How to Enable Disabled Apple Id

IPad is disabled. 6 attempts. minute of blocking, 10. connect to iTunes

Greetings, dear friends. In the life of almost every forgetful user of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, an unpleasant situation can occur with a forgotten password set on the lock screen. Details of protection with a code password can be found in the instructions. “How to set a password on the iPhone.” The exact same password is set on the iPad and iPod touch.

If the password set on the iPhone or iPad lock screen is forgotten, we begin to remember it and try to enter various options. As soon as we enter the password code six times incorrectly, a message appears on the device’s screen: “iPad is off, repeat after 1 min.”, If you entered 6 incorrect passwords in the phone, a message will appear:”iPhone disconnected repeat after 1 min”.

How to Enable Disabled Apple Id

When we entered the ninth wrong password, on the display of the iPhone we saw:

“IPhone disconnected, repeat after 60 minutes”

We performed all of today’s experiments on iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 7.1 firmware. In some firmwares, if the password code is entered incorrectly, the device increases the disconnection time of the iPhone or iPad, forcing the user to wait even more time for subsequent entries of the forgotten password. But there are firmware in which there are a certain number of attempts, after which a message appears:

“IPhone disconnected, connect to iTunes”

If you encounter a similar problem, maybe you forgot this password yourself, or the children accidentally turned it on, then you should not be upset, because today we will consider two options for the development of possible further events.

Forgot password, iPhone disconnected. reset

If the information in your iPhone or iPad is very important to you, and as if you hadn’t done any backups before, then the only option to reset the password is by manual selection. As already mentioned above, the number of attempts to enter a password for a locked screen is limited either by a time interval or by a complete lock with a request to connect to iTunes. Therefore, in order to remember and constantly enter a forgotten password, you must constantly reset the password counter to the iPhone or iPad.

To reset the password counter, iTunes helped us. over, for this reset method to work with our iOS 7.1 firmware, iTunes needs to recognize the connected iPhone or iPad, so if the device appears in iTunes, it will be possible to reset. Well, if you connect your iPhone or iPad to a “foreign” computer with iTunes (that is, to a computer that has never been connected to a gadget before), you will see the following notification:

Want to allow this computer access to information on this iPhone (iPad or iPod touch)?
If you deny access, then syncing the iPhone (iPad or iPod touch) and managing it from this computer will not be available.

If we click the Continue button, iTunes reports:

To allow access, answer on the iPhone itself (iPad or iPod touch).

Well, now, attention, if you have messages popping up above this text and you can’t click the “Trust” button in the iPhone itself because of the encoded screen, then this method of zeroing and selection will not work. In order for it to work, connect your iPhone or iPad to the iTunes computer with which you already worked, may have synchronized, well, or at least once pressed the trust button, if there is no such computer, then proceed to the next method, described below.

Well, if the iPhone or iPad appears in the iTunes program installed on your computer, then reset the counter of incorrect code entries and continue entering the password in this way:

I don’t know if this method will work on other firmware versions, but it works in iOS 7.1 firmware.

1. I launch iTunes on the computer, for convenience I turn on the sidebar that appears on the left side of iTunes.
2. Connect the iPhone on the screen which says. “iPhone is disconnected, repeat after 60 minutes”, to the computer using the USB cable that comes with the phone. Sometimes this is enough to reset, if the same message about blocking for an hour hangs on the screen, then I turn to the third item.

3. Right-click on the iPhone in the left pane of iTunes. I choose. Synchronize.

4. Once the synchronization has begun, we immediately stop it by clicking the cross in the upper part of iTunes (where it is written. step 1 of 4). Sometimes after clicking the cross, an arrow appears instead, which you also need to click on to stop the synchronization session with the iPhone.

The counter for entering the screen lock password incorrectly has been reset. Now on your iPhone or iPad, which just asked you to wait 60 minutes, you can again enter a forgotten or accidentally set password. You can perform this procedure to reset the code-password counter as many times as you like, even if you are prompted to connect to iTunes. As an example of a reset, we made an attempt to synchronize, but in fact, the password counter is reset to zero during other operations, during which the device is paired with iTunes.

If not matching, then reset your password on iPhone or iPad

If your iPhone or iPad is disconnected or has not yet disconnected and asks for a password, you can simply take and reset this screen lock password, the only minus of this method is that if you do not have a backup made in advance, then all the information in the iPhone will be lost. This second method may be needed in the following cases:

  • If you tried method number one, i.e. They tried to find a password by constantly resetting the counter, but your idea was unsuccessful and the iPhone (or iPhone tablet) still asks for a password. But you consciously decided to reset this password, having lost all the accumulated information on it, since you do not have a backup in iTunes or the iCloud cloud service.
  • If you have a backup (backup) that you did not delete during the cleaning iTunes. And they didn’t even try to select a password, but simply decided to reset it along with all the iPhone information. Remember, if your backup copy is encrypted, then you will definitely need an encryption password for further information recovery.

The security password is reset to the lock screen installed on the iPhone or iPad using the recovery method, and the device is manually entered into Recovery Mode or DFU mode. The method was previously discussed here. “If you forgot your password on the iPad and iPhone.” So, do not be shy, follow the link and try. We carried out our experiment on resetting the code-password counter on devices (iPad tablet and IPhone) with iOS 7.1 firmware, while the function to find iPhone (iPad) was not active, the password for restrictions was not there either.

In our situation, we exceeded the number of password entries (10 or more attempts) in the phone with the inscription: iPhone disconnected connect to iTunes, managed to reset the counter and again start entering the forgotten password. The password could not be found, I had to do a reset.