview” subsection, find “Settings” and click on “Sync iPad over WiFi”.
  7. Confirm.

What to do if the computer does not see the iPad

Sometimes the iPad does not connect to the computer due to some external or internal problems. Why does this happen and what to do in such cases? Answers are compiled in the table below.

Connecting iPad directly to a PC will be indispensable when working with large volumes of data. This will significantly save time and traffic. And the above recommendations will simplify the entire procedure for connecting two devices.