How To Enable Forwarding To Huawei

On the Internet you can find a lot of information about how to redirect from your phone number in a given situation. Unfortunately (and according to a logic incomprehensible to me), all communication operators in Ukraine have different combinations for setting up this service. Although you, in fact, can not bother with all these combinations. After all, it is very easy and simple to forward calls using the settings of your own phone. Find the appropriate item in the menu and simply set the appropriate settings. But there you will see several forwarding options. How do they differ? About this in detail in the examples below in the material.

How to Enable Forwarding To Huawei

Call Forwarding Methods

  1. Unconditional forwarding. When choosing this method, absolutely all calls that come to your phone number (from which you set up call forwarding) will be redirected to another number you specify. Example: you are the owner of the telephone “A”, set up unconditional forwarding to the telephone “B”. After that, no telephone “A” will notice a single call. All calls will go to the B telephone. Phone “A” can be completely turned off, all exactly calls will be forwarded to phone “B”. This method of forwarding is most often used if you decide to change the phone number and do not want to lose contacts. At the same time, you set up unconditional forwarding from the old number to the new one and get all calls to it.
  2. If there is no answer (in other words, if you do not answer an incoming call for some time, it will be forwarded). The time after which the call will be forwarded is set by you in the phone settings. Example: “if there is no answer” call forwarding is set from 0501111111 to 0672222222. The time after which the call will be forwarded is 20 seconds. There is an incoming call to 0501111111 and then 20 seconds this call is no different from a normal incoming. If within 20 seconds you do not pick up the phone, the call will be automatically redirected to the number 0672222222. When choosing a time interval, pay attention that the call duration usually rarely exceeds 30 seconds (before answering).
  3. Call forwarding if your number is switched off or is out of network coverage. I think everything is clear from the name. If during an incoming call your number is turned off (or offline), but this type of call forwarding is configured, the call will automatically go to the specified number. Example 1: an incoming call arrives at your number, you have set call forwarding “if it is off or off the network”. If at this moment your phone is turned off (or offline), then call forwarding will occur. If your number is on, then you will receive a regular incoming call.
  4. If the line is busy (you are talking to someone on the phone). Here, too, everything is very clear. If you are already talking to someone at the time of an incoming call, and you have “if busy” call forwarding enabled, then the incoming call will be forwarded to the number you specified.
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The nuances of call forwarding

  • Call forwarding is very useful. But there are nuances that must be taken into account:
  • If the number from which you set up unconditional call forwarding is disconnected by the operator (money is running out on the account, number is canceled, number is blocked, etc.), calls will not be forwarded.
  • The cost of a redirected call is usually set similarly to the price of a simple outgoing call, but there may be nuances. it is better to check with the operator separately (how to quickly contact the operator).
  • Call forwarding during call forwarding is carried out in the following way: I will tell you with an example: you had an MTS number, you changed it to Kyivstar and installed unconditional call forwarding on the old number. The MTS subscriber calls your old number, the call is automatically forwarded to your new Kyivstar number. If you pick up the phone, then: the person who calls your old number will pay as if you were calling to MTS numbers (since your old number is from MTS); for your new Kyivstar number, the call will not be charged (you receive an incoming call); but funds will be withdrawn from your old number as if you were calling from MTS to Kyivstar. Be sure to consider this fact.
  • The number of consecutive redirects is limited by your service provider. Each operator has its own way. So check this information.
  • You can set call forwarding to city numbers, number “0-800”.
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As I mentioned above, in order to answer the question “how to disable / make call forwarding?”, It is important to know USSD commands for your operator. You can find all these queries a bit further in the material. But there are several teams that are absolutely identical for all Ukrainian mobile operators: