How To Enable Huawei Fitness Bracelet

Sports bracelets are becoming very popular devices not only among professional athletes, but also in the lives of ordinary people. Thanks to these modern gadgets, you can monitor your active and healthy lifestyle.

The most important task of fitness bracelets is calorie control, pedometer data, heart rate calculation. In addition, modern bracelets easily monitor the quality of sleep, and are also equipped with the function of a smart alarm clock that will not let you miss an important meeting to its owner.

Manufacturers of fitness trackers pay much attention to the wide functionality of these devices, as well as implemented the ability to connect to a smartphone, which many people appreciated.

Connecting a Huawei bracelet to a phone

Undoubtedly, every user of the Huawei sports bracelet wants to use all the functions to the maximum. To do this, it’s worth synchronizing your fitness tracker with a smartphone to gain access to all the functions of the device.

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To connect the bracelet to the phone, you first need to install the Huawei Wear application specialized for these purposes. To do this, it is preferable to use the Google Play service.

After the application is installed on the phone, you need to turn on Bluetooth and start Huawei Wear. For these purposes, you can open the Health application if you have the same smartphone (Huawei or Honor). By the way, there is no need to make an entrance to your personal account.

Huawei Wear App

If the owner of the smartphone is not a company Huawei / Honor or if there is no desire to use the standard Health application, then after the Huawei Wear program, you must start it.

After the application opens, the user will have to agree to the terms of use of Huawei Wear, as well as register his account. The screen displays instructions that you need to indicate to the owner of the bracelet. Everything is intuitive and logical. The user only needs to specify the gender, date of birth, weight at the time of registration of the device, height, as well as the desired number of steps per day. You also need to come up with a nickname and optionally put an avatar.

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Thanks to simple instructions, you can easily synchronize your fitness bracelet with your phone. The general steps for connecting a tracker and a smartphone are as follows:

  • Download the Huawei Wear app
  • turn on the sports bracelet and Bluetooth on the phone;
  • open the Huawei Wear app;
  • click on the “smart bracelet” in the list;
  • confirm pairing with the device by pressing a key on the fitness tracker;
  • Sign up for the Huawei Wear app
  • If necessary, wait for the firmware update.

After completing these steps, you can quickly set the alarm on the sports bracelet, choose which notifications will be displayed on the screen of the fitness tracker, set the time, date, etc.

Health App

Thanks to the installed Huawei Wear app, you can quickly pair your sports bracelet with your smartphone. But besides this program, there is also a standard Health application that can be found on any modern Huawei or Honor smartphone.

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With this application, you can daily monitor your lifestyle, as well as activity.

You can connect a sports bracelet to a smartphone through the Health app as follows:

  • Go to the Health app;
  • Scroll down and in the “Devices” section select “Smart Bracelet”;
  • then select the Huawei sports bracelet model in the highlighted menu;
  • after the model is selected, then click the “Pair” button.

In this case, the sports bracelet must be included. You should also turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone for pairing.Share link: