How To Enable Handsfree On Huawei

How to turn on the microphone on a Huawei and Honor phone. usually a similar question does not bother the owners of the mentioned gadgets, since the microphone does not need additional inclusion and settings. The exception is cases when the interlocutors stop hearing the speaker or the sound becomes too quiet and fuzzy. But even in such cases, you can often do without additional settings, since the source of problems is usually associated with dirt that has fallen on the device’s case.

How to Enable Handsfree On Huawei

Where is the Honor and Huawei microphone?

Finding a microphone on a smartphone or tablet is easy. Usually it is located on the bottom panel of the device, therefore, in order to detect the desired sensor, it is enough to carefully examine the phone case. At the same time, disassembling a smartphone to see its design is not recommended. Such actions void the warranty and can lead to serious damage. It is smarter and more reliable to immediately contact a service center and take the help of experienced craftsmen.

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How to turn on the microphone on Honor and Huawei?

It was already mentioned above that turning on the sensor is not required, it works by default, so people who are looking for information on how to turn on the Honor and Huawei microphone will have to put up with the lack of an answer. But there is an opportunity to turn on the speakerphone so that the communicating interlocutors have the opportunity to hear each other. Typically, these actions help to talk, if in standard conversation mode, callers do not hear each other.


Microphone tuning is possible, but it is also not recommended. To set the optimum working parameters of the sensor, you need:

  1. dial a special command ## 3646633 ## and call the engineering menu;
  2. open the desired section (mic);
  3. to correct its work, sequentially changing the parameters and increasing the quality of sound transmission.

It is important to emphasize that on certain phone models the aforementioned engineering menu does not allow making changes, allowing only checking the operation parameters of the device. They can’t configure the smartphone in the described way.

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Turn on the microphone on the tablet

Turning on the microphone on the tablet and any other devices on the Android platform does not differ from the described procedure. That is, you do not need to enable the function, it works by default, without additional intervention from the outside. You can change the sensitivity of the sensor and the sound volume in the already mentioned menu. A separate section devoted to these elements is not provided in the basic settings of gadgets, since they are not necessary.


The only way to mute the microphone on Android is to use the engineering menu. To reduce the quality of sound transmission during calls, it is enough to rearrange the parameters to the minimum level or simply reduce the current performance. The only alternative solution can be the use of special applications, but their use is not recommended.

How to clean the microphone on the Honor and Huawei phones?

It was already mentioned above that the most common answer to the question of why sound quality deteriorated during conversations is dirt. There are two ways to fix the cause of trouble:

  1. at first it is recommended to clean the microphone access from the outside, even removing the cover if it overlaps the bottom panel;
  2. then, if the first step does not give the desired effect, disassemble the smartphone, remove the board with the microphone and gently brush it with a hairdryer.
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How to unlock microphone access?

To unblock access, you should use the tips already mentioned above and:

  1. remove the cover;
  2. remove stickers and decorations if they block access;
  3. gently remove dirt (without using water).

Usually, the above actions are enough to achieve the desired result. Otherwise, it is recommended to immediately contact the service center, without trying to correct the situation yourself.

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What to do if the microphone does not work or only works on the speakerphone?

There are 3 main solutions to cope with existing difficulties:

  1. The first step is to clean and unlock access;
  2. then write to Huawei support, visiting the official Russian-language portal of the company;
  3. after which it remains to contact the service center and ask the masters working there to configure the gadget.