How to enable dark theme on Instagram iPhone

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And on a computer you can?

Sure! It is only active on Windows 10. Older versions do not support the dark theme.

  • Open Options. To do this, click on the gear button in the start menu;
  • Next, go to the personalization settings, where you will select the “Colors” subsection;

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  • Indicate that you want to use “dark mode”.

The appearance of Windows and applications will not change, only the background color and brightness will change.

On iPhone (iOS)

In the application itself, there is no separate button responsible for turning the dark theme on and off. To turn on the black screen on Instagram, you will have to customize the main theme of iOS 13.

There are three ways to enable the “dark theme”.

How to turn on the dark theme on Instagram, instructions for iPhone, Android and PC

A dark theme has appeared on Instagram! It is available to owners of smartphones running iOS 13 and Android. In addition to aesthetics, the black interface will help conserve battery power and preserve your eyes

Method number 3

Add a dedicated button to the Control Center. To do this, open the “Settings”, select the “Control Center” section and add a mode switch to the existing elements.

After enabling dark mode, all apps will automatically switch.

IOS 11 has a Smart Inversion feature that allows you to separately turn on the dimmed screen for specific applications. However, it is in the Instagram application that “Smart Inversion” does not work well. Primary colors change: photos become less saturated in color, videos become gray.

Method number 2

Open Control Center, press and hold the slider until the theme switching window appears.

On Android

The dark theme can also be activated on Android devices. The interface will be completely black with white accents. The function seems to be in beta, since the new function has appeared relatively recently, not all the nuances have been worked out. For example, the battery status bar may also go dark, making it difficult to know how much battery power is left on the phone.

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Go to the “System” item;
  • Click “About phone”;
  • Scroll to the very bottom and click on the line with the build number;
  • Wait until it is reported that you have become a developer;
  • In the developer settings, find “Night mode” and set the mode to “Always on”.

After enabling this mode, the theme will change in all applications.

Method number 1

Open “Settings”, find the item “Display and brightness” and there switch the theme to “Dark”.

How to turn Instagram dark theme on and off on iPhone

Dark Mode finally arrives on Instagram’s mobile app!

Recently, the dark theme has gained immense popularity due to the fact that it reduces eye strain and also saves power. As a result, companies like Google and Apple set out to create Dark Mode for their operating systems. Even app developers began to add support for a dark interface to them.

Now Instagram has received support for iOS 13 Dark Mode. Below we will tell you how to turn it on and off.

How to enable dark theme on Instagram

If you have iOS 13 with Dark Mode active, the Instagram app will automatically activate it. Otherwise, do the following:

  • Make sure your iPhone has iOS 13.
  • Go to Settings Display & Brightness Dark.
  • Install the Instagram app (or update it to the latest version) and launch it.
  • Instagram automatically activates its Dark Mode.

That’s all, you don’t have to do anything else!

How to disable dark theme on Instagram

Turning off Instagram Dark Mode is as easy as turning it on. To do this, do the following:

  • Close the Instagram app if it’s open.
  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Select the Screen & Brightness section.
  • Check the box next to “Light”.
  • Open Instagram. Dark mode will be disabled.

You can also ask Siri to turn off Dark Mode, which is even faster and more convenient. The method with control of modes through the Control Center also works. All of these options will disable Instagram Dark Mode.

Dark Mode is already on Instagram for iOS, requires the latest version.

How to make Instagram black background on Android and iPhone?

Black Mode only started to gain huge popularity after its introduction in iOS 13.

Thanks to this, most popular applications, both on iOS and Android, currently have this option.

As it turned out, it is not so difficult to put it.

How to put dark theme on Instagram on iPhone?

First of all, you must have iOS 13 installed. It is available starting from iPhone 6s.

Second, we update Instagram to the most recent version. You can do this in the App Store.

  • open the Control Center and hold down for a long time on the Brightness control;
  • on the left we see the Dark button, which we press.
  • Volume control. Dark

Thus, the black mode is activated on the entire phone, including the social network Instagram.

You can read more about the black theme on iOS 13 here. How to enable / disable the dark theme on iOS 13?

How to make Instagram black on Android and iPhone?

If you are a fan of Instagram and the Dark theme, then you are probably wondering how to enable it on Android or iPhone.

How To Enable Dark Mode On Instagram In iPhone

After all, besides the fact that it looks pretty cool, it has a lot of benefits and it helps to save battery power.

You cannot put a black background in the settings, so you have to do a number of certain actions.

How to turn on black mode on iPhone?

I can immediately disappoint the owners of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The latest available operating system for these models is iOS 12.4.6.

A new feature called Dark Mode was introduced with iOS 13, and it is available for installation starting with the iPhone 6s.

If your device is included in the range of supported devices, then we continue to deal with the activation of the new mode.

We are looking for in the Settings

This method is the longest, but thanks to it you can get access to more flexible customization of the Black theme.

  • click on Settings;
  • find the item Screen and brightness;
  • you need the Appearance section, where we choose Light or Dark.

Only here you can find the very important Automatic slider, where the options From dusk to dawn or Schedule settings open.

How to make a dark theme on iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, 7 and newer?

With the arrival of the new operating system iOS 13, the long-awaited dark theme has been introduced to the world.

It is very cool and therefore, almost every iPhone owner uses it on their device.

Today we will try to figure out how to make black mode on iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, 7 and newer versions.

Via Control Center

This option is the fastest and most convenient for absolutely every user.

Its essence lies in the fact that you add a dark mode on / off button to the Control Panel.

  • go to Settings. Control Center;
  • click on Customize controls;
  • look for and click on the green Plus, opposite the text “Dark Mode”.

If you want to remove this button from the Control Panel, just follow the same steps and then remove it from the list by clicking the minus.


Using Brightness Control

If the first method is not to your liking, you can use the second method by simply using the Brightness Control.

I know that it is also on the Control Panel. I think this fact will only simplify your task.

  • after opening the Control Center, hold down the Brightness Adjustment button with your finger using Haptic Touch (or 3D Touch);
  • at the bottom left you can find the necessary button Appearance Light / Dark.
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After activating this option, start to get acquainted with the dark tones of menus and applications.

How to enable dark theme on Instagram on Android or iPhone?

Dark themes are now available for many applications, not to mention smartphone firmware. So in one of the updates, a dark version of Instagram appeared, first for devices based on the Android operating system, and then, almost immediately, for iOS. It is noteworthy that in both cases, the switching circuit works according to the same principle.

How to make Instagram dark theme on Android or iPhone?

The first thing you should know is that there is no switch to the dark theme in the application (relevant at the time of this writing), the developers for some reason decided to go a completely different path. The point is that the dark theme is automatically activated if your firmware supports the dark theme and is enabled. For example, we will use a Samsung smartphone that has such a function. Of course, don’t forget to update Instagram to the latest version (link to instructions).

So, Instagram is updated, open it and And we see the same thing that we saw before.

We swipe from the top of the smartphone screen to the bottom so that the quick access menu appears, and we find the button for the dark theme, which in our example is called “Night mode”. Click on it.

Done, dark theme on smartphone launched.

Now tap on the Instagram icon on the desktop.

Of course, the dark theme is relevant for all sections of the application:

If your smartphone and its firmware do not support the dark theme, alas, you will have to do without the dark theme for now. But, most likely, in the very near future there will be unofficial versions of the application with the default dark theme enabled. However, we strongly advise against downloading applications from other sources than the Play Market.

For iPhone and iOS, dark mode is enabled in settings.

After that, the dark theme will turn on in the Instagram app.

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How to go back to the old version of Instagram?

To return the old version of Instagram, you need to: delete the version that you currently have and install the previous one.

  • All this is relevant only for Android users.
  • To use Instagram, you need an Android version from 4.0, or better 4.1.2.
  • Currently the minimum working version of Instagram is 8.0.0.

How to install an old version of an application on an iPhone without a computer?

How to install old version of App Store apps on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

  • Download Charles utility for Windows, OS X or Linux from the developer’s official website.
  • Close the browser window.
  • Install and run Charles.
  • Grant privileges to the program by clicking “Grant Priveleges” and then “Install”.

How to return an old version of Instagram to iPhone?

To download the old version of Instagram on iPhone:

  • Install iTunes on Computer.
  • Connect your account (Apple ID).
  • Go to AppStore. search for “Instagram”.
  • Download and install to Apple ID.
  • Log in to the AppStore using your smartphone. Updates.
  • Shopping. find in Instagram list.

Is it possible to install iOS 11 on iPhone 5?

Apple has already confirmed that iOS 11 will be available for “iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and iPad Pro, iPad 5th generation, iPad Mini 2 and later, and iPod touch 6th generation.” So no surprises here. Since iPhone 5 remains on iOS 10, smartphone owners will not be able to use the new emoji from iOS 11.

How to update Instagram if it is not updating?

Select “My Apps & Games” from the menu. Find the Instagram app. If there is an “Update” button next to it, click on it and update the application as described above. If it says “Installed”, as in our case, there are no updates.

Instagram’s own capabilities

On Instagram, you can set a dark theme by going to settings.

At the bottom of the list, a section of the same name appears with a choice of mode:

  • Open Instagram. log in.
  • Go to the section: “Settings”. scroll down.
  • Theme. Dark.

Switches appear on the screen with which you can activate the light or dark mode.

The function is available in new versions of the application. The user needs to go to the Play Market or AppStore to install updates for Instagram. Owners of outdated smartphones or without operating system updates will not be able to install the new version. Therefore, there are options with third-party applications or changing the color scheme of the screen.

On a computer. browser extensions

There is a plugin for the Google Chrome browser that adds a black theme for Instagram. The user needs to go to additional tools to see a list of available extensions. The advantage is that the new color scheme will be available for different pages and sites.

Depending on the plugin installed, an icon will appear at the top to switch to the light theme. The user will be able to change the display of elements, specify parameters for the dark time of day. For example, enable “Dark-mode” on all or selected pages.

For Android

For the Android operating system, there is also an application that changes the background to dark. Dark Mode.

Its functions include changing the color scheme of individual utilities, social networks, instructions:

  • Download and install using the Play Market.
  • Open. select applications in which the theme will be changed.
  • Confirm. open

Also, the user will find options for utilities aimed only at Instagram. The only drawback is that the switch for the light theme may be missing. Therefore, the account owner will have to delete the application to return to standard mode.

How to make a dark theme on Instagram

Previously, to change the theme to dark on Instagram, users had to install software from the Play Market or AppStore, apply color inversion. After one of the updates in the section: “Settings”, a switch appeared. The account owner can choose which display theme he likes best.

Options on how to change the theme on Instagram:

Instagram Dark Mode

  • use the standard option;
  • download the application from the Play Market;
  • use screen inversion or mode selection (Android 10 and iOS13);
  • via browser extensions (computer version).

The default change method does not affect how Instagram works. If the owner of the smartphone has chosen to change the theme of the entire phone, including Instagram and. Possible slowdowns in loading or problems with scrolling the Ribbon.

For iOS

By installing DarkMode Safari, the smartphone owner can change the display of the interface in the browser.

  • Go to AppStore. enter the name or follow the link above.
  • Download. install.
  • Open Safari and DarkMode. confirm background change.
  • Go to Instagram.

To switch the mode from light to dark, the user needs to go to the Safari settings. Next. choose a suitable theme and open Instagram.

In Android settings

To enable dark mode on Android devices, you need to go to the settings and update the OS (if version 10 is not installed).

  • Lower the notification curtain. click on the icon: “Menu”.
  • Screen. Dark theme.

Next, the entire color scheme of the smartphone will be changed. The second option is adaptive inversion, which is available on phones with OS 8 and 9. How to go:

  • Open “Settings”. Accessibility.
  • Scroll to the item: “Color”. Inversion.
  • Select: “Adaptive mode”. confirm.

Smartphones that do not support this feature have the usual inversion. In addition to installing a black theme on Instagram, the color of the menus and images will change. The mode assumes reverse correction: blue turns red and white turns black. But it is not recommended to enable it, as it affects the performance and vision of the user.

In iPhone settings

For users who have upgraded to iOS 13, a dark theme mode is offered. Its advantages include completely changing the color of the Instagram theme, without affecting the performance of the system.

  • Settings. Brightness and Screen.
  • Select: “Dark”. confirm.

As for Android owners, there are two types of color inversion (if there is no switch to black).

  • Options. Basic.
  • Accessibility. Open Tab: Display Customization.
  • Inversion. Smart.

The only difference is in the names of the modes. Otherwise, the color scheme will be changed on iOS, without media files or otherwise affecting photos, videos.

How to make a dark Instagram theme on Android, iPhone and PC

It is possible to make a dark theme on Instagram through the functions of the application itself. In the latest update, a change in the color scheme for the interface was added, without installing a new operating system or third-party utilities.

How to make black Instagram on your phone

Developers of the social network last year took care of introducing a “night” design on users’ screens. However, unlike VK, photo hosting bloggers do not need to add the signature “Dark theme” to messages.

Smartphones based on Android version 10 are supplied with the discussed background by default. Therefore, users do not have to puzzle over how to make a dark theme. On Instagram, their colleagues running iOS 13 can likewise be content with the default change settings.

In gadgets of early specifications, the installation of utilities is provided for solving the issue. In the article, we will pay attention to the work of Android version 9 and below in the context of the black mode.

On Android

So, let’s get acquainted with the Dark Mode Theme software, which helps to install darkening for early platforms accompanying Googlephones. Such developments can harm the device or obtain information about personal account information.

  • download software;
  • install on your phone;
  • enter the registration information of the photo hosting account;
  • confirm authentication.

After the manipulations, Instagram will appear in a browser version. The designated use case contains Feed, Stories and Direct.

Messenger participants will not be able to use the functions:

  • the imposition of masks;
  • live;
  • monitoring content on IGTV;
  • business profile configuration;
  • settings for working with content;
  • switch between personal and commercial page.

And the main limitation of the Dark Mode Theme after setting the dark theme. In Instagram on Android, the browser view will change. the application will remain working in the standard interface. Accept or upgrade your OS for a fashionable cover.

How to make Instagram dark theme on your phone

How to make a dark theme on Instagram, trend-following users intend to know. Let’s describe the reasons for the installation of the black design by the participants of the social network. Here are the ways to paint a profile:

  • standard configuration;
  • inversion of colors;
  • Dark Mode Theme app;
  • beta testing of the new mode on the Instagram page in the Play Store.
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We advise you to download applications from official sources, so that instead of changing the design, you do not get into account vulnerability.

And to keep STIHL safe, invert the background. Invert Colors option adjusts coloration for interface elements and hosted content. However, the presented method is clumsy, since it affects the quality of viewing images. Read on and find out how to set darkened tones differently in the messenger.

What is the dark Instagram theme for??

Let’s highlight the reasons that encourage developers and users to give preference to the black style:

  • improving the perception of recordings due to the high-quality selection of shades;
  • reducing eye strain during long surfing on news, Stories, friends’ accounts, etc.;
  • increase in battery autonomy, confirmed by the practice of specialists. After all, the need for intensive backlighting of the display, made on the AMOLED matrix, is eliminated.

How to enable black theme on Instagram

First, about setting up dark mode through beta testing:

  • open Google Play;
  • tap the button for the social network;
  • press the word “Beta testing”;
  • take part in testing the new functionality of the program;
  • put a black interface on a portable gadget;
  • open the official client with activated mode.

Now it is clear how to make a dark theme on Instagram if the mobile phone OS does not support the option. We present an algorithm for changing the skin for owners of devices running Android 10:

  • start phone configuration;
  • touch the inscription “Screen”;
  • activate the toggle switch “Dark mode”.

After the done manipulations, the background design becomes available automatically. The duration of the “night” format is determined by the individual settings of the user. To change the theme, in the screen settings, find the “Advanced” group and select the “Light” item in the menu.

Method using Instagram mod on Android OS

If your phone does not run on Android 10, and there is no update to this OS on it. We recommend installing a special mod for Instagram called “Instagram MOD / InstaXtreme”. This mod has advanced functionality, including the presence of a dark theme, no ads, clickable links in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and a number of other convenient features.

over, this mod requires ROOT rights on your device. Therefore, install it at your own peril and risk, being aware of all the possible consequences for your gadget (including “brick” ones).

How to set a black background on iPhone

For a long time, the only possible way to get dark mode on Instagram was to use an unofficial IG client or jailbreak. Then iOS 11 introduced the “Smart Invert” option, which works as a pseudo-dark mode. In earlier versions of iOS, the “Classic Invert” option also caused a color change in media, but it did not affect Instagram in the most favorable way.

And already with the release of iOS 13 and the corresponding Instagram update, there was an official effective tool to make a black theme on Instagram.

  • To do this, you need to install the latest version of Instagram (version 114.0 or newer).
  • Then open the “Settings” application of the phone.
  • There select the item “Display and brightness”, and then tap on “Dark”.

For faster and more convenient turning on and off of dark mode, add the dark mode control tool to the Control Center through “Settings”, then “Control Center”, and then “Customize controls”. Thus, switching to dark mode can be done in just two steps. Dark Mode in iOS 13 has a scheduling system, so we can turn it on and off at a set time.

A way to enable smart inversion on iOS 11 and 12

If you have not updated to iOS 13 yet, then an alternative option to activate the dark theme on Instagram will be the Smart Invert function, available from iOS 11.

  • This function is located in Accessibility settings.
  • In the Display Accommodations section.
  • There click on “Invert Colors” and then enable the option “Smart Invert”.

How to make a dark theme on Instagram

When we look at Instagram photos and videos, its bright white layout can be uncomfortable on our eyes. This discomfort inspires many developers to create so-called “dark” themes for their applications. The latter allow you to conveniently enjoy the content, especially when viewing occurs in the dark. YouTube, VK, our website Make-Comp and other mobile applications followed this path, and at the beginning of October it was the turn of the popular Instagram. In the first decade of October, Instagram was replenished with an official black theme, which caused massive user enthusiasm. But when starting Instagram, we may not find the switch to the black theme in the program settings. Where to find it? Below we will figure out how to make a dark theme in social media. Instagram networks, and what we need for this.

The emergence of the possibility of including a black background in the standard functionality of Instagram

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, Instagram head Adam Mosseri stated to. that the black theme for Instagram has become available to both Android and iOS users. It is activated automatically with the next update of the application, and works exclusively on versions of the operating systems iOS 13 and Android 10. Inside Instagram, manual switching to the dark theme is not yet provided.

Unlike the pseudo “Smart-inversion” that existed on iOS 11, the new implementation of the dark theme correctly conveys colors, and is convenient both in the dark and in the daytime.

The advantages of the dark theme are obvious, but how do you use it? Let’s see how you can activate the black theme.

How to enable dark theme on Instagram on Android

In order to put a black theme in Instagram on Android devices, you need to do the following:

    Make sure your gadget is running Android 10. You can see the data about the version of your Android in the phone settings, in the section of information about your device;

Your phone system will change color to dark. By launching Instagram, you will see that this application has also received a dark color.

The way to jailbreak tweaks on iOS and iOS 12

If you don’t mind jailbreaking your iPhone, then there are stable jailbreaks for iOS 11 and iOS 12. After jailbreak, install IGDarkMode from developer Chloe Kuznetsov, which will enable dark theme on Instagram.

  • Open Cydia on your iPhone;
  • Click on the magnifying glass (search) icon in the lower right corner;

Features of Instagram dark theme on iPhone

Before describing in detail the order of how to change the background, it is recommended to consider the features of the option and its advantages. Among the main distinguishing factors, it should be noted:

  • Stylish desktop appearance;
  • Providing a comfortable brightness for the eyes;
  • Reduced consumption of built-in charging.

The listed positive aspects of using the product attract users. Phone owners are increasingly making the decision to switch to this mode.

The instructions to follow depend on which OS the smartphone is running on. In any case, you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort. It is worth examining the procedure. Thanks to this, the desired can be achieved without the use of third-party applications and browser extensions.

How to enable dark theme on Instagram iPhone?

To carry out such manipulations on a smartphone, when deciding how to make a dark theme in Instagram on an iPhone, you should follow clear instructions. It consists in performing the following actions:

  • In the settings you need to find the item Brightness-screen.
  • Here are two miniature displays with examples of what the black and light version looks like.
  • A suitable version is selected by pressing a special button.

Other methods can be used if necessary. You need to open a tab with settings management. After that, the button is pressed and held, which is responsible for changing the lighting level. Then a special window opens. In it, you should activate the option responsible for making the background dark.

Skilled users operate through a separate button. To do this, you need to open the section with settings and updates. The desired switch is added to the main controls. If you act according to the established instructions, a dark mode will appear on Instagram.

How to make dark Instagram theme on iPhone?

How to make Instagram black is a question that owners of social network accounts may face. To replace the background on the device, you do not have to perform complex actions and waste time. The operation is easy. The main thing is to follow the instructions presented in the article. If you strictly follow the listed recommendations, you can independently install and remove the dark background on the phone and on the social network, in particular.

Summing up

It’s easy enough to set your desired dark background on instagram. There are many ways to get this. If you are holding not an iPhone, but a smartphone running on Android OS, you can proceed in approximately the same ways. As a result, it will turn out to change and enable the available darkened background not only on the smartphone’s desktop, but in each installed application.

Which devices got iOS 13?

IOS support will be available for iPhones:

  • iPhone SE.
  • iPhone 6s.
  • iPhone 6s Plus.
  • iPhone 7.
  • iPhone 7 Plus.
  • iPhone 8.
  • iPhone 8 Plus.
  • iPhone X.
  • iPhone XR.
  • iPhone XS.
  • iPhone XS Max.

Yes, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will not receive support for version 13 of the operating system. The innovations of the thirteenth OS (including night mode) will not be available for these Apple smartphones, as they are too “resource-intensive”.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram (Works in 2021)

P.S. The over-the-air update is scheduled for September and won’t be available to everyone at once. An open beta test will be available in July. The most impatient can put the closed beta version and become a pioneer in the world of iOS 13 bugs.

How to make a dark theme on iPhone?

Apple did not upset fans of its products, so in the new update of the iOS 13 operating system, they released night mode. Now the owner of a not outdated gadget can make a dark theme on the iPhone.

How to enable dark theme?

The main condition. iPhone update to iOS 13. After that, during the first launch, the system will provide the opportunity to choose between day and night mode. Then, you can turn it on like this:

  • Go to the iPhone status bar (lower curtain).
  • Find the brightness slider and hold it with your finger for a second, until it opens.
  • Activate the moon icon to enable.

Done, now the entire device interface will be repainted in dark tones.

How to install iOS 13 now?

To do this, you definitely need a Mac with the operating system macOS 10.15 or Xcode 11. Installation steps:

  • Downloading the iOS 13 beta build for your gadget.
  • Download Xcode 11 beta and install all related files on Mac. If this is not done, “apple brick” is guaranteed.
  • Before installing, be sure to back up your phone.
  • Open iTunes and hold down the Option key and click Refresh. Select the previously loaded assembly.
  • Wait for the download to finish and use version 13 for your pleasure.
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If you have previously installed a beta profile for iOS 12, I recommend deleting it to avoid internal conflict.

How to remove black screen on iPhone?

Tap Accessibility VoiceOver Screen Curtain. This option activates screen dimming when VoiceOver is turned on. To turn off Screen Curtain, repeat these steps. May 13, 2020.

How to turn off dark theme?

If you are using Android OS 10 and above:

  • Open the Settings section on your device.
  • Click Display.
  • Turn off the Dark Theme option.

How to get the white theme back on iPhone?

You can switch between dark and light themes through the Settings app. Go to the “Display and brightness” section and choose a suitable design.

How to change screen color on iPhone?

You can do this on any iPhone or iPad, just go to Settings. General. Accessibility. Display adaptation. Light filters. Here you need to turn on the filters with the main switch, select the Tint mode and adjust the intensity and hue with the sliders below.

How to make WhatsApp black theme on iPhone?

There are three ways to enable Dark Theme in WhatsApp (after updating the app to the latest version):

  • Open iOS Settings, go to the “Display & Brightness” section and check the box under “Dark”.
  • Press and hold the brightness slider in Control Center, in the menu that appears, press the Dark button.

How to remove black theme on WhatsApp?

Default: Turns on WhatsApp dark mode according to device settings. Go to Device Settings Display turn Dark Theme on or off.

How to enable dark theme in WhatsApp?

  • To enable the night theme in WhatsApp manually, launch the messenger and go to the context menu;
  • Open “Settings” and find the “Chats” section;
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Themes” tab and activate the dark theme;

Switch to dark theme in the Instagram app

The dark theme on Instagram is not included in the stock app, but it can be installed via extensions and third-party apps. Unlike the standard light one, it was added for evening and dark hours.

Black background in Android 10 and iOS 13 will be available through smartphone functions. It’s not a standalone setting in the app section, but a connection to the phone and Instagram features. On iOS, go to the Display section and select Dark Theme. On Android: “Display”. Optional and specify the type of design. Together with Instagram, the smartphone interface will change. To disable the function, you need to remove the previously specified parameter.

The function will become available only for devices with the new operating system. At the moment, black theme on Instagram is supported in beta.

But there are applications and other ways, let’s go!

On Android

The dark theme for Android is available through apps in the Play Market. The only downside to mods is that they only open the browser version. That is, you will not be able to log in from the official Instagram application.

  • Download and install.
  • Login. confirm the terms of use.
  • Login with Instagram.
  • Wait for the end of the download.

After that, a browser with a dark theme will open. The difference from the application is that the settings functions are not available in the web browser. The user will not be able to switch to business services or view statistics. But posting of photos, Stories is available. You cannot add videos to posts or stories.

On iPhone

Dark Instagram on iPhone can be done through the parameters of the mobile device. Color inversion allows you to reverse the colors on the screen. From the 10th version of iOS, an additional feature has been added: color inversion only in applications and on separate tabs.

The classic inversion changes the color of not only icons and inscriptions, but also images. Therefore, the “Smart” function is suitable for use on Instagram: it changes only menus and tabs in applications.

To turn off the inversion: go to the “Settings” section again and remove the switch from the active state. If necessary, the smartphone can be rebooted.

Darkening your Instagram profile

On Android and iOS, there are different ways to enable the dark theme:

  • use applications;
  • switch to inverse image.

On the computer version. just install the extension to the browser. A black background on Instagram is necessary for the user to be able to read the text in the dark, without additional strain on the eyes. This format has already been implemented in other social networks, but has not yet been added for Instagram.

Browser plugin

To set dark mode in the browser, the user needs to use extensions.

Both work with a social network and only change the background, the text on the screen. How to use plugins:

  • Go to Google Chrome.
  • Open: “Settings”. Additional Tools.
  • Google Store. search for Dark Mode for Instagram.
  • Select: “Get”. wait for the plugin to install.

Next, you need to go to the social network through the browser and click on the tool icon that appears. The page color will change to dark, and you can disable it by clicking on the icon or removing the plugin from the browser.

Instagram Dark Theme. How to enable dark theme on Instagram

Today we will talk about how to enable dark theme on Instagram and what this dark theme is for.

Many users are accustomed to the Instagram interface on a white background, and then a black theme for this social network took and appeared. Some users are accustomed to the old interface, others have already switched to a dark theme in their instagram.

It is believed that applying dark theme on Instagram saves battery power and protects your eyes from the white glow of your smartphone at night.

Dark theme on Instagram on Android how to enable

The thing is, in the instagram app itself, the black theme is not included. In order for you to be able to enable the dark theme, you must have Android 10.

3). Click on “Night mode” or “Dark”, this may be different names depending on the model of your device. But you get the point.

I do not recommend installing third-party apps to install dark theme on Instagram

Here’s what you need to know about blocking actions for users of this network.

How to enable dark theme on Instagram on iPhone

Follow these steps to install black theme on iPhone:

  • We go to the “Settings”, we reach the menu “Screen and brightness”.
  • Here we choose a dark or light design.
  • If you wish, you can choose the parameters when we will automatically switch to a light theme, and when to a dark one.

The settings of these parameters will help iPhone users to switch automatically from a light theme to a dark one at a time of day that suits you.

That’s the whole black theme installation on iPhone. But we advise you to look about the ability to use Instagram from your phone in the instructions.

Try connecting a dark theme to Instagram on your devices, and then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the article how you got it.

Instagram Dark Theme on iPhone: How to Enable (3 Ways)?

The long-awaited dark theme has finally arrived on Instagram. So far, only users of Apple smartphones will be able to get it, but soon there will be a full launch on the Android platform.

The user does not have to look for the desired switch. the theme is activated automatically when you turn on night mode in the iPhone settings.

To see and evaluate the updated interface of a popular service, you just need to follow a couple of steps.

How to install (enable) dark theme on Instagram: 3 ways

It should be noted right away that to install the dark theme, you need an iPhone with iOS 13 or a newer version of software installed. It was in this version of Apple’s mobile operating system that a full-fledged dark theme first appeared. Update Instagram app to the latest version.

And since the dark theme on Instagram is directly tied to the system theme, you will need to activate it in the smartphone settings. This can be done in three ways:

Open “Settings”, find the item “Display and brightness” and switch the theme from Light to Dark.

Open Control Center, press and hold the screen brightness slider. In the window that appears, click the theme switch button.

Add a dedicated button to Control Center. To do this, open the “Settings” application, select the “Control Center” section and add a mode switch to the existing items.

Immediately after switching your smartphone to night mode, the Instagram app will do the same. The interface will acquire comfortable black and dark gray shades for evening and night time.

How to make WhatsApp dark theme on iPhone?

There are three ways to enable Dark Theme in WhatsApp (after updating the app to the latest version):

  • Open iOS Settings, go to the “Display & Brightness” section and check the box under “Dark”.
  • Press and hold the brightness slider in Control Center, in the menu that appears, press the Dark button.

How to make a black background on Instagram?

How to make a black background in Instagram on Android:

Go to Settings, and then select the Display category. 2. Tap Advanced, then select Dark from the device theme menu.

How to make a dark background on Instagram?

  • Make sure you have updated the Instagram app and are using the latest version available (the App Store does not prompt you to update).
  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone on iOS 13 or iPad on iPadOS.
  • Select Display & Brightness, then select Dark.

How to remove black screen on iPhone?

Tap Accessibility VoiceOver Screen Curtain. This option activates screen dimming when VoiceOver is turned on. To turn off Screen Curtain, repeat these steps. May 13, 2020.

How to enable dark theme in iOS 12?

IPhone Dark Theme is included.… How to enable the iPhone dark theme before iOS 13?

  • Open “Settings” → “General” → “Accessibility”.
  • We find the item “Display adaptation”, press.
  • Next, select “Color Inversion”.
  • Click “Smart-inversion”.

How to change screen color on iPhone?

You can do this on any iPhone or iPad, just go to Settings. General. Accessibility. Display adaptation. Light filters. Here you need to turn on the filters with the main switch, select the Tint mode and adjust the intensity and hue with the sliders below.