How to enable HDR on Samsung

How to enable HDMI-CEC on Samsung TVs 2018. Samsung TV setup guide: what to enable, disable and configure

How to enable HDMI-CEC on Samsung TVs 2018

One of the best features of modern Smart TVs. this is how they simplify the connection and control of your home theater. Thanks to a feature that Samsung calls Anynet. You can control your cable box, game console, and other HDMI-connected devices with the Samsung One Remote. This is a cool and handy feature.

This feature is not unique to Samsung; Anynet is simply a trademark of a basic HDMI feature called Consumer Electronics Control or HDMI-CEC. Other brands call it by different names, but it has the same basic function. Fortunately, enabling this feature is very easy (assuming it is not enabled by default).

Open the external device manager. To activate HDMI-CEC, go to the External Device Manager located in the General Settings menu.

Activate CEC. The first parameter in the external device manager. Anynet (HDMI-CEC). Select this item and press Enter to activate the function.

Once HDMI-CEC is activated, you can use it with any HDMI-connected device that supports the CEC standard.

Go to the universal remote control. In the list of sources, select “Universal Remote” and add a new device.

By connecting the devices and holding the remote control in your hands, you can comfortably control the entire entertainment system without even changing remotes.

Setting up your Samsung TV. step-by-step instruction

Many owners of television equipment from Samsung are faced with various kinds of problems in the process of self-setting the basic parameters. Especially when it comes to Smart TV models.

In fact, setting up Samsung TVs is far from the most difficult process, the main thing is to follow the instructions, and then you can achieve the desired result, while spending a minimum of free time. Of course, first it is advisable to study the tips for setting up the TV, this is what we will talk about now.

Video mode makes movie night immersive

Watch movies as they are made to watch. Cinema mode not only adjusts colors to make them more lifelike to match QLED TV’s dynamic colors and contrast, but also adjusts picture quality to suit the director’s vision. You can even turn on Digital Clean View and Auto Motion Plus for a soap opera feel. Together with Ultra Black QLED TV technology that reduces reflections and glare, this innovative combination creates a stunning movie-watching experience. So, whether you are streaming movies through Smart Hub or downloading a Blu-ray movie, you can improve the quality with Movie Mode.

How to get there: Picture Picture Mode Cinema.

Quick Start Guide for Connecting Devices to QLED TV | blog | Samsung country code

When installing a new TV, connecting all peripherals and devices can be a real problem. First you have to dig behind your TV to find ports, and then you have a bunch of cables wriggling around in the back. Hooray! Let’s talk about a dust magnet. And this is not even the worst thing! When you’re done connecting everything, you have to remember which port you connected each device to it’s a nightmare! Well, with QLED TV, there are simple solutions for these problems, which means that it is very easy to set up your TV. Read on to learn how to connect various devices to 2017 Samsung QLED TVs

Locking individual channels

There are many reasons why the TV does not show certain channels, in some cases the user has blocked them. What is the purpose of this? Everything is very simple and straightforward, setting a password for TV channels allows you to block it from children. To tune channels by setting some password, follow the instructions:

  • Opening the main menu.
  • Select the section “Broadcast”.
  • Click on the “Lock” command.
  • We activate it by selecting “Enable“.
  • We select the channels that you want to block, just put a tick next to them.

By default, the system locks them with the standard password. 0000. However, before saving the changes made, the TV will offer to set its own password.

If at a certain moment the need for blocking disappears, then it is very easy to cancel it, for this you need to go to the “Broadcast” section again, select “Block”, and then simply disable this function by entering the set password.

How to enable HDR mode on Samsung Galaxy a50

Many people who are fond of photography are increasingly using their phones. in our case, it’s Samsung a50.

How to Enable HDR in a Samsung UHD 4KTV

Yes, this is a very practical solution, because no matter where you are, your phone is always with you and you can take the perfect photo almost immediately.

enable, samsung

This becomes more encouraging since you have 3 cameras at once, but I must admit that on Samsung a50, you will also have some surprises.

One of them is that HDR does not turn on. Why won’t HDR turn on? After all, this is a method of obtaining photographs that have a wide range of brightness, which in practice means the correct reproduction of the appearance of an object, which has both very light and very dark tones.

over, until recently, HDR technology was associated mainly with professional photography, where such pictures could be taken with the help of high-end equipment.

So what do you do? Below I will tell you why your Samsung a50 does not want to turn on HDR and how to make your smartphone turn on this mode.

How to get Samsung Galaxy a50 to turn on HDR mode

You should take into account that the Samsung Galaxy a50 is designed so that you can enable HDR, you can only use the 12 pixel camera. at 25 pixel it does not turn on.

The way out seems to be the following: in low light, use a 12MP camera with HDR, and with good light at 25MP.

Many, of course, will not be satisfied with such a turn, because a 25 pixel camera displays details much more significantly.

What then to do if the lighting is poor. Then you have only one way out. to use not the built-in application, but an additional.

The first solution is Google Camera. Yes, it is on the Play store, only it won’t work for you, but if you download it here (at the end of the entry. it was altered by programmers for the Samsung a50 phone), you can easily turn on the HDR mode in the Samsung Galaxy a50 even when shooting with a 25 pixel camera.

The second solution is to install “Open Camera” from the market and you can also turn on HDR. the details will stand out much more clearly.

Why is it better to use HDR mode on Samsung a50

If you want to get more clear details in a dark place when shooting with your Samsung a50 phone, then the HDR mode allows you to cope with such situations, making it possible to take perfect photos with a perfectly balanced ratio of light and shadow with the dynamics with which the human eye perceives these elements.

There is only one basic condition. the subject must be stable. It should be turned on when the photo can really benefit from it.

HDR works best when the subject is still and stable. The principle of its operation is to take many photos at the same time, which will differ at different exposure levels.

It is precisely because of the need for the camera to take at least several photos almost simultaneously that such exposure stability is required.

Then all the pictures taken will be combined into one. Of course, due to the nature of this technique, it will work best when you want to photograph, for example, a landscape where you have a high contrast between the elements.

Then such a photo will allow you to extract as much detail as possible. The technique also works when shooting in bright sunlight, as well as when shooting in a dark room with one very strong light source at one point in the room.

Sometimes HDR photos may seem a little exaggerated and too surreal to you, and there is a risk of image blurring if you move the camera while taking it.

Your adventure with professional phone photography alone shouldn’t end with HDR.

An equally interesting idea is the use of a dedicated smartphone lens. It is a small device that can be easily and quickly attached to the body of a smartphone.

All this is convenient, you can put it in your when you don’t want to take pictures anymore. First of all, the lens allows you to increase the angle of view.

This can make your photos more interesting and look much more professional.

Such a wide-angle lens also allows shooting with rich colors, macro and fisheye are also useful, which allow you to shoot close-ups from very short distances, but also from very long distances.

To summarize. the lens is a little gadget that will allow you to get much better quality photos when shooting with your own Samsung a50 phone.

How to turn on Samsung camera

The cameras of modern telephones have made the possession of soap-dish cameras meaningless. High resolution quality, automatic stabilization and HDR, flash and slow start, panorama and fast shooting mode. this and much more makes our phone an excellent tool for taking high-quality pictures. The phones of the South Korean company “Samsung” are famous for their pictures, but opening the “Camera” application on their phone, the user may be confused by the variety of available settings. What to do? Below we will analyze how to set up the correct camera on your Samsung.

How about Auto White Balance?

I have to make a confession. I almost always use Auto White Balance. Cameras are pretty good at distinguishing hues and choosing an appropriate White Balance. When it is not detected correctly, I check the image on the screen and make changes for the next shot. Secondly, I only shoot in RAW format, which means that I can make adjustments on the computer. I trust the image on a computer monitor more than on a small camera screen.

However, there are times when White Balance needs to be adjusted. First, if you are shooting in JPEG. This format will not give you the ability to adjust White Balance later, so it should be correct initially. Secondly, in the case of combining images for high-contrast scenes or panoramas. Slightly changing hue when combining HDR or panorama shots will make this more difficult or impossible. You can use White Balance if you deliberately want to take a picture in cool or warm colors, or when using artificial lighting. (Now THIS topic guarantees a separate article)

Be mindful of white balance, learn what it means and how it affects your images, then decide how to use it.

mowing line grid (Grid lines)

This option displays the net mowing line on your camera screen. This can be useful for aligning shots, especially when taking pictures of mountains, landscapes and more.


The length of time that a camera sensor is exposed to light is called shutter speed. Many cameras have a mechanical shutter that opens and closes allowing light to enter the sensor, others use a digital shutter that simply rotates the sensor for a set amount of time. Exposure has a huge impact on the final image. Slow shutter speeds will blur moving objects. As a landscape photographer, I often use slow shutter speeds to blur the movement of water, expose starlight, or convey the movement of the wind.

For this image, I used a 0.5 second shutter speed to blur the waves a little, but retain the details.

30-second shutter speed to blur the Yukon River to make the surface look like a mirror.

Fast shutter speeds have the effect of freezing motion. Use a shutter speed of 1/2000 second to capture the movement of a runner or cyclist clearly.

This image of a bicycle was taken at 1 / 500th of a second. It was just enough to maintain sharpness at the same time as the feeling of movement in the area of ​​the wheels.

The use of shutter speed must be deliberate in order to create a good image. Think about what kind of photo you want to get. Does it have blurry components or should it be clear? Do you want to capture or convey a sense of movement? Think, Experiment, Then Decide About Endurance.

How to Enable HDR in a Samsung 4KTV (4K)

Camera functions on Samsung smartphones

Of course, there are a great many models of Samsung smartphones, and each of these models has its own specifics of phone camera settings. But the vast majority of such cameras have the following basic settings, which we will discuss below.

These five settings are the most important for understanding the camera. Experiment with them so you know how they affect the final image and how to change them quickly and without too much fuss. Once you’ve done that, you’re on the road to creating deliberate images.

Flash. 3 options available

Flash settings are usually available in three main options. on, off and auto. In the latter case, the system itself will decide when it is necessary to use the flash, which allows you to get higher quality pictures.

enable, samsung

Picture size

To set up the correct camera on your Samsung, you need to specify the size of the future photo. Increasing the size will improve its quality, but will make the photo file larger. Lowering. will reduce the potential file size, but also worsen the level of the photo.

Tracking AF

This parameter is used to track an object that you tap on the screen during shooting. The phone keeps focusing on this subject no matter where it is going or what is happening. This feature, typical of expensive DSLR cameras, is also supported on Samsung phones.

Video stabilization

This option is theoretically capable of smoothing out shaky videos caused by hand movements, wind gusts, and anything else. Please note that Video Stabilization and Tracking Autofocus often cannot be activated at the same time.

Flash. 3 options available

Flash settings are usually available in three main options. on, off and auto. In the latter case, the system itself will decide when it is necessary to use the flash, which allows you to get higher quality pictures.


With this option, you can set the delay time between pressing the shutter button and the actual shooting. Usually options available in 2, 5, 10 seconds.

Mode Button

In your Samsung’s camera settings, you can find the “Mode” button, which will give you access to the functionality of the “Pro” button.

The latter will give you access to professional camera settings.

  • Brightness;
  • ISO (camera sensitivity to light);
  • White balance;
  • Focal length;
  • Filters and other options to suit digital camera professionals.

Having got acquainted with the basic settings of the camera, we will figure out how to set up the camera on Samsung using examples of a number of models.

Customize your Samsung camera with HDR

The HDR (high dynamic range) option changes the ratio between light and dark images in real time. This allows us to achieve realism in the color rendition of the images we receive. When activated, your Samsung phone takes three shots at different exposures and then blends them together to create the most realistic image possible.

We recommend using HDR for landscape shots, low-light shots, shots with lots of sunlight. Wherever the light source is, you should use HDR for optimal results.

What brightness is needed for HDR?

An HDR TV can theoretically deliver up to 5000 nits of brightness. Of course, at maximum, such brightness will dazzle the viewer, but this is not done in order to burn your cornea. Luminance reserve allows for more accurate reproduction of details and shades of illumination.

How to understand if there is HDR?

Go to Settings System Display and turn on Streaming HDR video under Windows HD Color.

Where to watch HDR movies?

HDR content can be found both on discs and in digital. To play UHD media, you need a dedicated player or Xbox One S / X. Digital copies can be found on Netflix or Amazon: not everything is there, but the library is expanding. However, you can see HDR only through the service application. it will not work from the browser.

How to do HDR on iPhone?

To enable HDR from the Camera screen, tap HDR, then tap On. On iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and earlier, tap HDR at the top of the Camera screen, then tap Off.

How HDR works on TV?

Technically, HDR refers to a new video signal format that contains not only ultra-high resolution, but also more information about brightness and color for each pixel. This allows you to convey a much more realistic image on the screen, because HDR removes many of the limitations that conventional TVs rested on.

What is HDR shooting?

What is High Dynamic Range (HDR) video?

How to Enable HDR on Samsung TV

What is HDR on TV?

HDR on TVs: High dynamic range and color gamut for more lifelike images. HDR in

What cable is needed for HDR?

Your TV should display HDR-compatible content automatically. However, to view HDR images at 18 Gbps: Use an 18 Gbps Premium High Speed ​​HDMI cable. Set the HDMI signal format to Enhanced format.