How To Enable Gps On Huawei

“How to enable geolocation on Huawei and Honor?”. An important question for users who need to understand where they are now and how to get to the desired object. To solve these problems, GPS has been developed, or, as is commonly called, geolocation. About how to enable and disable the function on the smartphone in this article.

How to enable geolocation on Honor and Huawei

In order to enable GPS on Honor and Huawei, you must:

  • swap the curtain down;
  • find the “Location Data” icon, click on it;

If the function could not be found, click on the pencil. Then select an option and move it up.

You can make the following transition: Enter the settings menu ”/“ Advanced settings ”/“ Location data ”/“ Enable access to location data ”. Click on the desired location option.

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Setting up geolocation on smartphones

To configure geolocation on Android, hold for a few seconds on “Location Data”. You can enable access to the option without a curtain by following the transition: “Settings” / “Security and privacy” / “Location data”. After that, three options for location will be displayed on the screen of the mobile device.

View Location History

To clarify the previously completed routes by the phone user, use GPS and a Google account. In Android, you need to select a specific item and start it in action, as indicated in the photo.

How to Enable GPS On Huawei

After connecting, check the route as follows.

  1. Open Google Maps on your PC.
  2. Log in to the same Google account as on your mobile.
  3. At the top there is a special icon with three horizontal lines. Click on it.
  4. Open the section “Timeline“.
  5. Wait until the map with all the points of visit to the owner of the gadget is displayed.

For the convenience of determining the location there is a special search. Just enter the required date to check the route of a particular day. It records all the paths that have been committed since using your Google account. The function is often used by large companies. With its help, the manager can check where the employee was during working hours with a corporate phone.

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How to disable geolocation on Honor and Huawei phones

To disable the function, the same actions are performed as when connected. The user needs to swipe the curtain, find “Geolocation”. If the option is activated, it is highlighted. To reset GPS, click on it.

What to do if GPS does not work

Developers conditionally divide problems into two categories. hardware and software. The first arise due to a strong mechanical shock or water entering the phone. Software. after being infected with malware. Failures during updating, poor-quality software firmware are also causes of malfunctions. Unactivated GPS or malfunctioning functions are often resolved by rebooting the smartphone. If GPS satellites do not catch, perhaps the gadget does not have enough resources to connect to it. An operating system glitch is not ruled out.

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Check the location of your location using the location data. The geolocation on the smartphone does not work if the wrong parameters are specified. Proper application configuration is the key to its correct operation. To do this, set the parameters as indicated in the photo. Firmware is necessary for the quick operation of the gadget. But installing third-party applications leads to the fact that managing the device is difficult. If a failure has already occurred, you need to completely reset the settings. This function returns the gadget to factory settings.

  1. Hold the lock and volume buttons simultaneously for a couple of seconds.
  2. Download Recovery.
  3. Go to “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”, confirm your choice.
  4. Select “Reboot system now.”
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Wait until the device reboots and independently perform the necessary actions to clear the data. Repair hardware failures with a specialist who will replace the module.